Died on October, 4st

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October, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Cleveland Amory Historian 1998
Eleanor Robson Belmont Quotes Eleanor Robson Belmont Actress 1979
Leonard Bernstein Quotes Leonard Bernstein Composer 1990
Josh Billings Quotes Josh Billings Comedian 1885
Catherine Booth Quotes Catherine Booth Activist 1890
Tycho Brahe Quotes Tycho Brahe Scientist 1601
Richard Brautigan Quotes Richard Brautigan Writer 1984
George Cadbury Quotes George Cadbury Businessman 1922
Mary Calderone Quotes Mary Calderone Scientist 1998
John Chafee Quotes John Chafee Politician 1999
Graham Chapman Quotes Graham Chapman Comedian 1989
Gordon Cooper Quotes Gordon Cooper Astronaut 2004
Norman Cota Quotes Norman Cota Soldier 1971
John C. Crosby Politician 1943
Bing Crosby Quotes Bing Crosby Musician 1977
Paul Cullen Clergyman 1878
John Philpot Curran Public Servant 1817
Samuel Daniel Quotes Samuel Daniel Poet 1619
Christian Dior Quotes Christian Dior Designer 1957
Edith Evans Quotes Edith Evans Actress 1976
Errol Flynn Quotes Errol Flynn Actor 1959
John Marshall Harlan Quotes John Marshall Harlan Judge 1911
Harry Hay Quotes Harry Hay Celebrity 2002
Richard Heber Quotes Richard Heber Celebrity 1833
Richard Hofstadter Quotes Richard Hofstadter Historian 1970
William Hooper Quotes William Hooper Politician 1790
Samuel Horsley Quotes Samuel Horsley Clergyman 1806
Janis Joplin Quotes Janis Joplin Musician 1970
Franz Lehar Quotes Franz Lehar Composer 1948
Benoit Mandelbrot Quotes Benoit Mandelbrot Mathematician 2010
George Edward Moore Philosopher 1958
Adela Florence Nicolson Quotes Adela Florence Nicolson Poet 1904
Saint Teresa of Avila Quotes Saint Teresa of Avila Saint 1582
Rosa Parks Quotes Rosa Parks Activist 2005
Ellis Peters Quotes Ellis Peters Author 1995
Gifford Pinchot Quotes Gifford Pinchot Politician 1946
Max Planck Quotes Max Planck Scientist 1947
Harold Robbins Author 1997
Jackie Robinson Quotes Jackie Robinson Athlete 1972
Gene Roddenberry Quotes Gene Roddenberry Producer 1991
Erwin Rommel Quotes Erwin Rommel Soldier 1944
Charles Marion Russell Quotes Charles Marion Russell Artist 1926
Charles M. Russell Quotes Charles M. Russell Artist 1926
Martin Ryle Scientist 1984
Anne Sexton Quotes Anne Sexton Poet 1974
Al Smith Quotes Al Smith Politician 1944
Alfred E. Smith Quotes Alfred E. Smith Politician 1944
Alfred Emanuel Smith Quotes Alfred Emanuel Smith Politician 1944
Arlen Specter Quotes Arlen Specter Politician 2012
Saint Teresa Saint 1582
Daniel Webster Quotes Daniel Webster Statesman 1852
Otto Weininger Quotes Otto Weininger Philosopher 1903
Arthur Wimperis Artist 1953