Died on March, 5st

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March, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Goodman Ace Quotes Goodman Ace Writer 1982
Arthur Adamov Playwright 1970
Anna Akhmatova Quotes Anna Akhmatova Poet 1966
Roger Babson Quotes Roger Babson Educator 1967
Roland Barthes Quotes Roland Barthes Critic 1980
John Belushi Quotes John Belushi Comedian 1982
Henry Bessemer Quotes Henry Bessemer Scientist 1898
Alice Stone Blackwell Quotes Alice Stone Blackwell Journalist 1950
Harry Callahan Photographer 1999
Howard Cannon Politician 2002
Patsy Cline Quotes Patsy Cline Musician 1963
Eddie Collins Quotes Eddie Collins Athlete 1951
Arthur H. Compton Quotes Arthur H. Compton Scientist 1962
Arthur Holly Compton Quotes Arthur Holly Compton Scientist 1962
Claude Debussy Quotes Claude Debussy Composer 1918
John Drinkwater Poet 1937
Max Eastman Quotes Max Eastman Author 1969
Milton H. Erickson Psychologist 1980
Greg Garrison Director 2005
Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Public Servant 1983
Thora Hird Quotes Thora Hird Actress 2003
Sol Hurok Quotes Sol Hurok Musician 1974
Max Jacob Quotes Max Jacob Poet 1944
Nunnally Johnson Director 1977
Bowie Kuhn Quotes Bowie Kuhn Athlete 2007
Pierre Laplace Quotes Pierre Laplace Mathematician 1827
Charles Lederer Quotes Charles Lederer Director 1976
H. P. Lovecraft Quotes H. P. Lovecraft Novelist 1937
Mary Lyon Quotes Mary Lyon Educator 1849
Herman J. Mankiewicz Quotes Herman J. Mankiewicz Writer 1953
Daniel Massey Actor 1998
Edgar Lee Masters Quotes Edgar Lee Masters Poet 1950
Bernard Meltzer Lawyer 1998
George Miller Comedian 2003
Earl Nightingale Entertainer 1989
Aristotle Onassis Quotes Aristotle Onassis Businessman 1975
Buck Owens Quotes Buck Owens Musician 2006
James Payn Quotes James Payn Novelist 1898
John Pople Scientist 2004
William Powell Quotes William Powell Actor 1984
Sergei Prokofiev Quotes Sergei Prokofiev Composer 1953
Anna Seward Quotes Anna Seward Writer 1809
Robert B. Sherman Quotes Robert B. Sherman Musician 2012
Ron Silver Quotes Ron Silver Actor 2009
Ann Sothern Quotes Ann Sothern Actress 2001
Benjamin Spock Quotes Benjamin Spock Scientist 1998
Joseph Stalin Quotes Joseph Stalin Leader 1953
Vivian Stanshall Quotes Vivian Stanshall Musician 1995
Edward Steichen Quotes Edward Steichen Photographer 1973
James Joseph Sylvester Quotes James Joseph Sylvester Mathematician 1897
Hippolyte Taine Critic 1893
Brenda Ueland Quotes Brenda Ueland Writer 1985
Victor Vasarely Artist 1997
Ida B. Wells Quotes Ida B. Wells Activist 1931
Rebecca West Quotes Rebecca West Author 1983
Charles Williams Editor 1945
Dornford Yates Quotes Dornford Yates Novelist 1960
Novalis Quotes Novalis Poet 1801