Died on October, 1st

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October, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Dean Acheson Quotes Dean Acheson Statesman 1971
Walt Alston Quotes Walt Alston Athlete 1984
Stephen Ambrose Quotes Stephen Ambrose Historian 2002
Cleveland Amory Historian 1998
Margaret Anderson Editor 1973
Walter Annenberg Quotes Walter Annenberg Businessman 2002
Marie Antoinette Quotes Marie Antoinette Royalty 1793
Elizabeth Arden Quotes Elizabeth Arden Businesswoman 1966
Pietro Aretino Quotes Pietro Aretino Poet 1556
Raymond Aron Quotes Raymond Aron Philosopher 1983
Erich Auerbach Quotes Erich Auerbach Writer 1957
Richard Avedon Quotes Richard Avedon Photographer 2004
Charles Babbage Quotes Charles Babbage Mathematician 1871
Gaston Bachelard Philosopher 1962
John S. Bell Quotes John S. Bell Physicist 1990
Ludwig Bemelmans Author 1962
Isaac de Benserade Quotes Isaac de Benserade Poet 1691
Leonard Bernstein Quotes Leonard Bernstein Composer 1990
Josh Billings Quotes Josh Billings Comedian 1885
Barbara Billingsley Quotes Barbara Billingsley Actress 2010
Joey Bishop Quotes Joey Bishop Entertainer 2007
Art Blakey Quotes Art Blakey Musician 1990
Shirley Booth Quotes Shirley Booth Actress 1992
Antoine Bourdelle Sculptor 1929
Richard Brautigan Quotes Richard Brautigan Writer 1984
Thomas Browne Quotes Thomas Browne Scientist 1682
Anatole Broyard Quotes Anatole Broyard Critic 1990
Jean de Brunhoff Writer 1937
Yul Brynner Quotes Yul Brynner Actor 1985
John Bulwer Quotes John Bulwer Scientist 1656
Solomon Burke Quotes Solomon Burke Musician 2010
Richard Francis Burton Quotes Richard Francis Burton Explorer 1890
Ken Caminiti Quotes Ken Caminiti Athlete 2004
Joseph Campbell Quotes Joseph Campbell Author 1987
Vincent Canby Critic 2000
Eddie Cantor Quotes Eddie Cantor Comedian 1964
Henry Charles Carey Quotes Henry Charles Carey Economist 1879
Mel Carnahan Quotes Mel Carnahan Politician 2000
Marcel Carne Quotes Marcel Carne Director 1996
Edith Cavell Quotes Edith Cavell Public Servant 1915
Wilt Chamberlain Quotes Wilt Chamberlain Athlete 1999
Leonard Chess Businessman 1969
Frederic Chopin Quotes Frederic Chopin Composer 1849
Camille Claudel Quotes Camille Claudel Sculptor 1943
Clark M. Clifford Quotes Clark M. Clifford Public Servant 1998
Thomas Cochrane Politician 1860
Jean Cocteau Quotes Jean Cocteau Director 1963
Ray Conniff Quotes Ray Conniff Musician 2002
Alan Coren Writer 2007
Pierre Corneille Quotes Pierre Corneille Dramatist 1684
Bing Crosby Quotes Bing Crosby Musician 1977
John C. Crosby Politician 1943
John Philpot Curran Public Servant 1817
Dan Dailey Quotes Dan Dailey Actor 1978
Samuel Daniel Quotes Samuel Daniel Poet 1619
Moshe Dayan Quotes Moshe Dayan Soldier 1981
John Denver Quotes John Denver Musician 1997
Wilhelm Dilthey Quotes Wilhelm Dilthey Historian 1911
Isabelle Eberhardt Quotes Isabelle Eberhardt Explorer 1904
Thomas A. Edison Quotes Thomas A. Edison Inventor 1931
Edith Evans Quotes Edith Evans Actress 1976
Jean Henri Fabre Quotes Jean Henri Fabre Author 1915
Federico Fellini Quotes Federico Fellini Director 1993
Marsilio Ficino Quotes Marsilio Ficino Philosopher 1499
Errol Flynn Quotes Errol Flynn Actor 1959
Samuel Foote Quotes Samuel Foote Dramatist 1777
Tennessee Ernie Ford Quotes Tennessee Ernie Ford Musician 1991
Charles Fourier Quotes Charles Fourier Philosopher 1837
Redd Foxx Quotes Redd Foxx Actor 1991
Anatole France Quotes Anatole France Novelist 1924
Hans Frank Quotes Hans Frank Public Servant 1946
Oliver Franks Public Servant 1992
Wilhelm Frick Quotes Wilhelm Frick Celebrity 1946
Indira Gandhi Quotes Indira Gandhi Statesman 1984
Jim Garrison Quotes Jim Garrison Public Servant 1992
Roberto Goizueta Quotes Roberto Goizueta Businessman 1997
Charles Gounod Quotes Charles Gounod Composer 1893
Lord Hailsham Politician 2001
George Halas Quotes George Halas Coach 1983
Gus Hall Quotes Gus Hall Businessman 2000
Mata Hari Quotes Mata Hari Dancer 1917
John Marshall Harlan Quotes John Marshall Harlan Judge 1911
Brooks Hays Quotes Brooks Hays Politician 1981
Sonja Henie Quotes Sonja Henie Athlete 1969
Shannon Hoon Quotes Shannon Hoon Musician 1995
William Hooper Quotes William Hooper Politician 1790
Harry Houdini Quotes Harry Houdini Entertainer 1926
Julia Ward Howe Quotes Julia Ward Howe Activist 1910
Cal Hubbard Quotes Cal Hubbard Athlete 1977
Johann Nepomuk Hummel Quotes Johann Nepomuk Hummel Composer 1837
Alberta Hunter Quotes Alberta Hunter Musician 1984
Henry Irving Quotes Henry Irving Actor 1905
Alija Izetbegovic Quotes Alija Izetbegovic Activist 2003
Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Quotes Friedrich Ludwig Jahn Coach 1852
Randall Jarrell Quotes Randall Jarrell Poet 1965
Joyce Jillson Quotes Joyce Jillson Celebrity 2004
Alfred Jodl Quotes Alfred Jodl Soldier 1946
James Prescott Joule Quotes James Prescott Joule Physicist 1889
Benjamin Jowett Quotes Benjamin Jowett Theologian 1893
Ernst Kaltenbrunner Quotes Ernst Kaltenbrunner Soldier 1946
Wilhelm Keitel Quotes Wilhelm Keitel Celebrity 1946
Walt Kelly Quotes Walt Kelly Cartoonist 1973
Petra Kelly Quotes Petra Kelly Politician 1992
Jack Kerouac Quotes Jack Kerouac Novelist 1969
Deborah Kerr Quotes Deborah Kerr Actress 2007
Henry Knox Quotes Henry Knox Soldier 1806
Gene Krupa Quotes Gene Krupa Musician 1973
Alf Landon Quotes Alf Landon Politician 1987
Letitia Elizabeth Landon Quotes Letitia Elizabeth Landon Poet 1838
Edwin Henry Landseer Quotes Edwin Henry Landseer Artist 1873
Dorothea Lange Quotes Dorothea Lange Photographer 1965
Pierre Laval Quotes Pierre Laval Politician 1945
Charles Lawrence Politician 1760
Louis Leakey Quotes Louis Leakey Scientist 1972
Robert E. Lee Quotes Robert E. Lee Soldier 1870
Curtis LeMay Quotes Curtis LeMay Soldier 1990
Ninon de L'Enclos Author 1705
Meriwether Lewis Quotes Meriwether Lewis Explorer 1809
James Lick Quotes James Lick Celebrity 1876
Cory Lidle Quotes Cory Lidle Athlete 2006
Carl J. Lindner, Jr. Businessman 2011
Jay Livingston Composer 2001
Julie London Quotes Julie London Musician 2000
Huey Long Quotes Huey Long Politician 1935
Haniel Long Author 1956
Nicolas Malebranche Quotes Nicolas Malebranche Philosopher 1715
Benoit Mandelbrot Quotes Benoit Mandelbrot Mathematician 2010
George C. Marshall Quotes George C. Marshall Soldier 1959
Henry Martyn Quotes Henry Martyn Clergyman 1812
Chico Marx Quotes Chico Marx Actor 1961
James A. Michener Quotes James A. Michener Novelist 1997
Ludwig von Mises Quotes Ludwig von Mises Economist 1973
Greg Moore Celebrity 1999
Dinah Maria Mulock Quotes Dinah Maria Mulock Novelist 1887
Emily Murphy Quotes Emily Murphy Activist 1933
Lord Nelson Quotes Lord Nelson Soldier 1805
Horatio Nelson Quotes Horatio Nelson Soldier 1805
Paul Nitze Quotes Paul Nitze Writer 2004
Charles Eliot Norton Quotes Charles Eliot Norton Writer 1908
Al Oerter Athlete 2007
Johnny Olson Quotes Johnny Olson Entertainer 1985
Arthur Peacocke Theologian 2006
S. J. Perelman Writer 1979
Ellis Peters Quotes Ellis Peters Author 1995
River Phoenix Quotes River Phoenix Actor 1993
Edith Piaf Quotes Edith Piaf Musician 1963
Cole Porter Quotes Cole Porter Composer 1964
Jon Postel Quotes Jon Postel Scientist 1998
Jacqueline du Pre Quotes Jacqueline du Pre Musician 1987
Otto Rank Quotes Otto Rank Psychologist 1939
John Reed Journalist 1920
Christopher Reeve Quotes Christopher Reeve Actor 2004
Ernest Renan Quotes Ernest Renan Philosopher 1892
Ralph Richardson Quotes Ralph Richardson Actor 1983
Harold Robbins Author 1997
Erwin Rommel Quotes Erwin Rommel Soldier 1944
Waverley Lewis Root Journalist 1982
Alfred Rosenberg Quotes Alfred Rosenberg Soldier 1946
Charles Taze Russell Quotes Charles Taze Russell Clergyman 1916
Ernest Rutherford Quotes Ernest Rutherford Scientist 1937
Martin Ryle Scientist 1984
Pierre Salinger Public Servant 2004
Nathalie Sarraute Quotes Nathalie Sarraute Lawyer 1999
Fritz Sauckel Quotes Fritz Sauckel Soldier 1946
Egon Schiele Quotes Egon Schiele Artist 1918
Charles Schwab Businessman 1939
Charles M. Schwab Quotes Charles M. Schwab Businessman 1939
Hans Selye Quotes Hans Selye Scientist 1982
Irene Mayer Selznick Producer 1990
William H. Seward Quotes William H. Seward Statesman 1872
Arthur Seyss-Inquart Quotes Arthur Seyss-Inquart Soldier 1946
Jean Shepherd Quotes Jean Shepherd Writer 1999
Florence Scovel Shinn Quotes Florence Scovel Shinn Artist 1940
Bill Shoemaker Quotes Bill Shoemaker Athlete 2003
Philip Sidney Quotes Philip Sidney Soldier 1586
Elliott Smith Quotes Elliott Smith Musician 2003
Lorenzo Snow Quotes Lorenzo Snow Clergyman 1901
Arlen Specter Quotes Arlen Specter Politician 2012
Tom Stewart Politician 1972
Lucy Stone Quotes Lucy Stone Activist 1893
Leo Strauss Quotes Leo Strauss Philosopher 1973
Hudson Stuck Quotes Hudson Stuck Explorer 1920
Ed Sullivan Quotes Ed Sullivan Entertainer 1974
Jonathan Swift Quotes Jonathan Swift Writer 1745
Henry John Temple Quotes Henry John Temple Statesman 1865
Studs Terkel Quotes Studs Terkel Journalist 2008
William Hepworth Thompson Quotes William Hepworth Thompson Educator 1886
Thomas Traherne Quotes Thomas Traherne Clergyman 1674
Francois Truffaut Quotes Francois Truffaut Director 1984
Bess Truman Quotes Bess Truman First Lady 1982
Bruce Vento Politician 2000
Gwen Verdon Quotes Gwen Verdon Dancer 2000
Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud Quotes Pierre Victurnien Vergniaud Statesman 1793
William Vickrey Quotes William Vickrey Educator 1996
Gene Vincent Quotes Gene Vincent Musician 1971
Edna St. Vincent Millay Quotes Edna St. Vincent Millay Author 1950
David Viscott Quotes David Viscott Psychologist 1996
Maurice de Vlaminck Quotes Maurice de Vlaminck Artist 1958
Edmund Waller Quotes Edmund Waller Poet 1687
Mercy Otis Warren Quotes Mercy Otis Warren Playwright 1814
Sidney Webb Quotes Sidney Webb Scientist 1947
Orson Welles Quotes Orson Welles Actor 1985
Dan Wheldon Quotes Dan Wheldon Celebrity 2011
E. B. White Quotes E. B. White Writer 1985
Paul Dudley White Scientist 1973
Crane Wilbur Quotes Crane Wilbur Writer 1973
Arthur Wimperis Artist 1953
Frank Woolley Quotes Frank Woolley Athlete 1978
Lu Xun Quotes Lu Xun Author 1936
Jose Ortega y Gasset Philosopher 1955
Gig Young Quotes Gig Young Actor 1978