Died on March, 4st

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March, 4st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Edward Abbey Quotes Edward Abbey Author 1989
Eden Ahbez Quotes Eden Ahbez Musician 1995
Howard Aiken Quotes Howard Aiken Scientist 1973
Amos Bronson Alcott Quotes Amos Bronson Alcott Educator 1888
Alexander Alekhine Quotes Alexander Alekhine Celebrity 1946
Edwin Arnold Quotes Edwin Arnold Poet 1904
Antonin Artaud Quotes Antonin Artaud Dramatist 1948
Walter Bagehot Quotes Walter Bagehot Author 1877
Nikolai Berdyaev Quotes Nikolai Berdyaev Philosopher 1948
Busby Berkeley Quotes Busby Berkeley Director 1976
Harry A. Blackmun Quotes Harry A. Blackmun Judge 1999
John Byng Quotes John Byng Soldier 1757
John Candy Quotes John Candy Comedian 1994
John Graham Chambers Celebrity 1883
Walter Crane Quotes Walter Crane Artist 1915
John Dickey Politician 1853
George Eastman Quotes George Eastman Inventor 1932
Hamlin Garland Quotes Hamlin Garland Novelist 1940
Nikolai Gogol Quotes Nikolai Gogol Writer 1852
Klement Gottwald Politician 1953
Gary Gygax Quotes Gary Gygax Inventor 2008
Fannie Lou Hamer Quotes Fannie Lou Hamer Activist 1977
E. Y. Harburg Quotes E. Y. Harburg Musician 1981
John Harrison Quotes John Harrison Inventor 1776
John Hersey Quotes John Hersey Writer 1993
Elizabeth I Quotes Elizabeth I Royalty 1603
Arne Jacobsen Quotes Arne Jacobsen Architect 1971
Thomas Starr King Quotes Thomas Starr King Clergyman 1864
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quotes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poet 1882
Richard Manuel Quotes Richard Manuel Musician 1986
Franz Marc Quotes Franz Marc Artist 1916
Karl Marx Quotes Karl Marx Philosopher 1883
Bernard Law Montgomery Quotes Bernard Law Montgomery Soldier 1976
Joseph Needham Quotes Joseph Needham Scientist 1995
Minnie Pearl Quotes Minnie Pearl Musician 1996
Lawrence Clark Powell Quotes Lawrence Clark Powell Critic 2001
Ludwig Quidde Quotes Ludwig Quidde Critic 1941
Mark Rutherford Writer 1913
Benjamin Shahn Quotes Benjamin Shahn Artist 1969
Ben Shahn Quotes Ben Shahn Artist 1969
Charles Scott Sherrington Quotes Charles Scott Sherrington Scientist 1952
Albion W. Small Sociologist 1926
Jared Sparks Quotes Jared Sparks Educator 1866
Philip Stanhope Quotes Philip Stanhope Statesman 1773
Harold Stassen Quotes Harold Stassen Politician 2001
Alexander Hamilton Stephens Quotes Alexander Hamilton Stephens Politician 1883
John Millington Synge Quotes John Millington Synge Poet 1909
Jules Verne Quotes Jules Verne Author 1905
An Wang Businessman 1990
Leonard Warren Quotes Leonard Warren Musician 1960
William H. Wharton Politician 1839
Richard Widmark Quotes Richard Widmark Actor 2008
Bert Williams Quotes Bert Williams Entertainer 1922
Fred Zinnemann Quotes Fred Zinnemann Director 1997