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Image Author Profession Birthday
Lin Biao Quotes Lin Biao Politician December 5, 1907
Cao Cao Quotes Cao Cao Statesman 155
Jackie Chan Quotes Jackie Chan Actor
Margaret Chan Quotes Margaret Chan Public Servant
Priscilla Chan Musician July 28, 1965
Iris Chang Quotes Iris Chang Historian March 28, 1968
Ban Chao Quotes Ban Chao Soldier 32
Joan Chen Quotes Joan Chen Actress April 26, 1961
Stephen Chow Quotes Stephen Chow Actor June 22, 1962
Chin-Ning Chu Businessman 1947
Zhou Enlai Quotes Zhou Enlai Statesman March 5, 1898
Du Fu Quotes Du Fu Poet 712
James Wong Howe Quotes James Wong Howe Director August 28, 1899
King Hu Director November 14, 1935
Qin Shi Huangdi Quotes Qin Shi Huangdi Royalty 260 BC
Ma Huateng Businessman October 29, 1971
Ma Jian Writer August 18, 1953
Hu Jintao Quotes Hu Jintao Statesman December 21, 1942
Chiang Kai-shek Quotes Chiang Kai-shek Soldier October 31, 1887
Kublai Khan Quotes Kublai Khan Statesman September 23, 1215
Andy Lau Quotes Andy Lau Actor September 27, 1961
Coco Lee Musician January 17, 1975
Yuan T. Lee Quotes Yuan T. Lee Scientist November 19, 1936
Ang Lee Quotes Ang Lee Director October 23, 1954
Gong Li Quotes Gong Li Actress December 31, 1964
Jet Li Quotes Jet Li Actor April 26, 1963
Phillip Lim Quotes Phillip Lim Designer 1973
Bai Ling Quotes Bai Ling Actress October 10, 1970
Jack Ma Quotes Jack Ma Businessman September 10, 1964
Vanessa Mae Quotes Vanessa Mae Musician October 27, 1978
Yao Ming Quotes Yao Ming Athlete September 12, 1980
Li Na Quotes Li Na Athlete February 26, 1982
Li Peng Quotes Li Peng Public Servant 1928
Li Po Quotes Li Po Poet
Sima Qian Quotes Sima Qian Historian 145 BC
Jiang Qing Quotes Jiang Qing Revolutionary March 14, 1914
Zhu Rongji Quotes Zhu Rongji Statesman October 1, 1928
Hu Shih Quotes Hu Shih Philosopher December 17, 1891
Yuan Shikai Quotes Yuan Shikai Soldier September 16, 1859
Li Ka Shing Quotes Li Ka Shing Businessman June 13, 1928
Han Suyin Writer September 12, 1917
Goh Chok Tong Quotes Goh Chok Tong Statesman May 20, 1941
Sun Tzu Quotes Sun Tzu Philosopher
Lao Tzu Quotes Lao Tzu Philosopher
Ai Weiwei Quotes Ai Weiwei Artist May 18, 1957
Anna May Wong Quotes Anna May Wong Actress January 3, 1905
John Woo Quotes John Woo Director October 19, 1720
Liu Xiang Quotes Liu Xiang Athlete July 13, 1983
Deng Xiaoping Quotes Deng Xiaoping Leader August 22, 1904
Gao Xingjian Quotes Gao Xingjian Novelist January 4, 1940