Died on November, 1st

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November, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Samuel Hopkins Adams Writer 1958
George Aiken Quotes George Aiken Politician 1984
George D. Aiken Quotes George D. Aiken Politician 1984
Moustapha Akkad Quotes Moustapha Akkad Director 2005
William Allingham Quotes William Allingham Poet 1889
William Ames Philosopher 1633
Chester A. Arthur Quotes Chester A. Arthur President 1886
Kemal Ataturk Quotes Kemal Ataturk Soldier 1938
Max Baer Quotes Max Baer Athlete 1959
Lionel Barrymore Quotes Lionel Barrymore Actor 1954
Andre Bazin Critic 1958
Paul Bert Quotes Paul Bert Scientist 1886
Vinoba Bhave Quotes Vinoba Bhave Educator 1982
Bill Bixby Quotes Bill Bixby Actor 1993
Brand Blanshard Quotes Brand Blanshard Philosopher 1987
Niels Bohr Quotes Niels Bohr Physicist 1962
Juan Bosch Statesman 2001
Andre Boucourechliev Composer 1997
Catherine Drinker Bowen Quotes Catherine Drinker Bowen Writer 1973
Paul Bowles Quotes Paul Bowles Composer 1999
Eddie Bracken Quotes Eddie Bracken Actor 2002
Jonathan Brandis Quotes Jonathan Brandis Actor 2003
Leonid I. Brezhnev Quotes Leonid I. Brezhnev Statesman 1982
Wynn Bullock Photographer 1975
Kenneth Burke Quotes Kenneth Burke Philosopher 1993
Alexander Calder Quotes Alexander Calder Sculptor 1976
Cab Calloway Quotes Cab Calloway Musician 1994
Joseph Cannon Politician 1926
Richard Carlson Quotes Richard Carlson Author 1977
Stokely Carmichael Quotes Stokely Carmichael Activist 1998
Dale Carnegie Quotes Dale Carnegie Writer 1955
Oswald Chambers Quotes Oswald Chambers Theologian 1917
Dennis Chavez Quotes Dennis Chavez Politician 1962
Charles W. Chesnutt Novelist 1932
Arthur Hugh Clough Quotes Arthur Hugh Clough Poet 1861
James Coburn Quotes James Coburn Actor 2002
Cy Coleman Quotes Cy Coleman Composer 2004
John Comenius Quotes John Comenius Educator 1670
Quentin Crisp Quotes Quentin Crisp Writer 1999
Samuel McChord Crothers Writer 1927
Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Quotes Giovanni Pico della Mirandola Writer 1494
Carrie Donovan Editor 2001
Antal Dorati Composer 1988
Peter Drucker Quotes Peter Drucker Businessman 2005
John Eaton Politician 1856
Abba Eban Quotes Abba Eban Diplomat 2002
Paul Eluard Quotes Paul Eluard Poet 1952
Richard L. Evans Clergyman 1971
Jack Finney Author 1995
Tommy Flanagan Quotes Tommy Flanagan Musician 2001
Edward Forbes Quotes Edward Forbes Scientist 1854
John W. Foster Quotes John W. Foster Soldier 1917
Milton Friedman Quotes Milton Friedman Economist 2006
Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Quotes Georg Wilhelm Friedrich Hegel Philosopher 1831
Jean Gabin Quotes Jean Gabin Actor 1976
Clark Gable Quotes Clark Gable Actor 1960
Elizabeth Gaskell Quotes Elizabeth Gaskell Novelist 1865
Don Gibson Musician 2003
Eric Gill Quotes Eric Gill Sculptor 1940
Umberto Giordano Quotes Umberto Giordano Composer 1948
Ellen Glasgow Quotes Ellen Glasgow Novelist 1945
Lord George Gordon Politician 1793
George Grenville Quotes George Grenville Statesman 1770
Erwin Griswold Quotes Erwin Griswold Lawyer 1994
Eddie Guerrero Quotes Eddie Guerrero Entertainer 2005
Florence Harding Quotes Florence Harding First Lady 1924
John Michael Hayes Writer 2008
Skitch Henderson Musician 2005
Alan Patrick Herbert Quotes Alan Patrick Herbert Novelist 1971
A. P. Herbert Quotes A. P. Herbert Statesman 1971
Alger Hiss Quotes Alger Hiss Public Servant 1996
Robert Hofstadter Quotes Robert Hofstadter Economist 1990
William Holden Quotes William Holden Actor 1981
Carl Hubbell Quotes Carl Hubbell Athlete 1988
Pope Paul III Quotes Pope Paul III Clergyman 1549
Alfred Jarry Quotes Alfred Jarry Writer 1907
William Samuel Johnson Quotes William Samuel Johnson Politician 1819
Richard Mentor Johnson Quotes Richard Mentor Johnson Politician 1850
Vine Deloria, Jr. Author 2005
Joseph P. Kennedy Quotes Joseph P. Kennedy Diplomat 1969
Johannes Kepler Quotes Johannes Kepler Scientist 1630
Ken Kesey Quotes Ken Kesey Author 2001
Soren Kierkegaard Quotes Soren Kierkegaard Philosopher 1855
Irv Kupcinet Quotes Irv Kupcinet Journalist 2003
John LaFarge Quotes John LaFarge Artist 1910
James Laughlin Quotes James Laughlin Poet 1997
Emma Lazarus Quotes Emma Lazarus Poet 1887
Gottfried Leibniz Quotes Gottfried Leibniz Philosopher 1716
Norman Lindsay Quotes Norman Lindsay Artist 1969
Percival Lowell Quotes Percival Lowell Scientist 1916
Robert Staughton Lynd Sociologist 1970
Ricardo Flores Magon Quotes Ricardo Flores Magon Journalist 1922
Norman Mailer Quotes Norman Mailer Novelist 2007
Julia Marlowe Quotes Julia Marlowe Actress 1950
Elsa Maxwell Quotes Elsa Maxwell Writer 1963
Frank McGuire Quotes Frank McGuire Coach 1994
Joseph McKenna Quotes Joseph McKenna Politician 1926
Margaret Mead Quotes Margaret Mead Scientist 1978
Terry Melcher Quotes Terry Melcher Musician 2004
James Pinckney Miller Playwright 2001
Iskander Mirza Quotes Iskander Mirza Statesman 1969
Lucretia Mott Quotes Lucretia Mott Activist 1880
Malcolm Muggeridge Quotes Malcolm Muggeridge Journalist 1990
Hector Hugh Munro Quotes Hector Hugh Munro Novelist 1916
Margaret Murray Quotes Margaret Murray Scientist 1963
Daniel Nathans Scientist 1999
Baroness Orczy Quotes Baroness Orczy Novelist 1947
Mel Ott Quotes Mel Ott Athlete 1958
Robert Owen Quotes Robert Owen Writer 1858
Clementine Paddleford Journalist 1967
Thomas Nelson Page Quotes Thomas Nelson Page Writer 1922
Jean Paul Quotes Jean Paul Author 1825
Walter Payton Quotes Walter Payton Athlete 1999
Mervyn Peake Quotes Mervyn Peake Writer 1968
Camille Pissarro Quotes Camille Pissarro Artist 1903
Walter Piston Quotes Walter Piston Composer 1976
Ezra Pound Quotes Ezra Pound Poet 1972
Dawn Powell Quotes Dawn Powell Writer 1965
Tyrone Power Quotes Tyrone Power Actor 1958
Hugh Prather Writer 2010
Marcel Proust Quotes Marcel Proust Author 1922
Man Ray Quotes Man Ray Photographer 1976
Sam Rayburn Quotes Sam Rayburn Politician 1961
Agnes Repplier Quotes Agnes Repplier Writer 1950
Gordon Richards Celebrity 1988
Tony Richardson Director 1991
Arthur Rimbaud Quotes Arthur Rimbaud Poet 1891
Auguste Rodin Quotes Auguste Rodin Sculptor 1917
Leonard Rose Quotes Leonard Rose Musician 1984
Percy Ross Businessman 2001
Bruno Rossi Quotes Bruno Rossi Scientist 1993
Gioachino Rossini Quotes Gioachino Rossini Composer 1868
Wilma Rudolph Quotes Wilma Rudolph Athlete 1994
Steven Runciman Historian 2000
Doug Sahm Athlete 1999
Abdus Salam Quotes Abdus Salam Scientist 1996
Solomon Schechter Quotes Solomon Schechter Clergyman 1915
Elsa Schiaparelli Quotes Elsa Schiaparelli Designer 1973
Franz Schubert Quotes Franz Schubert Composer 1828
Bruno Schulz Quotes Bruno Schulz Novelist 1942
George A. Sheehan Writer 1993
R. C. Sherriff Quotes R. C. Sherriff Writer 1975
Robert E. Sherwood Quotes Robert E. Sherwood Playwright 1955
Vittorio De Sica Quotes Vittorio De Sica Director 1974
Hugh Sidey Journalist 2005
Henryk Sienkiewicz Quotes Henryk Sienkiewicz Novelist 1916
Phil Silvers Quotes Phil Silvers Actor 1985
Joshua Slocum Quotes Joshua Slocum Explorer 1909
Bill Stern Actor 1971
John Strachan Quotes John Strachan Clergyman 1867
Henry Taube Quotes Henry Taube Scientist 2005
Francis Thompson Quotes Francis Thompson Poet 1907
Flora Tristan Activist 1844
Robert Trout Journalist 2000
John Trumbull Quotes John Trumbull Artist 1843
Nat Turner Activist 1831
Henry Villard Quotes Henry Villard Journalist 1900
Renee Vivien Poet 1909
Bernard De Voto Quotes Bernard De Voto Writer 1955
Henry A. Wallace Quotes Henry A. Wallace Vice President 1965
Booker T. Washington Quotes Booker T. Washington Educator 1915
Alan Watts Quotes Alan Watts Philosopher 1973
Adam Weishaupt Quotes Adam Weishaupt Clergyman 1830
John Wilkins Quotes John Wilkins Clergyman 1672
Robert Charles Winthrop Quotes Robert Charles Winthrop Politician 1894
John Witherspoon Quotes John Witherspoon Politician 1794
Marguerite Young Author 1995
Harry von Zell Quotes Harry von Zell Actor 1981
Xu Zhimo Quotes Xu Zhimo Poet 1931