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Image Author Profession Birthday
Diogenes Philosopher
Democritus Quotes Democritus Philosopher 460 BC
Demosthenes Quotes Demosthenes Statesman 382 BC
John Aniston Quotes John Aniston Actor July 24, 1937
Saint Basil Quotes Saint Basil Saint 330
Maria Callas Quotes Maria Callas Musician December 2, 1923
Giorgio de Chirico Quotes Giorgio de Chirico Artist July 10, 1888
Odysseas Elytis Quotes Odysseas Elytis Writer November 21, 1911
Athenagoras I Quotes Athenagoras I Clergyman March 25, 1886
Alec Issigonis Quotes Alec Issigonis Designer November 18, 1906
Constantine Karamanlis Quotes Constantine Karamanlis Leader March 8, 1907
Nikos Kazantzakis Quotes Nikos Kazantzakis Writer February 18, 1883
Melina Mercouri Quotes Melina Mercouri Actress October 18, 1920
Dimitri Mitropoulos Quotes Dimitri Mitropoulos Composer March 1, 1896
Nana Mouskouri Quotes Nana Mouskouri Musician October 13, 1934
Aristotle Onassis Quotes Aristotle Onassis Businessman January 15, 1906
Lucas Papademos Quotes Lucas Papademos Politician October 11, 1947
Georgios A. Papandreou Politician
Antonis Samaras Politician May 23, 1951
Giorgos Seferis Quotes Giorgos Seferis Poet March 13, 1900
Diogenes of Sinope Quotes Diogenes of Sinope Philosopher 412 BC
Yiannis Stournaras Economist December 10, 1956
Evangelos Venizelos Quotes Evangelos Venizelos Politician January 1, 1957
Panayiotis Zavos Scientist February 23, 1944
Citium Zeno Philosopher 335 BC
Socrates Quotes Socrates Philosopher 436 BC
Pericles Quotes Pericles Statesman 495 BC
Callimachus Quotes Callimachus Poet 305 BC
Plato Quotes Plato Philosopher
Polybius Quotes Polybius Historian
Pyrrhus Royalty
Pythagoras Quotes Pythagoras Mathematician 582 BC
Archimedes Quotes Archimedes Mathematician 287 BC
Xenophon Quotes Xenophon Soldier 430 BC
Longinus Politician
Aeschylus Quotes Aeschylus Poet
Hypatia Quotes Hypatia Philosopher
Solon Quotes Solon Statesman
Thales Quotes Thales Philosopher 624 BC
Thucydides Quotes Thucydides Historian
Aesop Quotes Aesop Author
Agathon Quotes Agathon Poet 448 BC
Alcaeus Quotes Alcaeus Poet
Aristophanes Quotes Aristophanes Poet
Javan Quotes Javan Celebrity
Euripides Quotes Euripides Poet
Euclid Quotes Euclid Scientist 365 BC
Theocritus Poet
Menander Quotes Menander Poet
Homer Quotes Homer Poet February 24, 1836