Died on March, 2st

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March, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Goodman Ace Quotes Goodman Ace Writer 1982
Henry Adams Quotes Henry Adams Historian 1918
Franklin Pierce Adams Quotes Franklin Pierce Adams Writer 1960
Josef Albers Quotes Josef Albers Artist 1976
Alexander Alekhine Quotes Alexander Alekhine Celebrity 1946
Edwin Arnold Quotes Edwin Arnold Poet 1904
John Jacob Astor Quotes John Jacob Astor Businessman 1848
Lee Atwater Politician 1991
Walter Bagehot Quotes Walter Bagehot Author 1877
Hank Ballard Musician 2003
Lawrence Barrett Actor 1891
Roland Barthes Quotes Roland Barthes Critic 1980
Katharine Lee Bates Quotes Katharine Lee Bates Author 1929
Harold Bauer Quotes Harold Bauer Musician 1951
Ludwig van Beethoven Quotes Ludwig van Beethoven Composer 1827
Brendan Behan Quotes Brendan Behan Dramatist 1964
Arnold Bennett Quotes Arnold Bennett Novelist 1931
Nikolai Berdyaev Quotes Nikolai Berdyaev Philosopher 1948
Henry Bergh Quotes Henry Bergh Activist 1888
Milton Berle Quotes Milton Berle Comedian 2002
Sarah Bernhardt Quotes Sarah Bernhardt Actress 1923
Jan Berry Quotes Jan Berry Musician 2004
John Stuart Blackie Quotes John Stuart Blackie Writer 1895
Anthony Blunt Historian 1983
Henry Bolingbroke Quotes Henry Bolingbroke Royalty 1413
Robert Bosch Quotes Robert Bosch Businessman 1942
John Bright Quotes John Bright Politician 1889
Vera Brittain Quotes Vera Brittain Writer 1970
John Burroughs Quotes John Burroughs Author 1921
Sarah Caldwell Quotes Sarah Caldwell Celebrity 2006
James Callaghan Quotes James Callaghan Leader 2005
Cass Canfield Publisher 1986
Emily Carr Quotes Emily Carr Artist 1945
Howard Carter Quotes Howard Carter Scientist 1939
Joyce Cary Novelist 1957
Randy Castillo Musician 2002
John Cazale Quotes John Cazale Actor 1978
Marc Chagall Quotes Marc Chagall Artist 1985
Raymond Chandler Quotes Raymond Chandler Writer 1959
John Clapham Economist 1946
John Bates Clark Quotes John Bates Clark Economist 1938
Johnnie Cochran Quotes Johnnie Cochran Lawyer 2005
Eddie Collins Quotes Eddie Collins Athlete 1951
Alex Comfort Quotes Alex Comfort Author 2000
Marquis de Condorcet Quotes Marquis de Condorcet Philosopher 1794
Noel Coward Quotes Noel Coward Playwright 1973
Malcolm Cowley Quotes Malcolm Cowley Critic 1989
George Crook Quotes George Crook Soldier 1890
Lord Curzon Quotes Lord Curzon Statesman 1925
George Mercer Dawson Quotes George Mercer Dawson Scientist 1901
Claude Debussy Quotes Claude Debussy Composer 1918
Stephen Decatur Quotes Stephen Decatur Soldier 1820
Martin Denny Musician 2005
Helene Deutsch Quotes Helene Deutsch Psychologist 1982
James Dewar Quotes James Dewar Scientist 1923
Philip K. Dick Quotes Philip K. Dick Writer 1982
Lord Alfred Douglas Quotes Lord Alfred Douglas Poet 1945
Alfred Douglas Quotes Alfred Douglas Poet 1945
John Drinkwater Poet 1937
Louis Dudek Poet 2001
Raoul Dufy Artist 1953
Ian Dury Quotes Ian Dury Musician 2000
Max Eastman Quotes Max Eastman Author 1969
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Quotes Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Novelist 1916
Jonathan Edwards Clergyman 1758
Dwight D. Eisenhower Quotes Dwight D. Eisenhower President 1969
Milton H. Erickson Psychologist 1980
Thomas Erskine Quotes Thomas Erskine Theologian 1870
M. C. Escher Quotes M. C. Escher Artist 1972
Leo Fender Quotes Leo Fender Businessman 1991
Geraldine Ferraro Quotes Geraldine Ferraro Politician 2011
Dorothy Fields Quotes Dorothy Fields Musician 1974
Ferdinand Foch Quotes Ferdinand Foch Soldier 1929
Yuri Gagarin Quotes Yuri Gagarin Astronaut 1968
Serge Gainsbourg Quotes Serge Gainsbourg Poet 1991
Greg Garrison Director 2005
Thomas S. Gates, Jr. Public Servant 1983
David Lloyd George Quotes David Lloyd George Statesman 1945
Lewis Grizzard Writer 1994
Jean Guitton Philosopher 1999
William Christopher Handy Quotes William Christopher Handy Musician 1958
John Harrison Quotes John Harrison Inventor 1776
Woody Hayes Quotes Woody Hayes Coach 1987
Howell Heflin Quotes Howell Heflin Politician 2005
John Hersey Quotes John Hersey Writer 1993
Alun Hoddinott Quotes Alun Hoddinott Composer 2008
Thomas Holcroft Quotes Thomas Holcroft Dramatist 1809
John Clellon Holmes Quotes John Clellon Holmes Writer 1988
Mark Hopkins Educator 1878
Thomas Hughes Quotes Thomas Hughes Judge 1896
Chet Huntley Quotes Chet Huntley Journalist 1974
James Hutton Quotes James Hutton Scientist 1797
Elizabeth I Quotes Elizabeth I Royalty 1603
Helge Ingstad Quotes Helge Ingstad Explorer 2001
Eugene Ionesco Quotes Eugene Ionesco Dramatist 1994
Arne Jacobsen Quotes Arne Jacobsen Architect 1971
George Jessel Judge 1883
Nunnally Johnson Director 1977
Queen Juliana Quotes Queen Juliana Royalty 2004
Otto Hermann Kahn Quotes Otto Hermann Kahn Businessman 1934
John Keble Quotes John Keble Clergyman 1866
Emmett Kelly Quotes Emmett Kelly Entertainer 1979
Lajos Kossuth Quotes Lajos Kossuth Lawyer 1894
Polykarp Kusch Quotes Polykarp Kusch Scientist 1993
David Herbert Lawrence Quotes David Herbert Lawrence Writer 1930
Stephen Leacock Quotes Stephen Leacock Economist 1944
Walter Legge Quotes Walter Legge Businessman 1979
Stanislaw Lem Quotes Stanislaw Lem Writer 2006
Gilbert Newton Lewis Quotes Gilbert Newton Lewis Scientist 1946
Ben Lindsey Judge 1943
Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Quotes Henry Wadsworth Longfellow Poet 1882
Robert Ludlum Novelist 2001
Ella Maillart Quotes Ella Maillart Writer 1997
Heinrich Mann Quotes Heinrich Mann Novelist 1950
Daniel Massey Actor 1998
Mercedes McCambridge Quotes Mercedes McCambridge Actress 2004
Bernard Meltzer Lawyer 1998
Yehudi Menuhin Quotes Yehudi Menuhin Musician 1999
Howard Metzenbaum Quotes Howard Metzenbaum Poet 2008
Margaret Millar Writer 1994
C. Wright Mills Quotes C. Wright Mills Sociologist 1962
Bernard Law Montgomery Quotes Bernard Law Montgomery Soldier 1976
Dudley Moore Quotes Dudley Moore Celebrity 2002
Berthe Morisot Quotes Berthe Morisot Artist 1895
Christopher Morley Author 1957
Daniel Patrick Moynihan Politician 2003
Edmund S. Muskie Quotes Edmund S. Muskie Politician 1996
Sarojini Naidu Quotes Sarojini Naidu Politician 1949
Joseph Needham Quotes Joseph Needham Scientist 1995
Isaac Newton Quotes Isaac Newton Mathematician 1727
Earl Nightingale Entertainer 1989
Carl Orff Quotes Carl Orff Composer 1982
Eugene Ormandy Quotes Eugene Ormandy Musician 1985
Buck Owens Quotes Buck Owens Musician 2006
David Packard Quotes David Packard Businessman 1996
Charlie Parker Quotes Charlie Parker Musician 1955
James Payn Quotes James Payn Novelist 1898
Arthur Ponsonby Quotes Arthur Ponsonby Politician 1946
Anthony Powell Quotes Anthony Powell Novelist 2000
David Powers Quotes David Powers Politician 1998
V. S. Pritchett Writer 1997
Edgar Quinet Historian 1875
Cecil Rhodes Quotes Cecil Rhodes Statesman 1902
Adrienne Rich Quotes Adrienne Rich Poet 2012
Jacob August Riis Quotes Jacob August Riis Journalist 1914
Jacob Riis Quotes Jacob Riis Journalist 1914
Constance Rourke Quotes Constance Rourke Author 1941
Marge Schott Quotes Marge Schott Businesswoman 2004
Robert Falcon Scott Quotes Robert Falcon Scott Explorer 1912
Anton Seidl Celebrity 1898
Georges Seurat Quotes Georges Seurat Artist 1891
Anna Seward Quotes Anna Seward Writer 1809
Bobby Short Quotes Bobby Short Musician 2005
George Sisler Quotes George Sisler Athlete 1973
Albion W. Small Sociologist 1926
Logan Pearsall Smith Critic 1946
Robert Southey Quotes Robert Southey Poet 1843
Dusty Springfield Quotes Dusty Springfield Musician 1999
Jean Stafford Quotes Jean Stafford Writer 1979
Philip Stanhope Quotes Philip Stanhope Statesman 1773
Edward Steichen Quotes Edward Steichen Photographer 1973
David Strickland Actor 1999
Anna Louise Strong Quotes Anna Louise Strong Journalist 1970
Emanuel Swedenborg Quotes Emanuel Swedenborg Scientist 1772
John Millington Synge Quotes John Millington Synge Poet 1909
Kenzo Tange Quotes Kenzo Tange Architect 2005
Elizabeth Taylor Quotes Elizabeth Taylor Actress 2011
Frederick W. Taylor Quotes Frederick W. Taylor Scientist 1915
Henry Taylor Dramatist 1886
Jim Thorpe Quotes Jim Thorpe Athlete 1953
Michael Todd Producer 1958
Mike Todd Quotes Mike Todd Producer 1958
Richard Chenevix Trench Quotes Richard Chenevix Trench Clergyman 1886
Patrick Troughton Quotes Patrick Troughton Actor 1987
Nathan F. Twining Quotes Nathan F. Twining Soldier 1982
Peter Ustinov Quotes Peter Ustinov Actor 2004
John Vanbrugh Quotes John Vanbrugh Architect 1726
Harry Vardon Quotes Harry Vardon Athlete 1937
Jules Verne Quotes Jules Verne Author 1905
Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Quotes Johann Wolfgang von Goethe Poet 1832
Friedrich August von Hayek Quotes Friedrich August von Hayek Economist 1992
Benjamin F. Wade Quotes Benjamin F. Wade Politician 1878
Horace Walpole Quotes Horace Walpole Author 1797
An Wang Businessman 1990
Daniel Waters Soldier 1816
Caspar Weinberger Quotes Caspar Weinberger Public Servant 2006
Carolyn Wells Author 1942
Ida B. Wells Quotes Ida B. Wells Activist 1931
Charles Wesley Quotes Charles Wesley Clergyman 1788
George Westinghouse Quotes George Westinghouse Inventor 1914
John Hall Wheelock Poet 1978
Walt Whitman Quotes Walt Whitman Poet 1892
Richard Widmark Quotes Richard Widmark Actor 2008
Billy Wilder Quotes Billy Wilder Director 2002
Joe Williams Quotes Joe Williams Musician 1999
Malcolm Williamson Composer 2003
John Winthrop Quotes John Winthrop Celebrity 1649
Ernie Wise Quotes Ernie Wise Comedian 1999
Isaac Mayer Wise Quotes Isaac Mayer Wise Clergyman 1900
Beatrice Wood Artist 1998
Virginia Woolf Quotes Virginia Woolf Author 1941
Lin Yutang Author 1976
Nadar Artist 1910
Novalis Quotes Novalis Poet 1801
Stendhal Quotes Stendhal Writer 1842