Died on September, 1st

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September, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Spiro T. Agnew Quotes Spiro T. Agnew Politician 1996
Samuel Alexander Quotes Samuel Alexander Philosopher 1938
Dante Alighieri Quotes Dante Alighieri Poet 1321
Leonid Andreyev Quotes Leonid Andreyev Playwright 1919
Tommy Armour Quotes Tommy Armour Athlete 1968
Laura Ashley Quotes Laura Ashley Designer 1985
Alexander Bain Quotes Alexander Bain Philosopher 1903
Hugo Ball Quotes Hugo Ball Author 1927
Thomas John Barnardo Quotes Thomas John Barnardo Celebrity 1905
Charles A. Beard Quotes Charles A. Beard Historian 1948
Clive Bell Quotes Clive Bell Critic 1964
Robert Benchley Quotes Robert Benchley Comedian 1945
Ruth Benedict Quotes Ruth Benedict Scientist 1948
George Bentham Quotes George Bentham Scientist 1884
Patty Berg Quotes Patty Berg Athlete 2006
John Desmond Bernal Quotes John Desmond Bernal Scientist 1971
Lin Biao Quotes Lin Biao Politician 1971
Steven Biko Quotes Steven Biko Activist 1977
Felix Bloch Quotes Felix Bloch Scientist 1983
F. H. Bradley Quotes F. H. Bradley Philosopher 1924
Jeremy Brett Actor 1995
Isambard K. Brunel Quotes Isambard K. Brunel Inventor 1859
Jack Brymer Quotes Jack Brymer Musician 2003
Heinrich Bullinger Quotes Heinrich Bullinger Clergyman 1575
McGeorge Bundy Quotes McGeorge Bundy Celebrity 1996
Raymond Burr Quotes Raymond Burr Actor 1993
Aaron Burr Quotes Aaron Burr Politician 1836
Maria Callas Quotes Maria Callas Musician 1977
Italo Calvino Journalist 1985
Richard Owen Cambridge Quotes Richard Owen Cambridge Poet 1802
Rudolf Carnap Philosopher 1970
Jacques Cartier Quotes Jacques Cartier Explorer 1557
Johnny Cash Quotes Johnny Cash Musician 2003
Francis James Child Educator 1896
Amy Clampitt Poet 1994
Abraham Clark Politician 1794
Anthony Comstock Quotes Anthony Comstock Politician 1915
Will Cuppy Quotes Will Cuppy Writer 1949
William Dampier Quotes William Dampier Explorer 1908
Francis Darwin Quotes Francis Darwin Scientist 1925
John W. Dawson Politician 1877
Daniel Drew Quotes Daniel Drew Businessman 1879
Isadora Duncan Quotes Isadora Duncan Dancer 1927
Leonhard Euler Quotes Leonhard Euler Mathematician 1783
Abraham Flexner Educator 1959
Charles James Fox Quotes Charles James Fox Politician 1806
Miles Franklin Quotes Miles Franklin Writer 1954
Pauline Frederick Quotes Pauline Frederick Actress 1938
John Gardner Novelist 1982
James A. Garfield Quotes James A. Garfield President 1881
A. Bartlett Giamatti Quotes A. Bartlett Giamatti Educator 1989
Willis Goldbeck Dramatist 1979
Herman Gorter Quotes Herman Gorter Poet 1927
Gordon Gould Quotes Gordon Gould Physicist 2005
Benjamin Graham Quotes Benjamin Graham Economist 1976
Horace Gray Quotes Horace Gray Judge 1902
George Grey Quotes George Grey Leader 1898
Francois Guizot Quotes Francois Guizot Historian 1874
Georges Guynemer Quotes Georges Guynemer Aviator 1917
Ernst Haas Quotes Ernst Haas Photographer 1986
Dag Hammarskjold Quotes Dag Hammarskjold Diplomat 1961
Garrett Hardin Quotes Garrett Hardin Environmentalist 2003
Bob Hayes Quotes Bob Hayes Athlete 2002
William Hazlitt Quotes William Hazlitt Critic 1830
Jimi Hendrix Quotes Jimi Hendrix Musician 1970
Frank Hornby Quotes Frank Hornby Inventor 1936
Kim Hunter Quotes Kim Hunter Actress 2002
Henry M. Jackson Politician 1983
James Jeans Quotes James Jeans Physicist 1946
Muhammad Ali Jinnah Quotes Muhammad Ali Jinnah Politician 1948
Gwen John Quotes Gwen John Artist 1939
Mordecai Wyatt Johnson Educator 1976
David Starr Jordan Quotes David Starr Jordan Writer 1931
Florence Griffith Joyner Quotes Florence Griffith Joyner Athlete 1998
Philip Kearny Quotes Philip Kearny Soldier 1862
Grace Kelly Quotes Grace Kelly Actress 1982
Corita Kent Quotes Corita Kent Artist 1986
Nikita Khrushchev Quotes Nikita Khrushchev Statesman 1971
Bill Klem Quotes Bill Klem Athlete 1951
Alfredo Kraus Musician 1999
Walter Savage Landor Quotes Walter Savage Landor Poet 1864
John Langdon Quotes John Langdon Politician 1819
Jacques-Henri Lartigue Photographer 1986
Robert N. Lee Writer 1964
Erich Leinsdorf Celebrity 1993
Saunders Lewis Quotes Saunders Lewis Poet 1985
Anna Lindh Quotes Anna Lindh Politician 2003
Seth Low Quotes Seth Low Educator 1916
David Low Cartoonist 1963
Robert Lowell Quotes Robert Lowell Poet 1977
Russell Lynes Critic 1991
George MacDonald Quotes George MacDonald Novelist 1905
Francois Mauriac Quotes Francois Mauriac Novelist 1970
John McCormack Musician 1945
Dorothy McGuire Quotes Dorothy McGuire Actress 2001
William McKinley Quotes William McKinley President 1901
Marvin Mitchelson Lawyer 2004
Kenji Miyazawa Quotes Kenji Miyazawa Poet 1933
Michel de Montaigne Quotes Michel de Montaigne Philosopher 1592
Eugenio Montale Quotes Eugenio Montale Poet 1981
Frank Morgan Quotes Frank Morgan Actor 1949
George Muller Clergyman 1898
Beverley Nichols Writer 1983
Sean O'Casey Playwright 1964
Barbara Olson Quotes Barbara Olson Journalist 2001
Charles H. Percy Quotes Charles H. Percy Politician 2011
Anthony Perkins Quotes Anthony Perkins Actor 1992
Jean Piaget Quotes Jean Piaget Psychologist 1980
Karl Popper Quotes Karl Popper Philosopher 1994
Katherine Anne Porter Quotes Katherine Anne Porter Journalist 1980
Matthew Prior Quotes Matthew Prior Poet 1721
Jean Philippe Rameau Quotes Jean Philippe Rameau Composer 1764
Johnny Ramone Quotes Johnny Ramone Musician 2004
David Ricardo Quotes David Ricardo Economist 1823
Charles Richards Politician 1956
Beah Richards Quotes Beah Richards Actress 2000
Ann Richards Quotes Ann Richards Politician 2006
John Ritter Quotes John Ritter Actor 2003
William Heath Robinson Quotes William Heath Robinson Cartoonist 1944
Ronald Ross Quotes Ronald Ross Scientist 1932
Josiah Royce Quotes Josiah Royce Philosopher 1916
Steve Sabol Quotes Steve Sabol Director 2012
Siegfried Sassoon Quotes Siegfried Sassoon Poet 1967
Virginia Satir Quotes Virginia Satir Psychologist 1988
Arthur Schopenhauer Quotes Arthur Schopenhauer Philosopher 1860
Walter Scott Quotes Walter Scott Novelist 1832
Robert W. Service Quotes Robert W. Service Poet 1958
Athene Seyler Actress 1990
Tupac Shakur Quotes Tupac Shakur Musician 1996
Red Skelton Quotes Red Skelton Comedian 1997
George A. Smith Clergyman 1875
Tobias Smollett Quotes Tobias Smollett Writer 1771
Brett Somers Quotes Brett Somers Actress 2007
Richard Steele Quotes Richard Steele Dramatist 1729
Jock Stein Quotes Jock Stein Celebrity 1985
J. Christopher Stevens Quotes J. Christopher Stevens Diplomat 2012
Mark Stevens Actor 1994
Leopold Stokowski Quotes Leopold Stokowski Musician 1977
Joseph Story Quotes Joseph Story Judge 1845
Jacqueline Susann Quotes Jacqueline Susann Author 1974
Italo Svevo Quotes Italo Svevo Businessman 1928
Patrick Swayze Quotes Patrick Swayze Actor 2009
Jessica Tandy Quotes Jessica Tandy Actress 1994
Peter Tosh Quotes Peter Tosh Musician 1987
Dalton Trumbo Quotes Dalton Trumbo Novelist 1976
Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Quotes Konstantin Tsiolkovsky Scientist 1935
Paul Twitchell Celebrity 1971
Johnny Unitas Quotes Johnny Unitas Athlete 2002
Alfred de Vigny Poet 1863
George C. Wallace Quotes George C. Wallace Politician 1998
Robert Penn Warren Quotes Robert Penn Warren Novelist 1989
Ethel Waters Quotes Ethel Waters Musician 1977
Arthur Wellesley Quotes Arthur Wellesley Soldier 1852
Edward Whymper Quotes Edward Whymper Explorer 1911
Robert Wise Quotes Robert Wise Producer 2005
Henry A. Wise Quotes Henry A. Wise Statesman 1876
James Wolfe Quotes James Wolfe Soldier 1759
Thomas Wolfe Quotes Thomas Wolfe Novelist 1938
Mary Wollstonecraft Quotes Mary Wollstonecraft Writer 1797
Chauncey Wright Quotes Chauncey Wright Philosopher 1875
Jane Wyman Quotes Jane Wyman Actress 2007
Louis XIV Quotes Louis XIV Royalty 1715
Louis XVIII Quotes Louis XVIII Royalty 1824
Paula Yates Quotes Paula Yates Entertainer 2000