Died on October, 8st

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October, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Abigail Adams Quotes Abigail Adams First Lady 1818
Vittorio Alfieri Dramatist 1803
Alphonse Allais Quotes Alphonse Allais Writer 1905
Margaret Anderson Editor 1973
Elizabeth Arden Quotes Elizabeth Arden Businesswoman 1966
Clement Atlee Quotes Clement Atlee Statesman 1967
Clement Attlee Quotes Clement Attlee Leader 1967
Red Auerbach Quotes Red Auerbach Coach 2006
Charles Babbage Quotes Charles Babbage Mathematician 1871
John Braine Novelist 1986
Willy Brandt Quotes Willy Brandt Politician 1992
Bernhard von Bulow Quotes Bernhard von Bulow Statesman 1929
Prescott Bush Quotes Prescott Bush Politician 1972
Georges Carpentier Quotes Georges Carpentier Athlete 1975
Alan Coren Writer 2007
Jacques Derrida Quotes Jacques Derrida Philosopher 2004
William A. Drake Writer 1965
Thomas A. Edison Quotes Thomas A. Edison Inventor 1931
Alexander John Ellis Quotes Alexander John Ellis Writer 1890
Henry Fielding Quotes Henry Fielding Novelist 1754
Roberto Goizueta Quotes Roberto Goizueta Businessman 1997
Charles Gounod Quotes Charles Gounod Composer 1893
John Hancock Quotes John Hancock Politician 1793
Oliver Wendell Holmes Writer 1894
William Morris Hughes Quotes William Morris Hughes Politician 1952
Billy Hughes Quotes Billy Hughes Politician 1952
Ted Hughes Quotes Ted Hughes Poet 1998
Walt Kelly Quotes Walt Kelly Cartoonist 1973
Fernando Lamas Quotes Fernando Lamas Actor 1982
John Locke Quotes John Locke Philosopher 1704
Julie London Quotes Julie London Musician 2000
Gabriel Marcel Quotes Gabriel Marcel Philosopher 1973
John Monash Quotes John Monash Soldier 1931
Max Muller Quotes Max Muller Educator 1900
Franklin Pierce Quotes Franklin Pierce President 1869
Munshi Premchand Quotes Munshi Premchand Writer 1936
Graham Roberts Quotes Graham Roberts Actor 2004
Charles M. Schwab Quotes Charles M. Schwab Businessman 1939
Charles Schwab Businessman 1939
Charlotte Smith Poet 1806
Lucy Stone Quotes Lucy Stone Activist 1893
Leo Strauss Quotes Leo Strauss Philosopher 1973
Henry John Temple Quotes Henry John Temple Statesman 1865
Bess Truman Quotes Bess Truman First Lady 1982
Remedios Varo Quotes Remedios Varo Artist 1963
Gwen Verdon Quotes Gwen Verdon Dancer 2000
Mary Webb Quotes Mary Webb Novelist 1927
Richard Whately Quotes Richard Whately Writer 1863
Crane Wilbur Quotes Crane Wilbur Writer 1973
Wendell L. Wilkie Quotes Wendell L. Wilkie Lawyer 1944
Wendell Willkie Quotes Wendell Willkie Lawyer 1944
Frank Woolley Quotes Frank Woolley Athlete 1978
Jose Ortega y Gasset Philosopher 1955