Died on September, 2st

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September, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Dogen Quotes Dogen Leader 1253
Don Adams Quotes Don Adams Comedian 2005
Alvin Adams Quotes Alvin Adams Businessman 1877
Charles Samuel Addams Quotes Charles Samuel Addams Cartoonist 1988
Leonid Andreyev Quotes Leonid Andreyev Playwright 1919
George Archer Athlete 2005
Tommy Armour Quotes Tommy Armour Athlete 1968
Mary Astor Quotes Mary Astor Actress 1987
W. H. Auden Quotes W. H. Auden Poet 1973
Christiaan Barnard Quotes Christiaan Barnard Scientist 2001
Bela Bartok Quotes Bela Bartok Composer 1945
Geoffrey Beene Designer 2004
Robert Benchley Quotes Robert Benchley Comedian 1945
Walter Benjamin Quotes Walter Benjamin Critic 1940
Irving Berlin Quotes Irving Berlin Musician 1989
Annie Besant Quotes Annie Besant Philosopher 1933
John Biddle Clergyman 1662
Steven Biko Quotes Steven Biko Activist 1977
William Billings Composer 1800
Rudolf Bing Musician 1997
Hugo Black Quotes Hugo Black Judge 1971
George Blanda Quotes George Blanda Athlete 2010
Robert Bloch Quotes Robert Bloch Writer 1994
Herman Boerhaave Quotes Herman Boerhaave Scientist 1738
John Bonham Quotes John Bonham Musician 1980
Daniel Boone Quotes Daniel Boone Explorer 1820
Clara Bow Quotes Clara Bow Actress 1965
Marion Zimmer Bradley Quotes Marion Zimmer Bradley Writer 1999
Andre Breton Quotes Andre Breton Poet 1966
Jeremy Brett Actor 1995
Wilfred Burchett Journalist 1983
Raymond Burr Quotes Raymond Burr Actor 1993
Cliff Burton Quotes Cliff Burton Musician 1986
Billy Carter Quotes Billy Carter Celebrity 1988
Betty Carter Quotes Betty Carter Musician 1998
Johnny Cash Quotes Johnny Cash Musician 2003
Arthur Christiansen Journalist 1963
Thomas Clarkson Quotes Thomas Clarkson Activist 1846
Brian Clough Quotes Brian Clough Athlete 2004
Wilkie Collins Quotes Wilkie Collins Novelist 1889
John Churton Collins Critic 1908
Anthony Comstock Quotes Anthony Comstock Politician 1915
Eliza Cook Quotes Eliza Cook Poet 1889
Jeff Cooper Quotes Jeff Cooper Celebrity 2006
Bill Copeland Athlete 2011
Pierre de Coubertin Quotes Pierre de Coubertin Leader 1937
Jim Croce Quotes Jim Croce Musician 1973
Tony Curtis Quotes Tony Curtis Actor 2010
W. H. Davies Quotes W. H. Davies Poet 1940
Miles Davis Quotes Miles Davis Musician 1991
Marvin Davis Businessman 2004
Rebecca Harding Davis Quotes Rebecca Harding Davis Author 1910
Peter Dawson Quotes Peter Dawson Musician 1961
Thomas Day Quotes Thomas Day Author 1789
Edgar Degas Quotes Edgar Degas Artist 1917
Bob Denver Quotes Bob Denver Actor 2005
Henry Austin Dobson Quotes Henry Austin Dobson Poet 1921
Jimmy Doolittle Quotes Jimmy Doolittle Aviator 1993
Hilda Doolittle Quotes Hilda Doolittle Poet 1961
William Duane Lawyer 1865
Robert Emmet Quotes Robert Emmet Activist 1803
Shusaku Endo Author 1996
Paul Erdos Quotes Paul Erdos Mathematician 1996
Frederick William Faber Quotes Frederick William Faber Theologian 1863
Gerald Finzi Quotes Gerald Finzi Composer 1956
James Van Fleet Quotes James Van Fleet Soldier 1992
Abraham Flexner Educator 1959
John M. Ford Writer 2006
Viktor E. Frankl Quotes Viktor E. Frankl Psychologist 1997
Sigmund Freud Quotes Sigmund Freud Psychologist 1939
Althea Gibson Quotes Althea Gibson Athlete 2003
Greg Giraldo Quotes Greg Giraldo Comedian 2010
Elinor Glyn Quotes Elinor Glyn Author 1943
Ivan Goncharov Quotes Ivan Goncharov Novelist 1891
Raisa Gorbachyova Quotes Raisa Gorbachyova Celebrity 1999
Remy de Gourmont Novelist 1915
Benjamin Graham Quotes Benjamin Graham Economist 1976
Francois Guizot Quotes Francois Guizot Historian 1874
Ernst Haas Quotes Ernst Haas Photographer 1986
Nathan Hale Quotes Nathan Hale Revolutionary 1776
William Rowan Hamilton Quotes William Rowan Hamilton Mathematician 1865
Alice Hamilton Quotes Alice Hamilton Scientist 1970
Jan de Hartog Quotes Jan de Hartog Writer 2002
Lafcadio Hearn Quotes Lafcadio Hearn Author 1904
Daniel H. Hill Quotes Daniel H. Hill Soldier 1889
Winifred Holtby Quotes Winifred Holtby Novelist 1935
Winslow Homer Quotes Winslow Homer Artist 1910
Frank Hornby Quotes Frank Hornby Inventor 1936
David F. Houston Quotes David F. Houston Politician 1940
Edwin Powell Hubble Quotes Edwin Powell Hubble Scientist 1953
Miller Huggins Quotes Miller Huggins Athlete 1929
Muriel Humphrey Celebrity 1998
John Jewel Clergyman 1571
Florence Griffith Joyner Quotes Florence Griffith Joyner Athlete 1998
William Strunk, Jr. Writer 1946
Alphonse Karr Quotes Alphonse Karr Critic 1890
Elia Kazan Quotes Elia Kazan Director 2003
Patsy Kelly Quotes Patsy Kelly Comedian 1981
Andre Kertesz Quotes Andre Kertesz Photographer 1985
Melanie Klein Psychologist 1960
Fiorello LaGuardia Quotes Fiorello LaGuardia Politician 1947
Johann Heinrich Lambert Quotes Johann Heinrich Lambert Mathematician 1777
Ring Lardner Quotes Ring Lardner Comedian 1933
Jacques-Henri Lartigue Photographer 1986
Henry Lawson Quotes Henry Lawson Writer 1922
Abe Lemons Coach 2002
Roy Lichtenstein Quotes Roy Lichtenstein Artist 1997
Hugh Lofting Author 1947
Robert Lowell Quotes Robert Lowell Poet 1977
Anna Magnani Quotes Anna Magnani Actress 1973
Aristide Maillol Quotes Aristide Maillol Artist 1944
Marcel Marceau Quotes Marcel Marceau Actor 2007
Ferdinand Marcos Quotes Ferdinand Marcos Statesman 1989
Harpo Marx Quotes Harpo Marx Comedian 1964
Adolfo Lopez Mateos Quotes Adolfo Lopez Mateos Statesman 1969
Barbara McClintock Quotes Barbara McClintock Scientist 1992
Carson McCullers Quotes Carson McCullers Novelist 1967
Aimee Semple McPherson Quotes Aimee Semple McPherson Clergyman 1944
Herman Melville Quotes Herman Melville Novelist 1891
Roger Q. Mills Quotes Roger Q. Mills Politician 1911
Kenji Miyazawa Quotes Kenji Miyazawa Poet 1933
Eugenio Montale Quotes Eugenio Montale Poet 1981
Alberto Moravia Quotes Alberto Moravia Novelist 1990
Constance Baker Motley Activist 2005
Gamal Abdel Nasser Quotes Gamal Abdel Nasser Leader 1970
Byron Nelson Quotes Byron Nelson Athlete 2006
Pablo Neruda Quotes Pablo Neruda Writer 1973
Paul Newman Quotes Paul Newman Actor 2008
John George Nicolay Writer 1901
George William Norris Quotes George William Norris Politician 1944
Madalyn Murray O'Hair Writer 1995
Robert Palmer Quotes Robert Palmer Musician 2003
Sylvia Pankhurst Quotes Sylvia Pankhurst Activist 1960
John Dos Passos Quotes John Dos Passos Novelist 1970
Louis Pasteur Quotes Louis Pasteur Scientist 1895
M. Scott Peck Psychologist 2005
Anthony Perkins Quotes Anthony Perkins Actor 1992
Walter Pidgeon Quotes Walter Pidgeon Actor 1984
George Plimpton Quotes George Plimpton Journalist 2003
William Pollard Clergyman 1893
Emily Post Quotes Emily Post Author 1960
John Wesley Powell Quotes John Wesley Powell Explorer 1902
Herbert Prochnow Businessman 1998
J. R. R. Tolkien Quotes J. R. R. Tolkien Novelist 1973
Jean Philippe Rameau Quotes Jean Philippe Rameau Composer 1764
Orville Redenbacher Businessman 1995
Erich Maria Remarque Quotes Erich Maria Remarque Writer 1970
Laura Riding Poet 1991
Mary Roberts Rinehart Quotes Mary Roberts Rinehart Novelist 1958
Robert Riskin Playwright 1955
Henri Rousseau Quotes Henri Rousseau Artist 1910
Carl T. Rowan Quotes Carl T. Rowan Journalist 2000
William Safire Quotes William Safire Author 2009
Francoise Sagan Playwright 2004
Edward Said Quotes Edward Said Writer 2003
George Santayana Quotes George Santayana Philosopher 1952
Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes Arthur Schopenhauer Philosopher 1860
Walter Scott Quotes Walter Scott Novelist 1832
George C. Scott Quotes George C. Scott Actor 1999
Giorgos Seferis Quotes Giorgos Seferis Poet 1971
Dr. Seuss Quotes Dr. Seuss Writer 1991
John Sevier Quotes John Sevier Politician 1815
Athene Seyler Actress 1990
Bill Shankly Quotes Bill Shankly Athlete 1981
Jean Sibelius Quotes Jean Sibelius Composer 1957
Georg Simmel Quotes Georg Simmel Sociologist 1918
Bessie Smith Quotes Bessie Smith Musician 1937
Frederick Soddy Quotes Frederick Soddy Scientist 1956
Casey Stengel Quotes Casey Stengel Athlete 1975
Isaac Stern Quotes Isaac Stern Musician 2001
Levi Strauss Quotes Levi Strauss Businessman 1902
Gloria Stuart Quotes Gloria Stuart Actress 2010
Jacqueline Susann Quotes Jacqueline Susann Author 1974
Nguyen Van Thieu Quotes Nguyen Van Thieu Statesman 2001
Pierre Trudeau Quotes Pierre Trudeau Statesman 2000
Peter De Vries Quotes Peter De Vries Novelist 1993
George H. Walker Quotes George H. Walker Businessman 1866
Harry Warren Quotes Harry Warren Composer 1981
Ben Webster Quotes Ben Webster Musician 1973
Simon Wiesenthal Quotes Simon Wiesenthal Activist 2005
Geoffrey Wilkinson Quotes Geoffrey Wilkinson Scientist 1996
John Sharp Williams Quotes John Sharp Williams Politician 1932
Charles Erwin Wilson Businessman 1961
Henry A. Wise Quotes Henry A. Wise Statesman 1876
Sam Wood Quotes Sam Wood Director 1949
Chauncey Wright Quotes Chauncey Wright Philosopher 1875
Babe Didrikson Zaharias Quotes Babe Didrikson Zaharias Athlete 1956
Dogen Zenji Quotes Dogen Zenji Philosopher 1253
Emile Zola Quotes Emile Zola Novelist 1902
Alain-Fournier Author 1914
Paracelsus Quotes Paracelsus Scientist 1541