Died on March, 3st

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March, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Bella Abzug Quotes Bella Abzug Lawyer 1998
Franklin Pierce Adams Quotes Franklin Pierce Adams Writer 1960
Eugenie Anderson Quotes Eugenie Anderson Diplomat 1997
Adolf Anderssen Quotes Adolf Anderssen Celebrity 1879
Susan B. Anthony Quotes Susan B. Anthony Activist 1906
John Atkinson Judge 1931
Enid Bagnold Quotes Enid Bagnold Author 1981
Stephen Vincent Benet Quotes Stephen Vincent Benet Poet 1943
Edmund Clerihew Bentley Journalist 1956
Bruno Bettelheim Quotes Bruno Bettelheim Writer 1990
Leon Blum Quotes Leon Blum Politician 1950
Nicolas Boileau Quotes Nicolas Boileau Poet 1711
Harry Bridges Activist 1990
Charlotte Bronte Quotes Charlotte Bronte Novelist 1855
James Cagney Quotes James Cagney Actor 1986
Sarah Caldwell Quotes Sarah Caldwell Celebrity 2006
John C. Calhoun Quotes John C. Calhoun Statesman 1850
Sydney Carter Poet 2004
John Ciardi Quotes John Ciardi Dramatist 1986
William Kingdon Clifford Quotes William Kingdon Clifford Mathematician 1879
John Constable Quotes John Constable Artist 1837
Alistair Cooke Journalist 2004
Lou Costello Quotes Lou Costello Comedian 1959
Thomas Couture Quotes Thomas Couture Artist 1879
Richard Cowper Writer 2002
Robert Creeley Poet 2005
Clarence Darrow Quotes Clarence Darrow Lawyer 1938
Austin Dobson Celebrity 1963
John Donne Quotes John Donne Poet 1631
Louis Dudek Poet 2001
Raoul Dufy Artist 1953
Alan Dundes Quotes Alan Dundes Educator 2005
Marguerite Duras Quotes Marguerite Duras Novelist 1996
Abigail Fillmore Quotes Abigail Fillmore First Lady 1853
Tim Flock Quotes Tim Flock Celebrity 1998
Fred W. Friendly Quotes Fred W. Friendly Producer 1998
Hans-Georg Gadamer Philosopher 2002
John Gilmour Politician 1940
Benjamin Harrison Quotes Benjamin Harrison President 1901
Gabriel Heatter Journalist 1972
Mitch Hedberg Quotes Mitch Hedberg Comedian 2005
Thomas Holcroft Quotes Thomas Holcroft Dramatist 1809
Richard Henry Horne Quotes Richard Henry Horne Poet 1884
Harlan Howard Musician 2002
Michael Jeter Quotes Michael Jeter Actor 2003
Garson Kanin Quotes Garson Kanin Playwright 1999
Danny Kaye Quotes Danny Kaye Actor 1987
Krzysztof Kieslowski Quotes Krzysztof Kieslowski Director 1996
Michael King Quotes Michael King Historian 2004
Arthur Koestler Quotes Arthur Koestler Novelist 1983
Fred Korematsu Quotes Fred Korematsu Celebrity 2005
Brandon Lee Quotes Brandon Lee Actor 1993
Gilbert Newton Lewis Quotes Gilbert Newton Lewis Scientist 1946
Tom Mann Businessman 1941
John McGahern Quotes John McGahern Writer 2006
J. P. Morgan Quotes J. P. Morgan Businessman 1913
Christian Morgenstern Quotes Christian Morgenstern Poet 1914
Jesse Owens Quotes Jesse Owens Athlete 1980
Maxfield Parrish Quotes Maxfield Parrish Artist 1966
Frank Perdue Quotes Frank Perdue Businessman 2005
Arthur Ponsonby Quotes Arthur Ponsonby Politician 1946
Karl Rahner Quotes Karl Rahner Theologian 1984
Knute Rockne Quotes Knute Rockne Coach 1931
Don Rose Entertainer 2005
William Robertson Smith Quotes William Robertson Smith Scientist 1894
Rudolf Steiner Quotes Rudolf Steiner Philosopher 1925
Paul Strand Quotes Paul Strand Photographer 1976
Elizabeth Taylor Quotes Elizabeth Taylor Actress 2011
Jean Toomer Quotes Jean Toomer Author 1967
Friedrich August von Hayek Quotes Friedrich August von Hayek Economist 1992
Malcolm Wilson Politician 2000
Stendhal Quotes Stendhal Writer 1842