Died on November, 5st

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November, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Samuel Hopkins Adams Writer 1958
Lionel Barrymore Quotes Lionel Barrymore Actor 1954
Isaiah Berlin Quotes Isaiah Berlin Philosopher 1997
George Best Quotes George Best Athlete 2005
Vinoba Bhave Quotes Vinoba Bhave Educator 1982
Antoinette Brown Blackwell Quotes Antoinette Brown Blackwell Clergyman 1921
David R. Brower Quotes David R. Brower Environmentalist 2000
Anthony Burgess Quotes Anthony Burgess Novelist 1993
Al Capp Quotes Al Capp Cartoonist 1979
Stokely Carmichael Quotes Stokely Carmichael Activist 1998
Alexis Carrel Quotes Alexis Carrel Scientist 1944
Oswald Chambers Quotes Oswald Chambers Theologian 1917
Charles W. Chesnutt Novelist 1932
Henri Coanda Quotes Henri Coanda Inventor 1972
George M. Cohan Quotes George M. Cohan Actor 1942
John Comenius Quotes John Comenius Educator 1670
Roald Dahl Quotes Roald Dahl Novelist 1990
Jimmie Davis Quotes Jimmie Davis Politician 2000
John W. Foster Quotes John W. Foster Soldier 1917
John Fowles Quotes John Fowles Novelist 2005
Jean Gabin Quotes Jean Gabin Actor 1976
Ernest Gellner Philosopher 1995
Nelson Goodman Philosopher 1998
Texas Guinan Businesswoman 1933
Laurence Harvey Quotes Laurence Harvey Actor 1973
Bobby Hatfield Musician 2003
Auberon Herbert Quotes Auberon Herbert Writer 1906
Alger Hiss Quotes Alger Hiss Public Servant 1996
Vladimir Horowitz Quotes Vladimir Horowitz Musician 1989
Johannes Vilhelm Jensen Quotes Johannes Vilhelm Jensen Author 1950
Meir Kahane Quotes Meir Kahane Clergyman 1990
Johannes Kepler Quotes Johannes Kepler Scientist 1630
Charles Kettering Quotes Charles Kettering Inventor 1958
Robert Maxwell Quotes Robert Maxwell Soldier 1991
James C. Maxwell Quotes James C. Maxwell Mathematician 1879
Margaret Mead Quotes Margaret Mead Scientist 1978
Yukio Mishima Quotes Yukio Mishima Author 1970
Roger Peyrefitte Diplomat 2000
Tyrone Power Quotes Tyrone Power Actor 1958
Hugh Prather Writer 2010
Karel Reisz Director 2002
Agnes Repplier Quotes Agnes Repplier Writer 1950
Harry Segall Playwright 1975
Henryk Sienkiewicz Quotes Henryk Sienkiewicz Novelist 1916
Upton Sinclair Quotes Upton Sinclair Author 1968
Art Tatum Quotes Art Tatum Musician 1956
Edward Lawrie Tatum Quotes Edward Lawrie Tatum Scientist 1975
Lionel Trilling Quotes Lionel Trilling Critic 1975
Booker T. Washington Quotes Booker T. Washington Educator 1915
Harold Washington Quotes Harold Washington Politician 1987
Isaac Watts Quotes Isaac Watts Politician 1748
Flip Wilson Quotes Flip Wilson Comedian 1998
John Witherspoon Quotes John Witherspoon Politician 1794
Link Wray Quotes Link Wray Musician 2005