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Image Author Profession Birthday
Wladyslaw Anders Quotes Wladyslaw Anders Politician August 11, 1892
Stefan Banach Quotes Stefan Banach Mathematician March 30, 1892
Marek Belka Quotes Marek Belka Economist January 9, 1952
Leonard Chess Businessman March 12, 1917
Frederic Chopin Quotes Frederic Chopin Composer March 1, 1810
Robert Conrad Quotes Robert Conrad Director March 1, 1935
Joseph Conrad Quotes Joseph Conrad Novelist
Nicolaus Copernicus Quotes Nicolaus Copernicus Scientist February 19, 1473
Marie Curie Quotes Marie Curie Scientist November 7, 1867
Bronislaw Geremek Quotes Bronislaw Geremek Historian March 6, 1932
Witold Gombrowicz Quotes Witold Gombrowicz Novelist August 4, 1904
Anna Held Quotes Anna Held Entertainer March 8, 1872
Arthur Hertzberg Theologian June 9, 1921
Abraham Joshua Heschel Quotes Abraham Joshua Heschel Educator
Roald Hoffmann Quotes Roald Hoffmann Scientist July 18, 1937
Stanislaus I Quotes Stanislaus I Royalty October 20, 1677
Wojciech Jaruzelski Quotes Wojciech Jaruzelski Leader July 6, 1923
Ryszard Kapuscinski Quotes Ryszard Kapuscinski Journalist March 4, 1932
Krzysztof Kieslowski Quotes Krzysztof Kieslowski Director June 27, 1941
Alfred Korzybski Quotes Alfred Korzybski Scientist June 3, 1879
Jerzy Kosinski Quotes Jerzy Kosinski Novelist June 18, 1933
Aleksander Kwasniewski Quotes Aleksander Kwasniewski Politician November 15, 1954
Wanda Landowska Quotes Wanda Landowska Musician July 5, 1879
Stanislaw Lec Quotes Stanislaw Lec Poet March 6, 1909
Stanislaw Lem Quotes Stanislaw Lem Writer September 12, 1921
Daniel Libeskind Quotes Daniel Libeskind Architect May 12, 1946
Jacques Lipchitz Quotes Jacques Lipchitz Sculptor August 22, 1891
Witold Lutoslawski Quotes Witold Lutoslawski Composer January 25, 1913
Kazimir Malevich Quotes Kazimir Malevich Artist February 23, 1878
Bronislaw Malinowski Quotes Bronislaw Malinowski Scientist April 7, 1884
Adam Michnik Quotes Adam Michnik Editor October 17, 1946
Pola Negri Quotes Pola Negri Actress January 3, 1897
Ignacy Jan Paderewski Quotes Ignacy Jan Paderewski Artist November 6, 1860
Pope John Paul II Quotes Pope John Paul II Clergyman May 18, 1920
Witold Pilecki Quotes Witold Pilecki Soldier May 13, 1901
Agnieszka Radwanska Quotes Agnieszka Radwanska Athlete March 6, 1989
Artur Rodzinski Quotes Artur Rodzinski Musician January 1, 1892
Joseph Rotblat Quotes Joseph Rotblat Physicist November 4, 1908
Helena Rubinstein Quotes Helena Rubinstein Businesswoman December 25, 1870
Artur Schnabel Musician April 17, 1882
Rose Schneiderman Quotes Rose Schneiderman Activist April 6, 1882
Bruno Schulz Quotes Bruno Schulz Novelist July 12, 1892
Izabella Scorupco Actress June 4, 1970
Henryk Sienkiewicz Quotes Henryk Sienkiewicz Novelist May 5, 1846
Jenn Suhr Quotes Jenn Suhr Athlete February 5, 1982
Wislawa Szymborska Quotes Wislawa Szymborska Poet July 2, 1923
Baal Shem Tov Quotes Baal Shem Tov Clergyman 1698
Leopold Trepper Celebrity February 23, 1904
Andrzej Wajda Quotes Andrzej Wajda Director March 6, 1926
Lech Walesa Quotes Lech Walesa Politician September 29, 1943