Died on November, 3st

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November, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Kathy Acker Quotes Kathy Acker Activist 1997
Roy Acuff Quotes Roy Acuff Musician 1992
Charles Adams Activist 1800
Pierre Berton Quotes Pierre Berton Author 2004
Andre Boucourechliev Composer 1997
Joseph E. Brown Quotes Joseph E. Brown Politician 1894
Charlie Byrd Quotes Charlie Byrd Musician 1999
Arthur Hugh Clough Quotes Arthur Hugh Clough Poet 1861
Barber Conable Politician 2003
Guy Debord Quotes Guy Debord Writer 1994
Lonnie Donegan Quotes Lonnie Donegan Musician 2002
Antal Dorati Composer 1988
Elbridge Gerry Quotes Elbridge Gerry Politician 1814
Joyce Grenfell Quotes Joyce Grenfell Actress 1979
George Grenville Quotes George Grenville Statesman 1770
Eddie Guerrero Quotes Eddie Guerrero Entertainer 2005
Jonathan Harris Quotes Jonathan Harris Actor 2002
Sessue Hayakawa Quotes Sessue Hayakawa Actor 1973
Etty Hillesum Lawyer 1943
Lewis Hine Quotes Lewis Hine Photographer 1940
Ralph Hodgson Poet 1962
Hanns Johst Quotes Hanns Johst Playwright 1978
Mary Harris Jones Quotes Mary Harris Jones Activist 1930
Mother Jones Activist 1930
Vine Deloria, Jr. Author 2005
Bob Kane Quotes Bob Kane Artist 1998
Patrick Kavanagh Quotes Patrick Kavanagh Poet 1967
Elizabeth Kenny Quotes Elizabeth Kenny Celebrity 1952
Klaus Kinski Quotes Klaus Kinski Actor 1991
Friedrich List Quotes Friedrich List Economist 1846
Robert Lowth Quotes Robert Lowth Author 1787
Ernst Lubitsch Quotes Ernst Lubitsch Director 1947
Louis Malle Quotes Louis Malle Director 1995
Andre Malraux Quotes Andre Malraux Author 1976
Mary Martin Quotes Mary Martin Actress 1990
Henri Matisse Quotes Henri Matisse Artist 1954
Iskander Mirza Quotes Iskander Mirza Statesman 1969
Margaret Murray Quotes Margaret Murray Scientist 1963
Merle Oberon Quotes Merle Oberon Actress 1979
Clementine Paddleford Journalist 1967
Fernando Pessoa Quotes Fernando Pessoa Author 1935
Francis Picabia Quotes Francis Picabia Artist 1953
Arthur Wing Pinero Quotes Arthur Wing Pinero Actor 1934
Camille Pissarro Quotes Camille Pissarro Artist 1903
Terence Rattigan Quotes Terence Rattigan Dramatist 1977
Walter Reed Quotes Walter Reed Soldier 1902
Wilhelm Reich Quotes Wilhelm Reich Psychologist 1957
Alice S. Rossi Quotes Alice S. Rossi Activist 2011
Gioachino Rossini Quotes Gioachino Rossini Composer 1868
Elsa Schiaparelli Quotes Elsa Schiaparelli Designer 1973
John Selden Statesman 1654
Idries Shah Quotes Idries Shah Author 1996
R. C. Sherriff Quotes R. C. Sherriff Writer 1975
Vittorio De Sica Quotes Vittorio De Sica Director 1974
Lionel Stander Quotes Lionel Stander Actor 1994
Leon Theremin Quotes Leon Theremin Inventor 1993
Francis Thompson Quotes Francis Thompson Poet 1907
Georg Trakl Quotes Georg Trakl Poet 1914
Bernard De Voto Quotes Bernard De Voto Writer 1955
Margaret Walker Quotes Margaret Walker Poet 1998
Mary Whitehouse Quotes Mary Whitehouse Activist 2001
Oscar Wilde Quotes Oscar Wilde Dramatist 1900