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New zealander

Image Author Profession Birthday
Peter Arnett Quotes Peter Arnett Journalist November 13, 1934
Sylvia Ashton-Warner Educator December 17, 1908
Kylie Bax Quotes Kylie Bax Model January 5, 1975
Jim Bolger Quotes Jim Bolger Statesman May 31, 1935
Jane Campion Quotes Jane Campion Director April 30, 1954
Silvia Cartwright Quotes Silvia Cartwright Statesman November 7, 1943
Helen Clark Quotes Helen Clark Statesman February 26, 1950
Marton Csokas Quotes Marton Csokas Actor June 30, 1966
Richard Curtis Quotes Richard Curtis Writer November 8, 1956
Scott Dixon Quotes Scott Dixon Celebrity July 22, 1980
Tim Finn Quotes Tim Finn Musician June 25, 1952
Neil Finn Quotes Neil Finn Musician May 27, 1958
Janet Frame Quotes Janet Frame Novelist August 28, 1924
Peter Fraser Statesman 1884
Alan Gregg Musician
George Grey Quotes George Grey Leader April 14, 1812
Martin Henderson Quotes Martin Henderson Actor October 8, 1974
Edmund Hillary Quotes Edmund Hillary Explorer July 20, 1919
Rachel Hunter Quotes Rachel Hunter Model September 9, 1969
Peter Jackson Quotes Peter Jackson Director October 31, 1961
Kiri Te Kanawa Musician March 6, 1944
Phil Keoghan Quotes Phil Keoghan Celebrity May 31, 1967
Michael King Quotes Michael King Historian December 15, 1945
David Kirk Athlete
Lydia Ko Quotes Lydia Ko Athlete April 24, 1997
Lucy Lawless Quotes Lucy Lawless Actress March 29, 1968
Michael Laws Politician 1957
Jonah Lomu Quotes Jonah Lomu Athlete May 12, 1975
Jack Lovelock Quotes Jack Lovelock Athlete January 5, 1910
Arthur Lydiard Athlete July 6, 1917
Margaret Mahy Quotes Margaret Mahy Author March 21, 1936
Katherine Mansfield Quotes Katherine Mansfield Author October 14, 1888
John Money Psychologist July 8, 1921
Robert Muldoon Quotes Robert Muldoon Statesman September 25, 1921
Ruth Park Quotes Ruth Park Author August 24, 1923
Brian Perkins Journalist 1943
Ernest Rutherford Quotes Ernest Rutherford Scientist August 30, 1871
Jenny Shipley Quotes Jenny Shipley Statesman February 4, 1952
Peter Snell Quotes Peter Snell Athlete December 17, 1938
Glenn Turner Athlete May 26, 1947
Karl Urban Quotes Karl Urban Actor June 7, 1972
Hugh Walpole Writer March 13, 1884
Maurice Wilkins Quotes Maurice Wilkins Scientist December 15, 1916
Kimbra Quotes Kimbra Musician