Died on May, 9st

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May, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
John Adair Quotes John Adair Politician 1840
Nelson Algren Quotes Nelson Algren Novelist 1981
John Barrymore Quotes John Barrymore Actor 1942
John Betjeman Quotes John Betjeman Poet 1984
James Boswell Quotes James Boswell Lawyer 1795
Muriel Box Writer 1991
Fanny Brice Quotes Fanny Brice Comedian 1951
Jeff Buckley Quotes Jeff Buckley Musician 1997
Ronald Colman Quotes Ronald Colman Actor 1958
Archibald Cox Quotes Archibald Cox Public Servant 2004
Samuel Dash Lawyer 2004
Sam Dash Lawyer 2004
Humphry Davy Quotes Humphry Davy Scientist 1829
Dan Devine Quotes Dan Devine Coach 2002
Jacques Ellul Quotes Jacques Ellul Philosopher 1994
Brenda Fassie Quotes Brenda Fassie Musician 2004
Paul Gauguin Quotes Paul Gauguin Artist 1903
W. S. Gilbert Quotes W. S. Gilbert Dramatist 1911
William Gilbert Composer 1911
William E. Gladstone Quotes William E. Gladstone Leader 1898
Barry Goldwater Politician 1998
Theodore F. Green Quotes Theodore F. Green Politician 1966
John Gunther Journalist 1970
Coleman Hawkins Quotes Coleman Hawkins Musician 1969
Nathaniel Hawthorne Quotes Nathaniel Hawthorne Novelist 1864
Thomas Wentworth Higginson Quotes Thomas Wentworth Higginson Theologian 1911
James J. Hill Quotes James J. Hill Businessman 1916
Erich Honecker Quotes Erich Honecker Politician 1994
Dennis Hopper Quotes Dennis Hopper Actor 2010
Lena Horne Quotes Lena Horne Actress 2010
Charles Ives Quotes Charles Ives Composer 1954
Juan Ramon Jimenez Quotes Juan Ramon Jimenez Poet 1958
Mary Johnston Novelist 1936
Akhmad Kadyrov Quotes Akhmad Kadyrov Statesman 2004
Jackie Kennedy Quotes Jackie Kennedy First Lady 1994
Alan King Quotes Alan King Comedian 2004
T. E. Lawrence Quotes T. E. Lawrence Soldier 1935
Goddard Lieberson Quotes Goddard Lieberson Businessman 1977
Belva Lockwood Quotes Belva Lockwood Lawyer 1917
Russell B. Long Quotes Russell B. Long Politician 2003
Walter Lord Quotes Walter Lord Author 2002
Jimmy Lyons Musician 1986
Jose Marti Quotes Jose Marti Activist 1895
Susannah McCorkle Quotes Susannah McCorkle Musician 2001
Ulrike Meinhof Quotes Ulrike Meinhof Journalist 1976
John Lothrop Motley Historian 1877
Ogden Nash Quotes Ogden Nash Poet 1971
Mary Pickford Quotes Mary Pickford Actress 1979
C. L. R. James Quotes C. L. R. James Journalist 1989
Karl Radek Quotes Karl Radek Politician 1939
Vidal Sassoon Quotes Vidal Sassoon Businessman 2012
Friedrich Schiller Quotes Friedrich Schiller Dramatist 1805
Margaret Chase Smith Quotes Margaret Chase Smith Politician 1995
Freya Stark Quotes Freya Stark Writer 1993
Booth Tarkington Quotes Booth Tarkington Novelist 1946
Carlos Wilcox Poet 1827