Died on October, 3st

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October, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Steve Allen Quotes Steve Allen Entertainer 2000
Louis Althusser Quotes Louis Althusser Philosopher 1990
Stephen Ambrose Quotes Stephen Ambrose Historian 2002
John Albion Andrew Quotes John Albion Andrew Politician 1867
Jean Anouilh Quotes Jean Anouilh Playwright 1987
Erich Auerbach Quotes Erich Auerbach Writer 1957
Ronnie Barker Quotes Ronnie Barker Comedian 2005
Louis D. Brandeis Quotes Louis D. Brandeis Judge 1941
Justice Brandeis Quotes Justice Brandeis Lawyer 1941
Olympia Brown Quotes Olympia Brown Activist 1926
Joseph Campbell Quotes Joseph Campbell Author 1987
Henry Charles Carey Quotes Henry Charles Carey Economist 1879
Marcel Carne Quotes Marcel Carne Director 1996
Maybelle Carter Quotes Maybelle Carter Musician 1978
Lillian Gordy Carter Quotes Lillian Gordy Carter Celebrity 1983
Thomas Cochrane Politician 1860
Allan Cunningham Poet 1842
Federico Fellini Quotes Federico Fellini Director 1993
Samuel Fuller Quotes Samuel Fuller Director 1997
Indira Gandhi Quotes Indira Gandhi Statesman 1984
Sunil Gangopadhyay Quotes Sunil Gangopadhyay Poet 2012
Theophile Gautier Poet 1872
Clifford Geertz Quotes Clifford Geertz Scientist 2006
Robert Goulet Quotes Robert Goulet Musician 2007
Adolph Green Quotes Adolph Green Playwright 2002
Zane Grey Quotes Zane Grey Author 1939
Woody Guthrie Quotes Woody Guthrie Musician 1967
George Halas Quotes George Halas Coach 1983
Gus Hall Quotes Gus Hall Businessman 2000
Richard Helms Quotes Richard Helms Celebrity 2002
Richard M. Helms Quotes Richard M. Helms Celebrity 2002
Harry Houdini Quotes Harry Houdini Entertainer 1926
E. W. Howe Novelist 1937
Harold E. Hughes Quotes Harold E. Hughes Politician 1996
Henry Irving Quotes Henry Irving Actor 1905
Jam Master Jay Quotes Jam Master Jay Musician 2002
Joseph Lancaster Quotes Joseph Lancaster Educator 1838
Rose Wilder Lane Quotes Rose Wilder Lane Journalist 1968
Robert Lansing Quotes Robert Lansing Politician 1928
Janet Leigh Quotes Janet Leigh Actress 2004
Al Lopez Quotes Al Lopez Coach 2005
Rose Macaulay Quotes Rose Macaulay Novelist 1958
Nicolas Malebranche Quotes Nicolas Malebranche Philosopher 1715
Roddy McDowall Quotes Roddy McDowall Actor 1998
Robert Merrill Musician 2004
Greg Moore Celebrity 1999
Akio Morita Businessman 1999
William Morris Quotes William Morris Designer 1896
Benjamin Orr Quotes Benjamin Orr Musician 2000
Bruce Paltrow Producer 2002
River Phoenix Quotes River Phoenix Actor 1993
Orson Pratt Quotes Orson Pratt Theologian 1881
Otto Rank Quotes Otto Rank Psychologist 1939
Waverley Lewis Root Journalist 1982
Alfred Leslie Rowse Quotes Alfred Leslie Rowse Historian 1997
Charles Taze Russell Quotes Charles Taze Russell Clergyman 1916
Jessica Savitch Journalist 1983
Egon Schiele Quotes Egon Schiele Artist 1918
Arthur M. Schlesinger Quotes Arthur M. Schlesinger Historian 1965
Zachary Scott Quotes Zachary Scott Actor 1965
Ernest Thompson Seton Quotes Ernest Thompson Seton Leader 1946
William Steig Quotes William Steig Cartoonist 2003
Gustav Stresemann Quotes Gustav Stresemann Politician 1929
Ed Sullivan Quotes Ed Sullivan Entertainer 1974
Studs Terkel Quotes Studs Terkel Journalist 2008
Charles Tupper Quotes Charles Tupper Statesman 1915
Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud Quotes Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud Statesman 1793
Sidney Webb Quotes Sidney Webb Scientist 1947
Oskar Werner Quotes Oskar Werner Actor 1984
Paul Dudley White Scientist 1973
Ella Wheeler Wilcox Quotes Ella Wheeler Wilcox Writer 1919