Died on September, 8st

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September, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Alexander Bain Quotes Alexander Bain Philosopher 1903
Geoffrey Beene Designer 2004
Clive Bell Quotes Clive Bell Critic 1964
F. H. Bradley Quotes F. H. Bradley Philosopher 1924
Andre Breton Quotes Andre Breton Poet 1966
Miles Davis Quotes Miles Davis Musician 1991
Thomas Day Quotes Thomas Day Author 1789
Andre Derain Quotes Andre Derain Artist 1954
Daniel Drew Quotes Daniel Drew Businessman 1879
Leonhard Euler Quotes Leonhard Euler Mathematician 1783
Althea Gibson Quotes Althea Gibson Athlete 2003
Joseph Hall Clergyman 1656
Dag Hammarskjold Quotes Dag Hammarskjold Diplomat 1961
Bob Hayes Quotes Bob Hayes Athlete 2002
William Hazlitt Quotes William Hazlitt Critic 1830
Hermann von Helmholtz Quotes Hermann von Helmholtz Physicist 1894
Jimi Hendrix Quotes Jimi Hendrix Musician 1970
Edwin Powell Hubble Quotes Edwin Powell Hubble Scientist 1953
William Morris Hunt Quotes William Morris Hunt Artist 1879
Gwen John Quotes Gwen John Artist 1939
Elia Kazan Quotes Elia Kazan Director 2003
Corita Kent Quotes Corita Kent Artist 1986
Andre Kertesz Quotes Andre Kertesz Photographer 1985
John Langdon Quotes John Langdon Politician 1819
Robert N. Lee Writer 1964
Willard Libby Quotes Willard Libby Scientist 1980
George MacDonald Quotes George MacDonald Novelist 1905
Ferdinand Marcos Quotes Ferdinand Marcos Statesman 1989
Harpo Marx Quotes Harpo Marx Comedian 1964
Herman Melville Quotes Herman Melville Novelist 1891
Marvin Mitchelson Lawyer 2004
Frank Morgan Quotes Frank Morgan Actor 1949
Constance Baker Motley Activist 2005
Isaac Murphy Politician 1882
Gamal Abdel Nasser Quotes Gamal Abdel Nasser Leader 1970
Alex North Composer 1991
Sean O'Casey Playwright 1964
John Dos Passos Quotes John Dos Passos Novelist 1970
Louis Pasteur Quotes Louis Pasteur Scientist 1895
Katherine Anne Porter Quotes Katherine Anne Porter Journalist 1980
Matthew Prior Quotes Matthew Prior Poet 1721
Francis Quarles Quotes Francis Quarles Poet 1644
Francisco de Quevedo Quotes Francisco de Quevedo Writer 1645
Leni Riefenstahl Quotes Leni Riefenstahl Director 2003
Steve Sabol Quotes Steve Sabol Director 2012
Georg Simmel Quotes Georg Simmel Sociologist 1918
John French Sloan Quotes John French Sloan Artist 1951
Thomas Spence Writer 1814
Richard Strauss Quotes Richard Strauss Composer 1949
Pierre Trudeau Quotes Pierre Trudeau Statesman 2000
Frederick M. Vinson Quotes Frederick M. Vinson Judge 1953
Peter De Vries Quotes Peter De Vries Novelist 1993