Died on March, 8st

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March, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Abu Abbas Politician 2004
Sherwood Anderson Quotes Sherwood Anderson Writer 1941
August Bebel Quotes August Bebel Politician 1913
Thomas Beecham Quotes Thomas Beecham Composer 1961
Henry Ward Beecher Quotes Henry Ward Beecher Clergyman 1887
Hector Berlioz Quotes Hector Berlioz Composer 1869
John Bracken Quotes John Bracken Politician 1969
Leigh Brackett Quotes Leigh Brackett Author 1978
R. A. Butler Politician 1982
Marc Chagall Quotes Marc Chagall Artist 1985
Warren Christopher Quotes Warren Christopher Statesman 2011
Marquis de Condorcet Quotes Marquis de Condorcet Philosopher 1794
Simin Daneshvar Quotes Simin Daneshvar Novelist 2012
Joe DiMaggio Quotes Joe DiMaggio Athlete 1999
Billy Eckstine Quotes Billy Eckstine Musician 1993
Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes Dwight D. Eisenhower President 1969
Alice Thomas Ellis Writer 2005
Odysseas Elytis Quotes Odysseas Elytis Writer 1996
John Ericsson Quotes John Ericsson Inventor 1889
Adam Faith Quotes Adam Faith Musician 2003
King Farouk Quotes King Farouk Royalty 1965
Dorothy Fields Quotes Dorothy Fields Musician 1974
Millard Fillmore Quotes Millard Fillmore President 1874
Erich Fromm Psychologist 1980
William Christopher Handy Quotes William Christopher Handy Musician 1958
Paul Horgan Author 1995
Eugene Ionesco Quotes Eugene Ionesco Dramatist 1994
Emmett Kelly Quotes Emmett Kelly Entertainer 1979
Stephen Leacock Quotes Stephen Leacock Economist 1944
Harold Lloyd Quotes Harold Lloyd Actor 1971
Bernard Malamud Quotes Bernard Malamud Novelist 1986
Aslan Maskhadov Quotes Aslan Maskhadov Politician 2005
Augustus de Morgan Quotes Augustus de Morgan Mathematician 1871
Christopher Morley Author 1957
Karen Morley Quotes Karen Morley Actress 2003
Ray Nitschke Quotes Ray Nitschke Athlete 1998
John Phillips Musician 2001
Anthony Powell Quotes Anthony Powell Novelist 2000
Anton Seidl Celebrity 1898
Laurence Stern Quotes Laurence Stern Clergyman 1768
Laurence Sterne Quotes Laurence Sterne Novelist 1768
George Stevens Director 1975
William Howard Taft Quotes William Howard Taft President 1930
Jim Thorpe Quotes Jim Thorpe Athlete 1953
Richard Chenevix Trench Quotes Richard Chenevix Trench Clergyman 1886
Patrick Troughton Quotes Patrick Troughton Actor 1987
Peter Ustinov Quotes Peter Ustinov Actor 2004
Ninette de Valois Quotes Ninette de Valois Dancer 2001
Robert Walpole Quotes Robert Walpole Statesman 1745
Caspar Weinberger Quotes Caspar Weinberger Public Servant 2006
Norbert Wiener Quotes Norbert Wiener Mathematician 1964
Virginia Woolf Quotes Virginia Woolf Author 1941
Michelangelo Quotes Michelangelo Artist 1564