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Image Author Profession Birthday
Alfred Adler Quotes Alfred Adler Psychologist February 7, 1870
Leon Askin Quotes Leon Askin Actor September 18, 1907
John Banner Quotes John Banner Actor January 28, 1910
Robert Barany Quotes Robert Barany Scientist April 22, 1876
Otto Bauer Writer September 5, 1881
Felix Baumgartner Quotes Felix Baumgartner Athlete April 20, 1969
Ludwig Bemelmans Author
Alban Berg Composer February 9, 1885
Peter L. Berger Sociologist March 17, 1929
Edward Bernays Quotes Edward Bernays Celebrity November 22, 1891
Theodore Bikel Quotes Theodore Bikel Actor May 2, 1924
Rudolf Bing Musician January 9, 1902
Alfred Brendel Quotes Alfred Brendel Musician January 5, 1931
Vanessa Brown Quotes Vanessa Brown Actress March 24, 1928
Erwin Chargaff Scientist August 11, 1905
Helene Deutsch Quotes Helene Deutsch Psychologist October 9, 1884
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Quotes Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Novelist September 13, 1830
Paul Feyerabend Philosopher January 13, 1924
Ernst Fischer Writer July 3, 1899
Heinz Fischer Quotes Heinz Fischer Statesman October 9, 1938
Viktor E. Frankl Quotes Viktor E. Frankl Psychologist March 26, 1905
Anna Freud Quotes Anna Freud Psychologist December 3, 1895
Sigmund Freud Quotes Sigmund Freud Psychologist May 6, 1856
Karl von Frisch Quotes Karl von Frisch Scientist November 20, 1886
Thomas Gold Quotes Thomas Gold Scientist March 31, 1812
Franz Grillparzer Quotes Franz Grillparzer Poet January 15, 1791
Ernst Haas Quotes Ernst Haas Photographer March 2, 1921
Peter Handke Quotes Peter Handke Novelist December 6, 1942
Joseph Haydn Quotes Joseph Haydn Composer March 31, 1732
Rudolf Hilferding Quotes Rudolf Hilferding Economist August 10, 1877
Hugo von Hofmannsthal Quotes Hugo von Hofmannsthal Novelist February 1, 1874
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Quotes Johann Nepomuk Hummel Composer November 14, 1778
Friedensreich Hundertwasser Quotes Friedensreich Hundertwasser Architect December 15, 1928
Franz Kafka Quotes Franz Kafka Novelist
Melanie Klein Psychologist March 30, 1882
Gustav Klimt Quotes Gustav Klimt Artist July 14, 1862
Boris Kodjoe Quotes Boris Kodjoe Actor March 8, 1973
Walter Kohn Quotes Walter Kohn Physicist March 9, 1923
Oskar Kokoschka Quotes Oskar Kokoschka Artist March 1, 1886
Erich Wolfgang Korngold Quotes Erich Wolfgang Korngold Composer May 29, 1897
Karl Kraus Writer April 28, 1874
Fritz Kreisler Quotes Fritz Kreisler Composer February 2, 1875
Hedy Lamarr Quotes Hedy Lamarr Actress November 9, 1914
Karl Landsteiner Quotes Karl Landsteiner Scientist June 14, 1868
Fritz Lang Quotes Fritz Lang Director December 5, 1890
Helmut Lang Designer March 10, 1956
Niki Lauda Quotes Niki Lauda Athlete February 22, 1949
Franz Lehar Quotes Franz Lehar Composer April 30, 1870
Erich Leinsdorf Celebrity February 4, 1912
Adolf Loos Quotes Adolf Loos Architect December 10, 1870