Died on May, 5st

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May, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Mary Antin Activist 1949
James Theodore Bent Quotes James Theodore Bent Explorer 1897
Napoleon Bonaparte Leader 1821
Rosa Bonheur Quotes Rosa Bonheur Artist 1899
Mikhail Botvinnik Quotes Mikhail Botvinnik Celebrity 1995
Chester Bowles Diplomat 1986
Andrew Coyle Bradley Judge 1902
Isaac Butt Quotes Isaac Butt Politician 1879
James Branch Cabell Quotes James Branch Cabell Novelist 1958
Robert Capa Quotes Robert Capa Photographer 1954
Leonora Carrington Artist 2011
June Carter Quotes June Carter Musician 2003
June Carter Cash Quotes June Carter Cash Musician 2003
Boozoo Chavis Quotes Boozoo Chavis Musician 2001
Pedro Calderon de la Barca Quotes Pedro Calderon de la Barca Dramatist 1681
Desmond Dekker Quotes Desmond Dekker Musician 2006
James Van Der Zee Quotes James Van Der Zee Photographer 1983
Emily Dickinson Quotes Emily Dickinson Poet 1886
Ludwig Erhard Quotes Ludwig Erhard Politician 1977
Jerry Falwell Quotes Jerry Falwell Clergyman 2007
Carlos Fuentes Quotes Carlos Fuentes Novelist 2012
Morris Graves Artist 2001
John C. Hawkes Novelist 1998
Philip Hone Quotes Philip Hone Politician 1851
Edward Hopper Quotes Edward Hopper Artist 1967
Irving Howe Quotes Irving Howe Historian 1993
Murray Kempton Journalist 1997
Graham Kennedy Entertainer 2005
Hugh Kingsmill Writer 1949
Alberto Korda Quotes Alberto Korda Photographer 2001
Willis Lamb Quotes Willis Lamb Scientist 2008
Henri Laurens Sculptor 1954
Arthur Laurents Quotes Arthur Laurents Playwright 2011
John Lyly Writer 1908
Kazimir Malevich Quotes Kazimir Malevich Artist 1935
Ismail Merchant Quotes Ismail Merchant Producer 2005
Nelson A. Miles Quotes Nelson A. Miles Soldier 1925
Samuel E. Morison Quotes Samuel E. Morison Historian 1976
Daniel O'Connell Politician 1847
William Paley Quotes William Paley Theologian 1805
Witold Pilecki Quotes Witold Pilecki Soldier 1948
Charles Nelson Reilly Quotes Charles Nelson Reilly Actor 2007
Bobby Sands Quotes Bobby Sands Activist 1981
Francis Schaeffer Quotes Francis Schaeffer Theologian 1984
George Sidney Director 2002
Walter Sisulu Quotes Walter Sisulu Activist 2003
Henry Ossawa Tanner Quotes Henry Ossawa Tanner Artist 1937
Frank Tashlin Quotes Frank Tashlin Artist 1972
Theodore White Journalist 1986
Sloan Wilson Novelist 2003