Died on March, 6st

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March, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Josef Albers Quotes Josef Albers Artist 1976
Louisa May Alcott Quotes Louisa May Alcott Novelist 1888
Katharine Lee Bates Quotes Katharine Lee Bates Author 1929
Jean Baudrillard Quotes Jean Baudrillard Sociologist 2007
Aubrey Beardsley Quotes Aubrey Beardsley Artist 1898
Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes Ludwig van Beethoven Composer 1827
Sarah Bernhardt Quotes Sarah Bernhardt Actress 1923
Jan Berry Quotes Jan Berry Musician 2004
Hans Bethe Quotes Hans Bethe Scientist 2005
William Beveridge Quotes William Beveridge Economist 1963
Anthony Blunt Historian 1983
Constantin Brancusi Quotes Constantin Brancusi Sculptor 1957
Charles Farrar Browne Quotes Charles Farrar Browne Writer 1867
Pearl S. Buck Quotes Pearl S. Buck Novelist 1973
James Callaghan Quotes James Callaghan Leader 2005
Randy Castillo Musician 2002
Raymond Chandler Quotes Raymond Chandler Writer 1959
Alex Comfort Quotes Alex Comfort Author 2000
Rachel Corrie Quotes Rachel Corrie Activist 2003
Noel Coward Quotes Noel Coward Playwright 1973
Davy Crockett Quotes Davy Crockett Explorer 1836
Thomas Dewey Quotes Thomas Dewey Politician 1971
Nelson Eddy Quotes Nelson Eddy Musician 1967
Ralph Erskine Architect 2005
Geraldine Ferraro Quotes Geraldine Ferraro Politician 2011
George Formby Quotes George Formby Musician 1961
David Lloyd George Quotes David Lloyd George Statesman 1945
Arthur Godfrey Quotes Arthur Godfrey Entertainer 1983
Oliver Wendell Holmes, Jr. Judge 1935
James Hutton Quotes James Hutton Scientist 1797
Alice James Writer 1892
Zoltan Kodaly Composer 1967
Ben Lindsey Judge 1943
Melina Mercouri Quotes Melina Mercouri Actress 1994
Margaret Millar Writer 1994
Jean Monnet Quotes Jean Monnet Politician 1979
Daniel Patrick Moynihan Politician 2003
Edmund S. Muskie Quotes Edmund S. Muskie Politician 1996
Martin Niemoller Quotes Martin Niemoller Clergyman 1984
Ivor Novello Quotes Ivor Novello Musician 1951
Georgia O'Keeffe Artist 1986
Rudolf Otto Quotes Rudolf Otto Theologian 1937
David Packard Quotes David Packard Businessman 1996
Henry Pelham Quotes Henry Pelham Statesman 1754
Ayn Rand Quotes Ayn Rand Writer 1982
John H. Reagan Politician 1905
John Edward Redmond Quotes John Edward Redmond Politician 1918
Cecil Rhodes Quotes Cecil Rhodes Statesman 1902
Derek Harold Richard Barton Scientist 1998
Jacob Riis Quotes Jacob Riis Journalist 1914
Jacob August Riis Quotes Jacob August Riis Journalist 1914
Roger Sessions Quotes Roger Sessions Composer 1985
George Sisler Quotes George Sisler Athlete 1973
John Philip Sousa Quotes John Philip Sousa Musician 1932
Jean Stafford Quotes Jean Stafford Writer 1979
John Vanbrugh Quotes John Vanbrugh Architect 1726
Daniel Waters Soldier 1816
Carolyn Wells Author 1942
William Whewell Quotes William Whewell Philosopher 1866
Walt Whitman Quotes Walt Whitman Poet 1892
David Wilmot Activist 1868
John Winthrop Quotes John Winthrop Celebrity 1649
Isaac Mayer Wise Quotes Isaac Mayer Wise Clergyman 1900
Teresa Wright Quotes Teresa Wright Actress 2005
Lin Yutang Author 1976