Died on September, 3st

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September, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Samuel Alexander Quotes Samuel Alexander Philosopher 1938
Dante Alighieri Quotes Dante Alighieri Poet 1321
Edgar Bergen Quotes Edgar Bergen Actor 1978
Lin Biao Quotes Lin Biao Politician 1971
Robert Bloch Quotes Robert Bloch Writer 1994
Herman Boerhaave Quotes Herman Boerhaave Scientist 1738
Frank Capra Quotes Frank Capra Director 1991
Edward Coke Quotes Edward Coke Businessman 1634
Wilkie Collins Quotes Wilkie Collins Novelist 1889
Barry Commoner Scientist 2012
Eliza Cook Quotes Eliza Cook Poet 1889
Oliver Cromwell Quotes Oliver Cromwell Soldier 1658
e. e. cummings Quotes e. e. cummings Poet 1962
Rudolf Diesel Quotes Rudolf Diesel Inventor 1913
Michael Clarke Duncan Quotes Michael Clarke Duncan Actor 2012
Morton Feldman Quotes Morton Feldman Composer 1987
James Van Fleet Quotes James Van Fleet Soldier 1992
Charles James Fox Quotes Charles James Fox Politician 1806
Sigmund Freud Quotes Sigmund Freud Psychologist 1939
Elinor Glyn Quotes Elinor Glyn Author 1943
Storm Jameson Writer 1986
John Jewel Clergyman 1571
Pauline Kael Critic 2001
Fanny Kaplan Quotes Fanny Kaplan Activist 1918
John Lilly Scientist 2001
Vince Lombardi Quotes Vince Lombardi Coach 1970
Louis MacNeice Quotes Louis MacNeice Poet 1963
Og Mandino Quotes Og Mandino Author 1996
Dorothy McGuire Quotes Dorothy McGuire Actress 2001
Michel de Montaigne Quotes Michel de Montaigne Philosopher 1592
Sun Myung Moon Quotes Sun Myung Moon Clergyman 2012
Pablo Neruda Quotes Pablo Neruda Writer 1973
Thomas Percy Writer 1811
John Wesley Powell Quotes John Wesley Powell Explorer 1902
Dan Quisenberry Athlete 1998
William Rehnquist Quotes William Rehnquist Judge 2005
Ann Richards Quotes Ann Richards Politician 2006
William Heath Robinson Quotes William Heath Robinson Cartoonist 1944
Carl T. Rowan Quotes Carl T. Rowan Journalist 2000
Arthur Schwartz Quotes Arthur Schwartz Composer 1984
Tupac Shakur Quotes Tupac Shakur Musician 1996
F. E. Smith Quotes F. E. Smith Statesman 1930
Leopold Stokowski Quotes Leopold Stokowski Musician 1977
W. Clement Stone Quotes W. Clement Stone Businessman 2002
Italo Svevo Quotes Italo Svevo Businessman 1928
Louis Adolphe Thiers Quotes Louis Adolphe Thiers Statesman 1877
Virgil Thomson Quotes Virgil Thomson Composer 1989
Thuy Trang Quotes Thuy Trang Actress 2001
Ivan Turgenev Quotes Ivan Turgenev Novelist 1883
George C. Wallace Quotes George C. Wallace Politician 1998
Alec Waugh Novelist 1981
Patrick White Quotes Patrick White Author 1990
George Whitefield Quotes George Whitefield Clergyman 1770
James Wolfe Quotes James Wolfe Soldier 1759