Died on May, 1st

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May, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Alvar Aalto Quotes Alvar Aalto Architect 1976
John Adair Quotes John Adair Politician 1840
Jack Adams Quotes Jack Adams Athlete 1968
William Adams Explorer 1620
James Truslow Adams Historian 1949
Douglas Adams Quotes Douglas Adams Writer 2001
Jane Addams Quotes Jane Addams Activist 1935
George Ade Quotes George Ade Playwright 1944
James Agee Quotes James Agee Novelist 1955
Isaac Albeniz Quotes Isaac Albeniz Musician 1909
Sholom Aleichem Quotes Sholom Aleichem Writer 1916
Lloyd Alexander Quotes Lloyd Alexander Writer 2007
Lyle Alzado Athlete 1992
Wladyslaw Anders Quotes Wladyslaw Anders Politician 1970
Mary Antin Activist 1949
Henry F. Ashurst Politician 1962
Les Aspin Quotes Les Aspin Politician 1995
Mary Astell Quotes Mary Astell Writer 1731
Nnamdi Azikiwe Quotes Nnamdi Azikiwe Statesman 1996
Arthur Baer Journalist 1969
Chet Baker Quotes Chet Baker Musician 1988
Eddie Barclay Musician 2005
Pierre Beaumarchais Inventor 1799
Catharine Beecher Quotes Catharine Beecher Educator 1878
David Belasco Quotes David Belasco Playwright 1931
James Gordon Bennett Editor 1918
Mary McLeod Bethune Quotes Mary McLeod Bethune Educator 1955
John Betjeman Quotes John Betjeman Poet 1984
Elizabeth Blackwell Quotes Elizabeth Blackwell Scientist 1910
Dan Blocker Quotes Dan Blocker Actor 1972
James Boswell Quotes James Boswell Lawyer 1795
Muriel Box Writer 1991
Andrew Coyle Bradley Judge 1902
William Throsby Bridges Quotes William Throsby Bridges Soldier 1915
James Broughton Quotes James Broughton Director 1999
Vanessa Brown Quotes Vanessa Brown Actress 1999
H. C. Bunner Quotes H. C. Bunner Journalist 1896
John Burke Lawyer 1937
Billie Burke Quotes Billie Burke Actress 1970
Tommaso Campanella Philosopher 1639
June Carter Quotes June Carter Musician 2003
Barbara Cartland Quotes Barbara Cartland Novelist 2000
June Carter Cash Quotes June Carter Cash Musician 2003
Thomas Cavendish Quotes Thomas Cavendish Explorer 1908
Thomas Chalmers Quotes Thomas Chalmers Clergyman 1847
George Chapman Quotes George Chapman Poet 1634
Eldridge Cleaver Quotes Eldridge Cleaver Activist 1998
Ronald Colman Quotes Ronald Colman Actor 1958
Perry Como Quotes Perry Como Musician 2001
James Connolly Quotes James Connolly Politician 1916
John Coolidge Quotes John Coolidge Celebrity 2000
Gary Cooper Quotes Gary Cooper Actor 1961
Joan Crawford Quotes Joan Crawford Actress 1977
Herbert Croly Quotes Herbert Croly Author 1930
Georges Cuvier Quotes Georges Cuvier Scientist 1832
Rene Daumal Quotes Rene Daumal Writer 1944
Elmer Davis Quotes Elmer Davis Journalist 1958
Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Quotes Charles Maurice de Talleyrand Diplomat 1838
Jacques Delille Poet 1813
Jack Dempsey Quotes Jack Dempsey Athlete 1983
James Van Der Zee Quotes James Van Der Zee Photographer 1983
Emily Dickinson Quotes Emily Dickinson Poet 1886
Ronnie James Dio Quotes Ronnie James Dio Musician 2010
David Herbert Donald Historian 2009
Marjory Stoneman Douglas Quotes Marjory Stoneman Douglas Journalist 1998
Mary Douglas Quotes Mary Douglas Scientist 2007
John Dryden Quotes John Dryden Poet 1700
Jean Dubuffet Quotes Jean Dubuffet Artist 1985
Elaine Dundy Novelist 2008
Katherine Dunham Quotes Katherine Dunham Dancer 2006
Antonin Dvorak Quotes Antonin Dvorak Composer 1904
Jacques Ellul Quotes Jacques Ellul Philosopher 1994
Erik H. Erikson Quotes Erik H. Erikson Psychologist 1994
Erik Erikson Quotes Erik Erikson Psychologist 1994
Jerry Falwell Quotes Jerry Falwell Clergyman 2007
Charles Simon Favart Quotes Charles Simon Favart Dramatist 1792
Henri La Fontaine Lawyer 1943
Arlene Francis Quotes Arlene Francis Entertainer 2001
E. Franklin Frazier Quotes E. Franklin Frazier Sociologist 1962
Carlos Fuentes Quotes Carlos Fuentes Novelist 2012
Rajiv Gandhi Quotes Rajiv Gandhi Statesman 1991
John Garfield Quotes John Garfield Actor 1952
Nelson Gidding Dramatist 2004
John Gielgud Quotes John Gielgud Actor 2000
Cass Gilbert Quotes Cass Gilbert Architect 1934
William E. Gladstone Quotes William E. Gladstone Leader 1898
Emma Goldman Quotes Emma Goldman Activist 1940
Frank Gorshin Quotes Frank Gorshin Actor 2005
Chester Gould Quotes Chester Gould Cartoonist 1985
Theodore F. Green Quotes Theodore F. Green Politician 1966
Meg Greenfield Quotes Meg Greenfield Editor 1999
Bede Griffiths Clergyman 1993
Juan Gris Quotes Juan Gris Artist 1927
Heinz Guderian Quotes Heinz Guderian Soldier 1954
Val Guest Director 2006
H. Rider Haggard Quotes H. Rider Haggard Writer 1925
Edith Hamilton Quotes Edith Hamilton Writer 1963
Margaret Hamilton Quotes Margaret Hamilton Actress 1985
John C. Hawkes Novelist 1998
Coleman Hawkins Quotes Coleman Hawkins Musician 1969
Nathaniel Hawthorne Quotes Nathaniel Hawthorne Novelist 1864
Joseph Haydn Quotes Joseph Haydn Composer 1809
Rita Hayworth Quotes Rita Hayworth Actress 1987
Henry J. Heinz Quotes Henry J. Heinz Businessman 1919
Joseph Henry Quotes Joseph Henry Scientist 1878
Jim Henson Quotes Jim Henson Entertainer 1990
John Herschel Quotes John Herschel Scientist 1871
Eric Hoffer Writer 1983
Edward Hopper Quotes Edward Hopper Artist 1967
William Dean Howells Quotes William Dean Howells Author 1920
Robert M. Hutchins Educator 1977
Jill Ireland Actress 1990
Charles Ives Quotes Charles Ives Composer 1954
Stonewall Jackson Quotes Stonewall Jackson Soldier 1863
John Jay Quotes John Jay Judge 1829
Georgia Douglas Johnson Quotes Georgia Douglas Johnson Poet 1966
Howard Mumford Jones Writer 1980
Sammy Davis, Jr. Entertainer 1990
Andy Kaufman Quotes Andy Kaufman Comedian 1984
Jackie Kennedy Quotes Jackie Kennedy First Lady 1994
Aly Khan Quotes Aly Khan Public Servant 1960
Hugh Kingsmill Writer 1949
Franz Kline Quotes Franz Kline Artist 1962
Stanley Kunitz Quotes Stanley Kunitz Poet 2006
Willis Lamb Quotes Willis Lamb Scientist 2008
Franklin Knight Lane Quotes Franklin Knight Lane Politician 1921
T. E. Lawrence Quotes T. E. Lawrence Soldier 1935
Bill Lear Quotes Bill Lear Inventor 1978
Timothy Leary Quotes Timothy Leary Educator 1996
Laurie Lee Quotes Laurie Lee Poet 1997
Anna Lee Quotes Anna Lee Actress 2004
Eliphas Levi Quotes Eliphas Levi Author 1875
Ben Lexcen Quotes Ben Lexcen Celebrity 1988
Jacques Lipchitz Quotes Jacques Lipchitz Sculptor 1973
David Livingstone Quotes David Livingstone Explorer 1873
Belva Lockwood Quotes Belva Lockwood Lawyer 1917
Walter Lord Quotes Walter Lord Author 2002
Amy Lowell Quotes Amy Lowell Poet 1925
Jimmy Lyons Musician 1986
Gustav Mahler Quotes Gustav Mahler Composer 1911
Kazimir Malevich Quotes Kazimir Malevich Artist 1935
Bronislaw Malinowski Quotes Bronislaw Malinowski Scientist 1942
Frances Marion Quotes Frances Marion Writer 1973
Bob Marley Quotes Bob Marley Musician 1981
Jacques Marquette Quotes Jacques Marquette Clergyman 1675
Jose Marti Quotes Jose Marti Activist 1895
John Masefield Quotes John Masefield Poet 1967
Susannah McCorkle Quotes Susannah McCorkle Musician 2001
Mark McCormack Businessman 2003
Robert Menzies Quotes Robert Menzies Statesman 1978
George Meredith Quotes George Meredith Novelist 1909
Nelson A. Miles Quotes Nelson A. Miles Soldier 1925
Lord Milner Quotes Lord Milner Politician 1925
Robert Mondavi Quotes Robert Mondavi Businessman 2008
Vaughn Monroe Quotes Vaughn Monroe Musician 1973
Samuel E. Morison Quotes Samuel E. Morison Historian 1976
Richard Morris Clergyman 1894
J. B. Morton Writer 1979
Fridtjof Nansen Quotes Fridtjof Nansen Explorer 1930
Ogden Nash Quotes Ogden Nash Poet 1971
Eliot Ness Quotes Eliot Ness Public Servant 1957
Harold Nicolson Diplomat 1968
Daniel O'Connell Politician 1847
Susan Oliver Quotes Susan Oliver Actress 1990
Robert Treat Paine Quotes Robert Treat Paine Politician 1814
Theodore Parker Quotes Theodore Parker Theologian 1860
Floyd Patterson Quotes Floyd Patterson Athlete 2006
Spencer Perceval Quotes Spencer Perceval Statesman 1812
Walker Percy Writer 1990
Frances Perkins Quotes Frances Perkins Politician 1965
Charles Perrault Quotes Charles Perrault Author 1703
Adam Petty Quotes Adam Petty Celebrity 2000
Kim Philby Quotes Kim Philby Celebrity 1988
Charles Pierce Entertainer 1999
Eleanor Porter Quotes Eleanor Porter Novelist 1920
Beilby Porteus Quotes Beilby Porteus Clergyman 1809
Archibald Primrose Quotes Archibald Primrose Politician 1929
Jiang Qing Quotes Jiang Qing Revolutionary 1991
Robert Quine Musician 2004
C. L. R. James Quotes C. L. R. James Journalist 1989
Karl Radek Quotes Karl Radek Politician 1939
James Rainwater Quotes James Rainwater Scientist 1986
Tony Randall Quotes Tony Randall Actor 2004
A. Philip Randolph Quotes A. Philip Randolph Activist 1979
Jeanette Rankin Politician 1973
Jeannette Rankin Politician 1973
Robert Rauschenberg Quotes Robert Rauschenberg Artist 2008
Simon Raven Novelist 2001
Noel Redding Quotes Noel Redding Musician 2003
Robert Reed Quotes Robert Reed Actor 1992
Max Reger Quotes Max Reger Composer 1916
Walter Reuther Quotes Walter Reuther Leader 1970
Jean Rhys Novelist 1979
David Riesman Sociologist 2002
Rene Rivkin Businessman 2005
Henry Martyn Robert Quotes Henry Martyn Robert Celebrity 1923
John D. Rockefeller, Jr. Businessman 1960
Dora Russell Quotes Dora Russell Celebrity 1986
Nelly Sachs Quotes Nelly Sachs Poet 1970
Gene Sarazen Quotes Gene Sarazen Athlete 1999
Terry Sawchuk Quotes Terry Sawchuk Athlete 1970
Francis Schaeffer Quotes Francis Schaeffer Theologian 1984
Carl Schurz Quotes Carl Schurz Revolutionary 1906
Ayrton Senna Quotes Ayrton Senna Celebrity 1994
Karl Shapiro Quotes Karl Shapiro Poet 2000
Irwin Shaw Quotes Irwin Shaw Novelist 1984
Caroll Shelby Quotes Caroll Shelby Businessman 2012
Carroll Shelby Quotes Carroll Shelby Designer 2012
Shel Silverstein Quotes Shel Silverstein Poet 1999
Frank Sinatra Quotes Frank Sinatra Musician 1998
Gordon Sinclair Quotes Gordon Sinclair Journalist 1984
Christopher Smart Quotes Christopher Smart Poet 1771
Lysander Spooner Quotes Lysander Spooner Philosopher 1887
Robert Stack Quotes Robert Stack Actor 2003
Henry Morton Stanley Quotes Henry Morton Stanley Explorer 1904
Saul Steinberg Artist 1999
Ezra Stiles Quotes Ezra Stiles Clergyman 1795
Richard H. Stoddard Critic 1903
Billy Strayhorn Quotes Billy Strayhorn Composer 1967
August Strindberg Quotes August Strindberg Dramatist 1912
Erich von Stroheim Quotes Erich von Stroheim Actor 1957
Donna Summer Quotes Donna Summer Musician 2012
Booth Tarkington Quotes Booth Tarkington Novelist 1946
Aiden Wilson Tozer Quotes Aiden Wilson Tozer Clergyman 1963
George Vancouver Quotes George Vancouver Explorer 1798
August Wilhelm von Schlegel Poet 1845
Peter Weiss Quotes Peter Weiss Writer 1982
Lawrence Welk Quotes Lawrence Welk Musician 1992
Thomas Wentworth Politician 1641
Theodore White Journalist 1986
John Sergeant Wise Author 1913