Died on November, 2st

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November, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Roy Acuff Quotes Roy Acuff Musician 1992
Robert Altman Quotes Robert Altman Director 2006
Yuri Andropov Quotes Yuri Andropov Statesman 1982
Katharine Anthony Quotes Katharine Anthony Writer 1965
Eberhard Arnold Theologian 1935
Mary Kay Ash Quotes Mary Kay Ash Businesswoman 2001
Francis William Aston Quotes Francis William Aston Scientist 1945
Edward Bach Scientist 1936
Max Baer Quotes Max Baer Athlete 1959
Luis Barragan Quotes Luis Barragan Architect 1988
Matsuo Basho Quotes Matsuo Basho Poet 1694
John Bauer Artist 1918
Cesare Beccaria Quotes Cesare Beccaria Judge 1794
George Best Quotes George Best Athlete 2005
Augustine Birrell Quotes Augustine Birrell Author 1933
Bill Bixby Quotes Bill Bixby Actor 1993
Ray Blanton Quotes Ray Blanton Politician 1996
Malcolm Bradbury Quotes Malcolm Bradbury Novelist 2000
Jonathan Brandis Quotes Jonathan Brandis Actor 2003
Fernand Braudel Historian 1985
Anthony Burgess Quotes Anthony Burgess Novelist 1993
Joseph Cannon Politician 1926
Richard Carlson Quotes Richard Carlson Author 1977
William Cartwright Dramatist 1643
Jerome Cavanagh Quotes Jerome Cavanagh Politician 1979
Mary Boykin Chesnut Quotes Mary Boykin Chesnut Author 1886
Giorgio de Chirico Quotes Giorgio de Chirico Artist 1978
Cyril Clarke Quotes Cyril Clarke Scientist 2000
Georges Clemenceau Quotes Georges Clemenceau Leader 1929
Robert Clive Musician 1774
Henri Coanda Quotes Henri Coanda Inventor 1972
Cyril Connolly Journalist 1974
Robert Cormier Quotes Robert Cormier Author 2000
Rene Coty Quotes Rene Coty Statesman 1962
Quentin Crisp Quotes Quentin Crisp Writer 1999
Richard Cardinal Cushing Quotes Richard Cardinal Cushing Clergyman 1970
Roald Dahl Quotes Roald Dahl Novelist 1990
Dorothy Day Quotes Dorothy Day Activist 1980
Ngo Dinh Diem Quotes Ngo Dinh Diem Statesman 1963
Carrie Donovan Editor 2001
Buenaventura Durruti Quotes Buenaventura Durruti Revolutionary 1936
Arthur Eddington Quotes Arthur Eddington Scientist 1944
Max Euwe Quotes Max Euwe Celebrity 1981
Enrico Fermi Quotes Enrico Fermi Physicist 1954
Louis Finkelstein Clergyman 1991
Dan Flavin Quotes Dan Flavin Sculptor 1996
Francisco Franco Quotes Francisco Franco Leader 1975
Elizabeth Gaskell Quotes Elizabeth Gaskell Novelist 1865
Elbridge Gerry Quotes Elbridge Gerry Politician 1814
John Gilling Director 1984
Umberto Giordano Quotes Umberto Giordano Composer 1948
Ellen Glasgow Quotes Ellen Glasgow Novelist 1945
Theo Van Gogh Director 2004
Nelson Goodman Philosopher 1998
Lord George Gordon Politician 1793
Cary Grant Quotes Cary Grant Actor 1986
Norman Granz Quotes Norman Granz Musician 2001
Horace Greeley Quotes Horace Greeley Editor 1872
Arthur Hailey Quotes Arthur Hailey Novelist 2004
Henry Hampton Activist 1998
Florence Harding Quotes Florence Harding First Lady 1924
John Harrington Writer 1612
George Harrison Quotes George Harrison Musician 2001
Laurence Harvey Quotes Laurence Harvey Actor 1973
Sessue Hayakawa Quotes Sessue Hayakawa Actor 1973
Graham Hill Quotes Graham Hill Athlete 1975
William Holden Quotes William Holden Actor 1981
Sterling Holloway Quotes Sterling Holloway Actor 1992
Arthur Honegger Composer 1955
Carl Hubbell Quotes Carl Hubbell Athlete 1988
William Hull Quotes William Hull Soldier 1825
H. L. Hunt Quotes H. L. Hunt Businessman 1974
Michael Hutchence Quotes Michael Hutchence Musician 1997
Aldous Huxley Quotes Aldous Huxley Novelist 1963
Isabella I Quotes Isabella I Royalty 1504
Washington Irving Quotes Washington Irving Writer 1859
Johannes Vilhelm Jensen Quotes Johannes Vilhelm Jensen Author 1950
Hanns Johst Quotes Hanns Johst Playwright 1978
John F. Kennedy Quotes John F. Kennedy President 1963
Charles Kettering Quotes Charles Kettering Inventor 1958
Thomas Hewitt Key Writer 1875
Klaus Kinski Quotes Klaus Kinski Actor 1991
John Knowles Novelist 2001
Erich Wolfgang Korngold Quotes Erich Wolfgang Korngold Composer 1957
James Laughlin Quotes James Laughlin Poet 1997
Isidore Ducasse Lautreamont Quotes Isidore Ducasse Lautreamont Author 1870
Comte de Lautreamont Quotes Comte de Lautreamont Poet 1870
George Henry Lewes Quotes George Henry Lewes Philosopher 1878
C. S. Lewis Quotes C. S. Lewis Author 1963
Norman Lindsay Quotes Norman Lindsay Artist 1969
Jesse Livermore Quotes Jesse Livermore Businessman 1940
Jack London Quotes Jack London Novelist 1916
Percival Lowell Quotes Percival Lowell Scientist 1916
Trofim Lysenko Quotes Trofim Lysenko Celebrity 1976
Ricardo Flores Magon Quotes Ricardo Flores Magon Journalist 1922
Louis Malle Quotes Louis Malle Director 1995
Andre Malraux Quotes Andre Malraux Author 1976
Julia Marlowe Quotes Julia Marlowe Actress 1950
Konosuke Matsushita Businessman 1989
John William McCormack Quotes John William McCormack Politician 1980
Joseph McKenna Quotes Joseph McKenna Politician 1926
William Lamb Melbourne Quotes William Lamb Melbourne Politician 1848
Freddie Mercury Quotes Freddie Mercury Musician 1991
Alice Meynell Quotes Alice Meynell Poet 1922
Harvey Milk Quotes Harvey Milk Politician 1978
Dorie Miller Quotes Dorie Miller Celebrity 1943
Yukio Mishima Quotes Yukio Mishima Author 1970
Dimitri Mitropoulos Quotes Dimitri Mitropoulos Composer 1960
Ashley Montagu Quotes Ashley Montagu Scientist 1999
Claudio Monteverdi Quotes Claudio Monteverdi Composer 1643
Garry Moore Quotes Garry Moore Celebrity 1993
Pat Morita Quotes Pat Morita Actor 2005
George Moscone Quotes George Moscone Politician 1978
Joseph Murray Scientist 2012
James Naismith Quotes James Naismith Inventor 1939
Leslie Nielsen Quotes Leslie Nielsen Actor 2010
Merle Oberon Quotes Merle Oberon Actress 1979
Eugene O'Neill Dramatist 1953
Baroness Orczy Quotes Baroness Orczy Novelist 1947
Marina Oswald Celebrity 1963
Mel Ott Quotes Mel Ott Athlete 1958
Pier Paolo Pasolini Quotes Pier Paolo Pasolini Director 1975
Coventry Patmore Quotes Coventry Patmore Poet 1896
Arthur Wing Pinero Quotes Arthur Wing Pinero Actor 1934
Walter Piston Quotes Walter Piston Composer 1976
Giacomo Puccini Quotes Giacomo Puccini Composer 1924
Philippe Quinault Dramatist 1688
George Raft Quotes George Raft Actor 1980
Paul Rand Quotes Paul Rand Designer 1996
John Rawls Quotes John Rawls Educator 2002
Gene Rayburn Quotes Gene Rayburn Entertainer 1999
Walter Reed Quotes Walter Reed Soldier 1902
Karel Reisz Director 2002
Diego Rivera Quotes Diego Rivera Artist 1957
Artur Rodzinski Quotes Artur Rodzinski Musician 1958
Bruno Rossi Quotes Bruno Rossi Scientist 1993
Jerry Rubin Quotes Jerry Rubin Activist 1994
Anton Rubinstein Musician 1894
Wilma Rudolph Quotes Wilma Rudolph Athlete 1994
Rosalind Russell Quotes Rosalind Russell Actress 1976
Abdus Salam Quotes Abdus Salam Scientist 1996
Leonardo Sciascia Quotes Leonardo Sciascia Writer 1989
Bill Scott Actor 1985
Harry Segall Playwright 1975
Idries Shah Quotes Idries Shah Author 1996
George Bernard Shaw Quotes George Bernard Shaw Dramatist 1950
Allan Sherman Quotes Allan Sherman Musician 1973
Fred Shero Quotes Fred Shero Athlete 1990
Hugh Sidey Journalist 2005
Benjamin Silliman Quotes Benjamin Silliman Educator 1864
Upton Sinclair Quotes Upton Sinclair Author 1968
Ian Smith Quotes Ian Smith Politician 2007
Dodie Smith Quotes Dodie Smith Dramatist 1990
Warren Spahn Quotes Warren Spahn Athlete 2003
George Stephen Quotes George Stephen Businessman 1921
Arthur Sullivan Quotes Arthur Sullivan Composer 1900
Carmen Sylva Quotes Carmen Sylva Royalty 1916
Sean Taylor Quotes Sean Taylor Athlete 2007
Edward Teach Quotes Edward Teach Celebrity 1718
Kerry Thornley Quotes Kerry Thornley Philosopher 1998
James Thurber Quotes James Thurber Comedian 1961
John Tillotson Quotes John Tillotson Theologian 1694
Leo Tolstoy Quotes Leo Tolstoy Novelist 1910
Sojourner Truth Quotes Sojourner Truth Activist 1883
Abraham Tucker Quotes Abraham Tucker Philosopher 1774
Henry Villard Quotes Henry Villard Journalist 1900
Harold Washington Quotes Harold Washington Politician 1987
Isaac Watts Quotes Isaac Watts Politician 1748
Warren Weaver Scientist 1978
Mae West Quotes Mae West Actress 1980
William Whipple Quotes William Whipple Politician 1785
Mary Whitehouse Quotes Mary Whitehouse Activist 2001
Henry Wilson Quotes Henry Wilson Politician 1875
Flip Wilson Quotes Flip Wilson Comedian 1998
Natalie Wood Quotes Natalie Wood Actress 1981
Richard Wright Quotes Richard Wright Novelist 1960
Frank Yerby Quotes Frank Yerby Author 1991
Coleman Young Quotes Coleman Young Politician 1997
Harry von Zell Quotes Harry von Zell Actor 1981