Died on May, 3st

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May, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Joe Adcock Quotes Joe Adcock Athlete 1999
Sholom Aleichem Quotes Sholom Aleichem Writer 1916
Henry F. Ashurst Politician 1962
Chet Baker Quotes Chet Baker Musician 1988
George Linnaeus Banks Writer 1881
Eddie Barclay Musician 2005
Ezra Taft Benson Quotes Ezra Taft Benson Leader 1994
Lloyd Bentsen Quotes Lloyd Bentsen Politician 2006
Elizabeth Blackwell Quotes Elizabeth Blackwell Scientist 1910
Dan Blocker Quotes Dan Blocker Actor 1972
Hermann Broch Quotes Hermann Broch Writer 1951
Milton Caniff Quotes Milton Caniff Cartoonist 1988
Kit Carson Quotes Kit Carson Explorer 1868
Robert Casey Politician 2000
Barbara Castle Quotes Barbara Castle Politician 2002
Thomas Chalmers Quotes Thomas Chalmers Clergyman 1847
John Coolidge Quotes John Coolidge Celebrity 2000
Gary Cooper Quotes Gary Cooper Actor 1961
Jackie Cooper Quotes Jackie Cooper Actor 2011
Georges Cuvier Quotes Georges Cuvier Scientist 1832
Jack Dempsey Quotes Jack Dempsey Athlete 1983
Paul Desmond Quotes Paul Desmond Musician 1977
Giovanni Falcone Quotes Giovanni Falcone Judge 1992
Charles Fort Quotes Charles Fort Writer 1932
Arlene Francis Quotes Arlene Francis Entertainer 2001
Meg Greenfield Quotes Meg Greenfield Editor 1999
Bede Griffiths Clergyman 1993
Edith Hamilton Quotes Edith Hamilton Writer 1963
Owen Hart Quotes Owen Hart Entertainer 1999
Sterling Hayden Quotes Sterling Hayden Actor 1986
Joseph Haydn Quotes Joseph Haydn Composer 1809
Joseph Henry Quotes Joseph Henry Scientist 1878
William Alexander Henry Quotes William Alexander Henry Lawyer 1888
Billy Higgins Musician 2001
Thomas Hood Quotes Thomas Hood Poet 1845
Henrik Ibsen Quotes Henrik Ibsen Poet 1906
Darrell Johnson Athlete 2004
John B. Keane Playwright 2002
William Kidd Quotes William Kidd Explorer 1701
Franz Kline Quotes Franz Kline Artist 1962
Jerzy Kosinski Quotes Jerzy Kosinski Novelist 1991
Timothy Leary Quotes Timothy Leary Educator 1996
Laurie Lee Quotes Laurie Lee Poet 1997
Julie de Lespinasse Author 1776
Eliphas Levi Quotes Eliphas Levi Author 1875
Edward Livingston Quotes Edward Livingston Judge 1836
James Mackintosh Quotes James Mackintosh Judge 1832
Christopher Marlowe Quotes Christopher Marlowe Dramatist 1593
James McHenry Quotes James McHenry Politician 1816
Lord Milner Quotes Lord Milner Politician 1925
Roh Moo-hyun Quotes Roh Moo-hyun Politician 2009
George Murphy Quotes George Murphy Dancer 1992
Fridtjof Nansen Quotes Fridtjof Nansen Explorer 1930
William Odom Quotes William Odom Soldier 2008
James Otis Lawyer 1783
Suzy Parker Quotes Suzy Parker Model 2003
Joe Pass Quotes Joe Pass Musician 1994
Boris Pasternak Quotes Boris Pasternak Novelist 1960
Padraic Pearse Quotes Padraic Pearse Writer 1916
Claude Pepper Quotes Claude Pepper Politician 1989
Charles Pierce Entertainer 1999
Alexander Pope Quotes Alexander Pope Poet 1744
Beilby Porteus Quotes Beilby Porteus Clergyman 1809
Steve Prefontaine Quotes Steve Prefontaine Athlete 1975
Robert Quine Musician 2004
Ziaur Rahman Quotes Ziaur Rahman Politician 1981
James Rainwater Quotes James Rainwater Scientist 1986
Leopold Von Ranke Quotes Leopold Von Ranke Historian 1886
John D. Rockefeller Quotes John D. Rockefeller Businessman 1937
Peter Paul Rubens Quotes Peter Paul Rubens Artist 1640
Dora Russell Quotes Dora Russell Celebrity 1986
Gene Sarazen Quotes Gene Sarazen Athlete 1999
Girolamo Savonarola Quotes Girolamo Savonarola Clergyman 1498
Terry Sawchuk Quotes Terry Sawchuk Athlete 1970
Wally Schirra Quotes Wally Schirra Astronaut 2007
Sam Snead Quotes Sam Snead Athlete 2002
Billy Strayhorn Quotes Billy Strayhorn Composer 1967
Leo Szilard Quotes Leo Szilard Scientist 1964
Wilbur Wright Quotes Wilbur Wright Inventor 1912
Voltaire Writer 1778