Died on May, 2st

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May, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Jane Addams Quotes Jane Addams Activist 1935
Alfred Adler Quotes Alfred Adler Psychologist 1937
Stewart Alsop Writer 1974
Wladyslaw Anders Quotes Wladyslaw Anders Politician 1970
Les Aspin Quotes Les Aspin Politician 1995
Nancy Astor Quotes Nancy Astor Politician 1964
John Barrymore Quotes John Barrymore Actor 1942
Catharine Beecher Quotes Catharine Beecher Educator 1878
Max Beerbohm Quotes Max Beerbohm Actor 1956
Edward Bellamy Quotes Edward Bellamy Author 1898
Lloyd Bentsen Quotes Lloyd Bentsen Politician 2006
Luciano Berio Quotes Luciano Berio Composer 2003
Rosa Bonheur Quotes Rosa Bonheur Artist 1899
Martin Bormann Quotes Martin Bormann Soldier 1945
Julius Boros Athlete 1994
Thomas Boston Quotes Thomas Boston Clergyman 1732
Dominique Bouhours Quotes Dominique Bouhours Critic 1702
Chester Bowles Diplomat 1986
Fanny Brice Quotes Fanny Brice Comedian 1951
Anne Bronte Quotes Anne Bronte Novelist 1849
Van Wyck Brooks Quotes Van Wyck Brooks Critic 1963
Vanessa Brown Quotes Vanessa Brown Actress 1999
Jeff Buckley Quotes Jeff Buckley Musician 1997
Thomas Bulfinch Quotes Thomas Bulfinch Writer 1867
John Calvin Quotes John Calvin Theologian 1564
Tommaso Campanella Philosopher 1639
Robert Capa Quotes Robert Capa Photographer 1954
Leonora Carrington Artist 2011
Kit Carson Quotes Kit Carson Explorer 1868
Barbara Cartland Quotes Barbara Cartland Novelist 2000
Robert Cecil Quotes Robert Cecil Public Servant 1612
George Chapman Quotes George Chapman Poet 1634
Caryl Chessman Celebrity 1960
Luc de Clapiers Quotes Luc de Clapiers Writer 1747
John Clare Quotes John Clare Poet 1864
Gene Clark Quotes Gene Clark Musician 1991
Albert Claude Scientist 1983
Gary Coleman Quotes Gary Coleman Actor 2010
Perry Como Quotes Perry Como Musician 2001
James Connolly Quotes James Connolly Politician 1916
Nicolaus Copernicus Quotes Nicolaus Copernicus Scientist 1543
Archibald Cox Quotes Archibald Cox Public Servant 2004
Sam Dash Lawyer 2004
Samuel Dash Lawyer 2004
Rene Daumal Quotes Rene Daumal Writer 1944
Elizabeth David Quotes Elizabeth David Writer 1992
Humphry Davy Quotes Humphry Davy Scientist 1829
Pedro Calderon de la Barca Quotes Pedro Calderon de la Barca Dramatist 1681
Desmond Dekker Quotes Desmond Dekker Musician 2006
John Dryden Quotes John Dryden Poet 1700
Jean Dubuffet Quotes Jean Dubuffet Artist 1985
John Foster Dulles Quotes John Foster Dulles Public Servant 1959
Katherine Dunham Quotes Katherine Dunham Dancer 2006
Maria Edgeworth Quotes Maria Edgeworth Novelist 1849
Duke Ellington Quotes Duke Ellington Musician 1974
Lincoln Ellsworth Quotes Lincoln Ellsworth Explorer 1951
William Emerson Mathematician 1782
Erik Erikson Quotes Erik Erikson Psychologist 1994
Erik H. Erikson Quotes Erik H. Erikson Psychologist 1994
Giovanni Falcone Quotes Giovanni Falcone Judge 1992
Charles Simon Favart Quotes Charles Simon Favart Dramatist 1792
Henry Flagler Quotes Henry Flagler Businessman 1913
Edsel Ford Quotes Edsel Ford Businessman 1943
James Forrestal Quotes James Forrestal Public Servant 1949
Paulo Freire Quotes Paulo Freire Educator 1997
Marilyn French Quotes Marilyn French Author 2009
Rajiv Gandhi Quotes Rajiv Gandhi Statesman 1991
John Garfield Quotes John Garfield Actor 1952
William Lloyd Garrison Quotes William Lloyd Garrison Journalist 1879
Robin Gibb Quotes Robin Gibb Musician 2012
John Gielgud Quotes John Gielgud Actor 2000
William Gilbert Composer 1911
W. S. Gilbert Quotes W. S. Gilbert Dramatist 1911
Carter Glass Quotes Carter Glass Politician 1946
Fay Godwin Photographer 2005
Barry Goldwater Politician 1998
Stephen Jay Gould Quotes Stephen Jay Gould Scientist 2002
Henri Gregoire Clergyman 1831
Lady Gregory Dramatist 1932
Julian Grenfell Quotes Julian Grenfell Poet 1915
George Grove Quotes George Grove Writer 1900
Francesco Guicciardini Quotes Francesco Guicciardini Historian 1540
John Gunther Journalist 1970
Alister Hardy Quotes Alister Hardy Scientist 1985
Owen Hart Quotes Owen Hart Entertainer 1999
Phil Hartman Quotes Phil Hartman Actor 1998
Sterling Hayden Quotes Sterling Hayden Actor 1986
Martin Heidegger Quotes Martin Heidegger Philosopher 1976
Georg Hermes Theologian 1831
Alfred Day Hershey Quotes Alfred Day Hershey Scientist 1997
Lewis B. Hershey Quotes Lewis B. Hershey Soldier 1977
James J. Hill Quotes James J. Hill Businessman 1916
Eric Hoffer Writer 1983
Erich Honecker Quotes Erich Honecker Politician 1994
J. Edgar Hoover Quotes J. Edgar Hoover Public Servant 1972
Dennis Hopper Quotes Dennis Hopper Actor 2010
Langston Hughes Quotes Langston Hughes Poet 1967
Victor Hugo Quotes Victor Hugo Author 1885
Jeffrey Hunter Quotes Jeffrey Hunter Actor 1969
Henrik Ibsen Quotes Henrik Ibsen Poet 1906
Juan Ramon Jimenez Quotes Juan Ramon Jimenez Poet 1958
Hamilton Jordan Quotes Hamilton Jordan Public Servant 2008
Jack Kemp Quotes Jack Kemp Politician 2009
Graham Kennedy Entertainer 2005
Aly Khan Quotes Aly Khan Public Servant 1960
Victor Kiam Businessman 2001
William Kidd Quotes William Kidd Explorer 1701
Alberto Korda Quotes Alberto Korda Photographer 2001
Joseph Wood Krutch Quotes Joseph Wood Krutch Environmentalist 1970
Marquis de Lafayette Quotes Marquis de Lafayette Revolutionary 1834
Julie de Lespinasse Author 1776
C. Day Lewis Quotes C. Day Lewis Poet 1972
Goddard Lieberson Quotes Goddard Lieberson Businessman 1977
Art Linkletter Quotes Art Linkletter Journalist 2010
Edward Livingston Quotes Edward Livingston Judge 1836
James Loeb Businessman 1933
Amy Lowell Quotes Amy Lowell Poet 1925
John Lubbock Statesman 1913
John Lyly Writer 1908
Frances Marion Quotes Frances Marion Writer 1973
William Moulton Marston Quotes William Moulton Marston Psychologist 1947
John Masefield Quotes John Masefield Poet 1967
Joseph R. McCarthy Quotes Joseph R. McCarthy Politician 1957
Hugh McCulloch Quotes Hugh McCulloch Statesman 1895
Claude McKay Quotes Claude McKay Writer 1948
Ismail Merchant Quotes Ismail Merchant Producer 2005
Giacomo Meyerbeer Quotes Giacomo Meyerbeer Composer 1864
Wilbur Mills Quotes Wilbur Mills Politician 1992
Joseph Mitchell Writer 1996
Vaughn Monroe Quotes Vaughn Monroe Musician 1973
Charles Edward Montague Journalist 1928
Roh Moo-hyun Quotes Roh Moo-hyun Politician 2009
Eric Morecambe Quotes Eric Morecambe Comedian 1984
Evelyn de Morgan Quotes Evelyn de Morgan Artist 1919
Richard Morris Clergyman 1894
John Lothrop Motley Historian 1877
Edward Mulhare Quotes Edward Mulhare Actor 1997
Audie Murphy Quotes Audie Murphy Soldier 1971
Gilbert Murray Quotes Gilbert Murray Diplomat 1957
Alfred de Musset Quotes Alfred de Musset Writer 1857
Jawaharlal Nehru Quotes Jawaharlal Nehru Leader 1964
James Otis Lawyer 1783
Niccolo Paganini Quotes Niccolo Paganini Musician 1840
William Paley Quotes William Paley Theologian 1805
Franz von Papen Quotes Franz von Papen Politician 1969
Joe Pass Quotes Joe Pass Musician 1994
Samuel Pepys Quotes Samuel Pepys Writer 1703
Adam Petty Quotes Adam Petty Celebrity 2000
Mary Pickford Quotes Mary Pickford Actress 1979
Witold Pilecki Quotes Witold Pilecki Soldier 1948
Sydney Pollack Quotes Sydney Pollack Director 2008
Eleanor Porter Quotes Eleanor Porter Novelist 1920
Ilya Prigogine Quotes Ilya Prigogine Physicist 2003
Archibald Primrose Quotes Archibald Primrose Politician 1929
Gilda Radner Quotes Gilda Radner Comedian 1989
Leopold Von Ranke Quotes Leopold Von Ranke Historian 1886
Robert Rauschenberg Quotes Robert Rauschenberg Artist 2008
Simon Raven Novelist 2001
Lynn Redgrave Quotes Lynn Redgrave Actress 2010
Robert Reed Quotes Robert Reed Actor 1992
Oliver Reed Quotes Oliver Reed Actor 1999
Charles Nelson Reilly Quotes Charles Nelson Reilly Actor 2007
Jules Renard Quotes Jules Renard Dramatist 1910
Paul Ricoeur Quotes Paul Ricoeur Philosopher 2005
Robert Ripley Quotes Robert Ripley Cartoonist 1949
John D. Rockefeller Quotes John D. Rockefeller Businessman 1937
Lord John Russell Quotes Lord John Russell Politician 1878
Nelly Sachs Quotes Nelly Sachs Poet 1970
Girolamo Savonarola Quotes Girolamo Savonarola Clergyman 1498
Clara Schumann Quotes Clara Schumann Musician 1896
Martha Scott Quotes Martha Scott Actress 2003
Junior Seau Quotes Junior Seau Athlete 2012
Christopher Smart Quotes Christopher Smart Poet 1771
Thomas Vernor Smith Philosopher 1964
Margaret Chase Smith Quotes Margaret Chase Smith Politician 1995
Sam Snead Quotes Sam Snead Athlete 2002
Saul Steinberg Artist 1999
Ezra Stiles Quotes Ezra Stiles Clergyman 1795
Richard H. Stoddard Critic 1903
Erich von Stroheim Quotes Erich von Stroheim Actor 1957
Henry Ossawa Tanner Quotes Henry Ossawa Tanner Artist 1937
Helen B. Taussig Quotes Helen B. Taussig Scientist 1986
Ernst Toller Quotes Ernst Toller Playwright 1939
Aiden Wilson Tozer Quotes Aiden Wilson Tozer Clergyman 1963
Marguerite de Valois Quotes Marguerite de Valois Royalty 1615
George Vancouver Quotes George Vancouver Explorer 1798
King Edward VIII Quotes King Edward VIII Royalty 1972
Edward VIII Quotes Edward VIII Royalty 1972
Leonardo da Vinci Quotes Leonardo da Vinci Artist 1519
Vincent Voiture Poet 1648
August Wilhelm von Schlegel Poet 1845
Martha Washington Quotes Martha Washington First Lady 1802
Archibald Wavell Quotes Archibald Wavell Soldier 1950
Noah Webster Quotes Noah Webster Writer 1843
Thomas Wentworth Politician 1641
Abraham Whipple Quotes Abraham Whipple Soldier 1819
Carlos Wilcox Poet 1827
Alexander Wiley Politician 1967
Mary Lou Williams Quotes Mary Lou Williams Musician 1981
Hugh Williamson Quotes Hugh Williamson Politician 1819
Sloan Wilson Novelist 2003
Harold Wilson Quotes Harold Wilson Statesman 1995
Kathleen Winsor Author 2003
John Sergeant Wise Author 1913
Charlotte Mary Yonge Quotes Charlotte Mary Yonge Novelist 1901