Died on November, 4st

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November, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
William Ames Philosopher 1633
Sparky Anderson Quotes Sparky Anderson Coach 2010
Eddie Arcaro Quotes Eddie Arcaro Athlete 1997
Daisy Bates Activist 1999
Francis Biddle Quotes Francis Biddle Lawyer 1968
Eddie Bracken Quotes Eddie Bracken Actor 2002
Humphrey Carpenter Author 2005
Georges Clemenceau Quotes Georges Clemenceau Leader 1929
Gilles Deleuze Quotes Gilles Deleuze Philosopher 1995
Eugene Field Quotes Eugene Field Poet 1895
Sam Francis Quotes Sam Francis Artist 1994
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Quotes Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Philosopher 1831
Arthur Hailey Quotes Arthur Hailey Novelist 2004
Philip Gilbert Hamerton Artist 1894
William Samuel Johnson Quotes William Samuel Johnson Politician 1819
John LaFarge Quotes John LaFarge Artist 1910
Comte de Lautreamont Quotes Comte de Lautreamont Poet 1870
Isidore Ducasse Lautreamont Quotes Isidore Ducasse Lautreamont Author 1870
Gottfried Leibniz Quotes Gottfried Leibniz Philosopher 1716
William Lamb Melbourne Quotes William Lamb Melbourne Politician 1848
Felix Mendelssohn Quotes Felix Mendelssohn Composer 1847
Freddie Mercury Quotes Freddie Mercury Musician 1991
Dorie Miller Quotes Dorie Miller Celebrity 1943
Pat Morita Quotes Pat Morita Actor 2005
Malcolm Muggeridge Quotes Malcolm Muggeridge Journalist 1990
Hector Hugh Munro Quotes Hector Hugh Munro Novelist 1916
Marina Oswald Celebrity 1963
Wilfred Owen Quotes Wilfred Owen Soldier 1918
Jean Paul Quotes Jean Paul Author 1825
George Peabody Quotes George Peabody Businessman 1869
Dawn Powell Quotes Dawn Powell Writer 1965
Yitzhak Rabin Statesman 1995
George Raft Quotes George Raft Actor 1980
John Rawls Quotes John Rawls Educator 2002
Tony Richardson Director 1991
Diego Rivera Quotes Diego Rivera Artist 1957
Andy Rooney Quotes Andy Rooney Journalist 2011
Percy Ross Businessman 2001
Arnold Rothstein Businessman 1928
Morrie Schwartz Educator 1995
Fred Shero Quotes Fred Shero Athlete 1990
Robert E. Sherwood Quotes Robert E. Sherwood Playwright 1955
Benjamin Silliman Quotes Benjamin Silliman Educator 1864
Joshua Slocum Quotes Joshua Slocum Explorer 1909
Dodie Smith Quotes Dodie Smith Dramatist 1990
Warren Spahn Quotes Warren Spahn Athlete 2003
Flora Tristan Activist 1844
Robert Trout Journalist 2000
Warren Weaver Scientist 1978
Cy Young Quotes Cy Young Athlete 1955