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Image Author Profession Birthday
John Acton Historian January 10, 1834
Harold Acton Quotes Harold Acton Historian July 5, 1904
William Adams Explorer September 24, 1564
Douglas Adams Quotes Douglas Adams Writer
Richard Adams Quotes Richard Adams Clergyman 1626
Joseph Addison Quotes Joseph Addison Writer May 1, 1672
Jenny Agutter Actress December 20, 1952
Mark Akenside Quotes Mark Akenside Poet November 9, 1721
Damon Albarn Quotes Damon Albarn Musician March 23, 1968
Richard Aldington Writer July 8, 1892
Brian Aldiss Quotes Brian Aldiss Writer August 18, 1925
Henry Alford Quotes Henry Alford Clergyman
Roland Allen Clergyman December 29, 1868
Margery Allingham Quotes Margery Allingham Writer May 20, 1889
Al Alvarez Quotes Al Alvarez Poet August 5, 1929
Christiane Amanpour Quotes Christiane Amanpour Journalist January 12, 1958
William Ames Philosopher 1576
Kingsley Amis Quotes Kingsley Amis Novelist April 22, 1922
Clive Anderson Quotes Clive Anderson Entertainer December 10, 1952
Lindsay Anderson Quotes Lindsay Anderson Director April 17, 1923
Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Quotes Elizabeth Garrett Anderson Scientist June 9, 1836
Peter Andre Quotes Peter Andre Musician February 27, 1973
Rob Andrew Athlete February 18, 1963
Julie Andrews Quotes Julie Andrews Actress
Francesca Annis Actress May 14, 1944
Christopher Anstey Quotes Christopher Anstey Poet October 31, 1724
Piers Anthony Writer August 6, 1934
Edward Appleton Scientist September 6, 1892
Jeffrey Archer Quotes Jeffrey Archer Politician April 15, 1940
Karen Armstrong Writer November 14, 1944
Edwin Arnold Quotes Edwin Arnold Poet June 10, 1832
Andrea Arnold Quotes Andrea Arnold Actress April 5, 1961
Thomas Arnold Quotes Thomas Arnold Educator June 13, 1795
Matthew Arnold Quotes Matthew Arnold Poet
Malcolm Arnold Quotes Malcolm Arnold Composer October 21, 1921
Gemma Arterton Quotes Gemma Arterton Actress January 12, 1986
Francis Asbury Quotes Francis Asbury Clergyman 1745
Roger Ascham Quotes Roger Ascham Writer 1515
Peter Asher Quotes Peter Asher Musician June 2, 1944
Daisy Ashford Quotes Daisy Ashford Writer April 7, 1881
John Aspinall Celebrity June 11, 1926
Margot Asquith Quotes Margot Asquith Author February 2, 1864
Mary Astell Quotes Mary Astell Writer December 12, 1666
Eileen Atkins Writer June 16, 1934
Rowan Atkinson Quotes Rowan Atkinson Comedian January 6, 1956
Richard Attenborough Quotes Richard Attenborough Actor August 29, 1923
Francis Atterbury Quotes Francis Atterbury Politician March 6, 1663
Clement Attlee Quotes Clement Attlee Leader January 3, 1883
John Aubrey Quotes John Aubrey Writer March 12, 1626
W. H. Auden Quotes W. H. Auden Poet February 21, 1907