Died on October, 6st

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October, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Marie Antoinette Quotes Marie Antoinette Royalty 1793
Gaston Bachelard Philosopher 1962
Bernard Berenson Historian 1959
Barbara Billingsley Quotes Barbara Billingsley Actress 2010
Elizabeth Bishop Quotes Elizabeth Bishop Poet 1979
Art Blakey Quotes Art Blakey Musician 1990
Shirley Booth Quotes Shirley Booth Actress 1992
Jean de Brunhoff Writer 1937
John Bulwer Quotes John Bulwer Scientist 1656
William P. Bundy Historian 2000
Mel Carnahan Quotes Mel Carnahan Politician 2000
Leonard Chess Businessman 1969
J. Reuben Clark Quotes J. Reuben Clark Clergyman 1961
Carlo Collodi Quotes Carlo Collodi Writer 1890
Dan Dailey Quotes Dan Dailey Actor 1978
Bette Davis Quotes Bette Davis Actress 1989
Moshe Dayan Quotes Moshe Dayan Soldier 1981
Timothy Dexter Quotes Timothy Dexter Businessman 1806
Richard Farnsworth Quotes Richard Farnsworth Actor 2000
Garrett Fort Quotes Garrett Fort Writer 1945
Hans Frank Quotes Hans Frank Public Servant 1946
Wilhelm Frick Quotes Wilhelm Frick Celebrity 1946
Simon Greenleaf Judge 1853
Walter Hagen Quotes Walter Hagen Athlete 1969
Luther H. Hodges Quotes Luther H. Hodges Politician 1974
Samuel Hoffenstein Writer 1947
William Hogarth Quotes William Hogarth Artist 1764
Elizabeth Jennings Poet 2001
Alfred Jodl Quotes Alfred Jodl Soldier 1946
Ernst Kaltenbrunner Quotes Ernst Kaltenbrunner Soldier 1946
Nikos Kazantzakis Quotes Nikos Kazantzakis Writer 1957
Wilhelm Keitel Quotes Wilhelm Keitel Celebrity 1946
Deborah Kerr Quotes Deborah Kerr Actress 2007
Gene Krupa Quotes Gene Krupa Musician 1973
Robert Wilson Lynd Writer 1949
George C. Marshall Quotes George C. Marshall Soldier 1959
Henry Martyn Quotes Henry Martyn Clergyman 1812
Hattie McDaniel Quotes Hattie McDaniel Actress 1952
Charles E. Merrill Businessman 1956
James A. Michener Quotes James A. Michener Novelist 1997
William S. Paley Quotes William S. Paley Businessman 1990
Charles Stewart Parnell Quotes Charles Stewart Parnell Politician 1891
Abraham Polonsky Writer 1999
Jon Postel Quotes Jon Postel Scientist 1998
Alfred Rosenberg Quotes Alfred Rosenberg Soldier 1946
Gilbert Ryle Philosopher 1976
Anwar Sadat Quotes Anwar Sadat Statesman 1981
Pierre Salinger Public Servant 2004
Fritz Sauckel Quotes Fritz Sauckel Soldier 1946
Hans Selye Quotes Hans Selye Scientist 1982
Arthur Seyss-Inquart Quotes Arthur Seyss-Inquart Soldier 1946
Jean Shepherd Quotes Jean Shepherd Writer 1999
Igor Sikorsky Quotes Igor Sikorsky Aviator 1972
George Gaylord Simpson Quotes George Gaylord Simpson Scientist 1984
Elizabeth Cady Stanton Quotes Elizabeth Cady Stanton Activist 1902
Alfred Lord Tennyson Quotes Alfred Lord Tennyson Poet 1892
Dan Wheldon Quotes Dan Wheldon Celebrity 2011