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Image Author Profession Birthday
Dogen Quotes Dogen Leader January 19, 1200
Namie Amuro Quotes Namie Amuro Musician September 20, 1977
Tadao Ando Quotes Tadao Ando Architect September 13, 1941
Matsuo Basho Quotes Matsuo Basho Poet 1644
Taisen Deshimaru Philosopher November 29, 1914
Shusaku Endo Author March 27, 1923
Toshihiko Fukui Quotes Toshihiko Fukui Public Servant September 7, 1935
Kenichi Fukui Quotes Kenichi Fukui Scientist October 4, 1918
Ayumi Hamasaki Quotes Ayumi Hamasaki Musician October 2, 1978
Sessue Hayakawa Quotes Sessue Hayakawa Actor June 10, 1889
Lafcadio Hearn Quotes Lafcadio Hearn Author
Tojo Hideki Quotes Tojo Hideki Statesman December 30, 1884
Utada Hikaru Quotes Utada Hikaru Musician January 19, 1983
Emperor Hirohito Quotes Emperor Hirohito Royalty April 29, 1901
Soichiro Honda Businessman November 17, 1906
Masaru Ibuka Quotes Masaru Ibuka Businessman April 11, 1908
Tokugawa Ieyasu Quotes Tokugawa Ieyasu Leader January 31, 1543
Daisaku Ikeda Quotes Daisaku Ikeda Writer January 2, 1928
Kazuo Ishiguro Quotes Kazuo Ishiguro Author November 8, 1954
Shintaro Ishihara Quotes Shintaro Ishihara Politician September 30, 1932
Joichi Ito Quotes Joichi Ito Businessman June 19, 1966
Yasunari Kawabata Quotes Yasunari Kawabata Novelist
Yoshida Kenko Author 1283
Takeshi Kitano Quotes Takeshi Kitano Actor January 18, 1947
Takeru Kobayashi Quotes Takeru Kobayashi Celebrity March 15, 1978
Junichiro Koizumi Quotes Junichiro Koizumi Statesman January 8, 1942
Chiaki Kuriyama Quotes Chiaki Kuriyama Actress October 10, 1984
Akira Kurosawa Quotes Akira Kurosawa Director
Kanya Kusano Physicist
Shigenori Maruyama Scientist
Princess Masako Quotes Princess Masako Royalty December 9, 1964
Yukihiro Matsumoto Quotes Yukihiro Matsumoto Scientist April 14, 1965
Konosuke Matsushita Businessman November 27, 1894
Yukio Mishima Quotes Yukio Mishima Author
Issey Miyake Quotes Issey Miyake Designer April 22, 1935
Shigeru Miyamoto Quotes Shigeru Miyamoto Designer November 16, 1952
Hayao Miyazaki Quotes Hayao Miyazaki Director January 5, 1941
Kiichi Miyazawa Quotes Kiichi Miyazawa Politician October 8, 1919
Kenji Miyazawa Quotes Kenji Miyazawa Poet August 27, 1896
Ikue Mori Musician
Masaharu Morimoto Quotes Masaharu Morimoto Chef May 26, 1955
Pat Morita Quotes Pat Morita Actor June 28, 1932
Akio Morita Businessman January 26, 1921
Haruki Murakami Quotes Haruki Murakami Writer
Miyamoto Musashi Quotes Miyamoto Musashi Soldier
Hidetoshi Nakata Quotes Hidetoshi Nakata Athlete January 22, 1977
Yoshihiko Noda Quotes Yoshihiko Noda Statesman May 20, 1957
Hideo Nomo Quotes Hideo Nomo Athlete August 31, 1968
Kenzaburo Oe Quotes Kenzaburo Oe Writer January 31, 1935
Sadaharu Oh Quotes Sadaharu Oh Athlete May 20, 1940