Died on March, 1st

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March, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Edward Abbey Quotes Edward Abbey Author 1989
Bella Abzug Quotes Bella Abzug Lawyer 1998
Arthur Adamov Playwright 1970
Howard Aiken Quotes Howard Aiken Scientist 1973
Thomas Bailey Aldrich Quotes Thomas Bailey Aldrich Poet 1907
Eben Alexander Educator 1910
Fred Allen Quotes Fred Allen Comedian 1956
Edmondo De Amicis Quotes Edmondo De Amicis Novelist 1908
Eugenie Anderson Quotes Eugenie Anderson Diplomat 1997
Adolf Anderssen Quotes Adolf Anderssen Celebrity 1879
Susan B. Anthony Quotes Susan B. Anthony Activist 1906
John Atkinson Judge 1931
Enid Bagnold Quotes Enid Bagnold Author 1981
Arthur Balfour Quotes Arthur Balfour Statesman 1930
Harold Bauer Quotes Harold Bauer Musician 1951
Aubrey Beardsley Quotes Aubrey Beardsley Artist 1898
August Bebel Quotes August Bebel Politician 1913
Stephen Vincent Benet Quotes Stephen Vincent Benet Poet 1943
Henry Bergh Quotes Henry Bergh Activist 1888
Busby Berkeley Quotes Busby Berkeley Director 1976
Daniel Bernoulli Quotes Daniel Bernoulli Mathematician 1782
Henry Bessemer Quotes Henry Bessemer Scientist 1898
Bruno Bettelheim Quotes Bruno Bettelheim Writer 1990
William Beveridge Quotes William Beveridge Economist 1963
Alice Stone Blackwell Quotes Alice Stone Blackwell Journalist 1950
Edward Blake Quotes Edward Blake Politician 1912
Nicolas Boileau Quotes Nicolas Boileau Poet 1711
Robert Bosch Quotes Robert Bosch Businessman 1942
John Bracken Quotes John Bracken Politician 1969
Leigh Brackett Quotes Leigh Brackett Author 1978
Constantin Brancusi Quotes Constantin Brancusi Sculptor 1957
Lloyd Bridges Quotes Lloyd Bridges Actor 1998
Charlotte Bronte Quotes Charlotte Bronte Novelist 1855
Harry Browne Quotes Harry Browne Writer 2006
Edgar Rice Burroughs Quotes Edgar Rice Burroughs Author 1950
John Byng Quotes John Byng Soldier 1757
Richard E. Byrd Quotes Richard E. Byrd Explorer 1957
John C. Calhoun Quotes John C. Calhoun Statesman 1850
Harry Callahan Photographer 1999
Thomas Campion Composer 1620
Sydney Carter Poet 2004
John Cazale Quotes John Cazale Actor 1978
Robert Chambers Writer 1871
Warren Christopher Quotes Warren Christopher Statesman 2011
John Bates Clark Quotes John Bates Clark Economist 1938
Arthur C. Clarke Quotes Arthur C. Clarke Writer 2008
Irvin S. Cobb Quotes Irvin S. Cobb Journalist 1944
Arthur H. Compton Quotes Arthur H. Compton Scientist 1962
Arthur Holly Compton Quotes Arthur Holly Compton Scientist 1962
John Constable Quotes John Constable Artist 1837
Rachel Corrie Quotes Rachel Corrie Activist 2003
Richard Cowper Writer 2002
Walter Crane Quotes Walter Crane Artist 1915
George Crook Quotes George Crook Soldier 1890
Clarence Darrow Quotes Clarence Darrow Lawyer 1938
Dixie Dean Quotes Dixie Dean Athlete 1980
John DeLorean Quotes John DeLorean Businessman 2005
Thomas Dewey Quotes Thomas Dewey Politician 1971
John Dickey Politician 1853
Austin Dobson Celebrity 1963
John Donne Quotes John Donne Poet 1631
Henry Drummond Writer 1897
George Eastman Quotes George Eastman Inventor 1932
Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Quotes Marie von Ebner-Eschenbach Novelist 1916
Odysseas Elytis Quotes Odysseas Elytis Writer 1996
Ralph Erskine Architect 2005
King Farouk Quotes King Farouk Royalty 1965
Tommy Farr Quotes Tommy Farr Athlete 1986
Leo Fender Quotes Leo Fender Businessman 1991
Zelda Fitzgerald Quotes Zelda Fitzgerald Writer 1948
Alexander Fleming Quotes Alexander Fleming Scientist 1955
Tim Flock Quotes Tim Flock Celebrity 1998
Erich Fromm Psychologist 1980
Hans-Georg Gadamer Philosopher 2002
Andy Gibb Quotes Andy Gibb Musician 1988
Philip Gibbs Quotes Philip Gibbs Journalist 1962
Arthur Godfrey Quotes Arthur Godfrey Entertainer 1983
Klement Gottwald Politician 1953
Michael Gough Quotes Michael Gough Actor 2011
Horace Gregory Poet 1982
George Grossmith Quotes George Grossmith Actor 1912
Jean Guitton Philosopher 1999
Corey Haim Quotes Corey Haim Actor 2010
Fannie Lou Hamer Quotes Fannie Lou Hamer Activist 1977
Benjamin Harrison Quotes Benjamin Harrison President 1901
Haldan Keffer Hartline Quotes Haldan Keffer Hartline Scientist 1983
Woody Hayes Quotes Woody Hayes Coach 1987
Helen Hayes Quotes Helen Hayes Actress 1993
George Herbert Quotes George Herbert Poet 1633
Thora Hird Quotes Thora Hird Actress 2003
Alun Hoddinott Quotes Alun Hoddinott Composer 2008
Richard Henry Horne Quotes Richard Henry Horne Poet 1884
Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr Quotes Amelia Edith Huddleston Barr Novelist 1919
Betty Hutton Quotes Betty Hutton Actress 2007
Pope Shenouda III Quotes Pope Shenouda III Clergyman 2012
Anna Jameson Quotes Anna Jameson Writer 1860
George Jessel Judge 1883
Louis Kahn Quotes Louis Kahn Architect 1974
Garson Kanin Quotes Garson Kanin Playwright 1999
George F. Kennan Quotes George F. Kennan Historian 2005
Krzysztof Kieslowski Quotes Krzysztof Kieslowski Director 1996
Willem de Kooning Quotes Willem de Kooning Artist 1997
Alfred Korzybski Quotes Alfred Korzybski Scientist 1950
Bowie Kuhn Quotes Bowie Kuhn Athlete 2007
Francois de La Rochefoucauld Quotes Francois de La Rochefoucauld Writer 1680
Edwin Land Quotes Edwin Land Inventor 1991
Frank Lane Businessman 1981
Brandon Lee Quotes Brandon Lee Actor 1993
H. P. Lovecraft Quotes H. P. Lovecraft Novelist 1937
Robert Ludlum Novelist 2001
Bernard Malamud Quotes Bernard Malamud Novelist 1986
Peter Malkin Quotes Peter Malkin Public Servant 2005
Tom Mann Businessman 1941
Heinrich Mann Quotes Heinrich Mann Novelist 1950
Karl Marx Quotes Karl Marx Philosopher 1883
Jan Masaryk Quotes Jan Masaryk Diplomat 1948
Giuseppe Mazzini Quotes Giuseppe Mazzini Activist 1872
John J. McCloy Quotes John J. McCloy Lawyer 1989
Yehudi Menuhin Quotes Yehudi Menuhin Musician 1999
Howard Metzenbaum Quotes Howard Metzenbaum Poet 2008
Ray Milland Quotes Ray Milland Actor 1986
William Minto Writer 1893
Jean Monnet Quotes Jean Monnet Politician 1979
Edward Moore Dramatist 1757
J. P. Morgan Quotes J. P. Morgan Businessman 1913
Augustus de Morgan Quotes Augustus de Morgan Mathematician 1871
Christian Morgenstern Quotes Christian Morgenstern Poet 1914
Johann Most Quotes Johann Most Revolutionary 1906
W. H. Murray Athlete 1996
Robert Nelson Politician 1873
Andre Norton Quotes Andre Norton Writer 2005
Frank O'Connor Author 1966
Merlin Olsen Quotes Merlin Olsen Athlete 2010
Aristotle Onassis Quotes Aristotle Onassis Businessman 1975
Eugene Ormandy Quotes Eugene Ormandy Musician 1985
Jesse Owens Quotes Jesse Owens Athlete 1980
Charlie Parker Quotes Charlie Parker Musician 1955
Frank Perdue Quotes Frank Perdue Businessman 2005
John Phillips Musician 2001
John Pople Scientist 2004
Lawrence Clark Powell Quotes Lawrence Clark Powell Critic 2001
Burton Rascoe Journalist 1957
B. Carroll Reece Politician 1961
Derek Harold Richard Barton Scientist 1998
Knute Rockne Quotes Knute Rockne Coach 1931
Ida Pauline Rolf Quotes Ida Pauline Rolf Scientist 1979
Mark Rutherford Writer 1913
Paul Scofield Quotes Paul Scofield Actor 2008
Paul Scott Novelist 1978
Roger Sessions Quotes Roger Sessions Composer 1985
Benjamin Shahn Quotes Benjamin Shahn Artist 1969
Ben Shahn Quotes Ben Shahn Artist 1969
Robert Shea Quotes Robert Shea Author 1994
Barry Sheene Quotes Barry Sheene Celebrity 2003
Bobby Short Quotes Bobby Short Musician 2005
Ron Silver Quotes Ron Silver Actor 2009
John Sladek Author 2000
William Robertson Smith Quotes William Robertson Smith Scientist 1894
Ann Sothern Quotes Ann Sothern Actress 2001
Robert Southey Quotes Robert Southey Poet 1843
Jared Sparks Quotes Jared Sparks Educator 1866
Benjamin Spock Quotes Benjamin Spock Scientist 1998
Amos Alonzo Stagg Quotes Amos Alonzo Stagg Athlete 1965
Laurence Stern Quotes Laurence Stern Clergyman 1768
Laurence Sterne Quotes Laurence Sterne Novelist 1768
Anthony Storr Author 2001
Paul Strand Quotes Paul Strand Photographer 1976
Charles Sumner Quotes Charles Sumner Politician 1874
James Joseph Sylvester Quotes James Joseph Sylvester Mathematician 1897
Frederick W. Taylor Quotes Frederick W. Taylor Scientist 1915
Sonny Terry Musician 1986
James Tobin Economist 2002
Hendrik Willem Van Loon Quotes Hendrik Willem Van Loon Journalist 1944
Victor Vasarely Artist 1997
Henry Wade Quotes Henry Wade Lawyer 2001
Zerelda G. Wallace Quotes Zerelda G. Wallace Activist 1901
Robert Walpole Quotes Robert Walpole Statesman 1745
Pat Weaver Quotes Pat Weaver Businesswoman 2002
Benjamin West Quotes Benjamin West Artist 1820
Rebecca West Quotes Rebecca West Author 1983
George Westinghouse Quotes George Westinghouse Inventor 1914
William H. Wharton Politician 1839
Norbert Wiener Quotes Norbert Wiener Mathematician 1964
Charles Williams Editor 1945
David Wilmot Activist 1868
Malcolm Wilson Politician 2000
Garry Winogrand Photographer 1984
Ernie Wise Quotes Ernie Wise Comedian 1999
Beatrice Wood Artist 1998
Whitney M. Young Quotes Whitney M. Young Activist 1971
Yevgeny Zamyatin Quotes Yevgeny Zamyatin Novelist 1937
Fred Zinnemann Quotes Fred Zinnemann Director 1997
Nadar Artist 1910
Michelangelo Quotes Michelangelo Artist 1564
Capucine Quotes Capucine Actress 1990