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Image Author Profession Birthday
Victoria Abril Quotes Victoria Abril Actress July 4, 1959
Isaac Albeniz Quotes Isaac Albeniz Musician May 29, 1860
Vicente Aleixandre Quotes Vicente Aleixandre Poet April 26, 1898
Pedro Almodovar Quotes Pedro Almodovar Director September 24, 1949
Fernando Alonso Quotes Fernando Alonso Celebrity July 29, 1981
Alejandro Amenabar Director March 31, 1972
Elena Anaya Quotes Elena Anaya Actress July 17, 1975
Sergio Aragones Quotes Sergio Aragones Cartoonist September 6, 1937
Jose Maria Aznar Quotes Jose Maria Aznar Statesman February 25, 1953
Antonio Banderas Quotes Antonio Banderas Actor August 10, 1960
Javier Bardem Quotes Javier Bardem Actor March 1, 1969
Jose Bergamin Writer
Manolo Blahnik Quotes Manolo Blahnik Designer November 27, 1942
Luis Bunuel Quotes Luis Bunuel Director February 22, 1900
Montserrat Caballe Quotes Montserrat Caballe Musician April 1, 1933
Juan Carlos Quotes Juan Carlos Royalty
Jose Carreras Quotes Jose Carreras Musician December 5, 1946
Pablo Casals Quotes Pablo Casals Musician December 29, 1876
Camilo Jose Cela Quotes Camilo Jose Cela Writer May 11, 1916
Luis Cernuda Quotes Luis Cernuda Poet September 21, 1902
Miguel de Cervantes Quotes Miguel de Cervantes Novelist
Eduardo Chillida Sculptor 1924
El Cordobes Quotes El Cordobes Athlete May 4, 1936
Hernando Cortes Quotes Hernando Cortes Leader 1485
Hernando Cortez Quotes Hernando Cortez Explorer 1485
Penelope Cruz Quotes Penelope Cruz Actress April 28, 1974
Xavier Cugat Quotes Xavier Cugat Musician January 1, 1900
Salvador Dali Quotes Salvador Dali Artist May 11, 1904
Tomas Luis de Victoria Quotes Tomas Luis de Victoria Composer 1548
Pedro Calderon de la Barca Quotes Pedro Calderon de la Barca Dramatist January 17, 1600
Placido Domingo Quotes Placido Domingo Musician January 21, 1941
Buenaventura Durruti Quotes Buenaventura Durruti Revolutionary July 14, 1896
Francisco Franco Quotes Francisco Franco Leader December 4, 1892
Solomon Ibn Gabirol Poet 1021
Antonio Gala Poet
Pau Gasol Quotes Pau Gasol Athlete July 6, 1980
Antonio Gaudi Quotes Antonio Gaudi Architect June 25, 1852
Sete Gibernau Quotes Sete Gibernau Athlete December 15, 1972
Francisco de Goya Quotes Francisco de Goya Artist 1746
Juan Goytisolo Quotes Juan Goytisolo Poet 1931
Baltasar Gracian Quotes Baltasar Gracian Philosopher January 8, 1601
Juan Gris Quotes Juan Gris Artist March 23, 1887
Luis de Guindos Quotes Luis de Guindos Politician January 16, 1960
Isabella I Quotes Isabella I Royalty April 22, 1451
Dolores Ibarruri Quotes Dolores Ibarruri Politician November 12, 1895
Enrique Iglesias Quotes Enrique Iglesias Musician May 8, 1975
Saint Ignatius Quotes Saint Ignatius Saint December 24, 1491
Miguel Indurain Quotes Miguel Indurain Athlete July 16, 1964
Andres Iniesta Quotes Andres Iniesta Athlete May 11, 1984
Juan Ramon Jimenez Quotes Juan Ramon Jimenez Poet December 24, 1881