Died on June, 9st

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June, 9st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Grace Abbott Quotes Grace Abbott Activist 1939
Lord Acton Quotes Lord Acton Historian 1902
John Acton Historian 1902
William Maxwell Aitken Quotes William Maxwell Aitken Businessman 1964
Arthur Alexander Quotes Arthur Alexander Musician 1993
Roland Allen Clergyman 1947
Fatty Arbuckle Quotes Fatty Arbuckle Comedian 1933
Rudolf Arnheim Quotes Rudolf Arnheim Artist 2007
John Aspinall Celebrity 2000
Joseph Banks Quotes Joseph Banks Environmentalist 1820
James M. Barrie Quotes James M. Barrie Playwright 1937
J. M. Barrie Quotes J. M. Barrie Novelist 1937
Lord Beaverbrook Quotes Lord Beaverbrook Businessman 1964
Ugo Betti Playwright 1953
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Quotes Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poet 1861
Tim Buckley Quotes Tim Buckley Musician 1975
William Carey Clergyman 1834
Samuel Chase Quotes Samuel Chase Judge 1811
Jennie Jerome Churchill Quotes Jennie Jerome Churchill Celebrity 1921
Jennie Churchill Quotes Jennie Churchill Celebrity 1921
Henry Clay Quotes Henry Clay Statesman 1852
Rosemary Clooney Quotes Rosemary Clooney Musician 2002
Charles Dickens Quotes Charles Dickens Novelist 1870
Henry Dodge Politician 1867
Eric Dolphy Quotes Eric Dolphy Musician 1964
Richard Eberhart Quotes Richard Eberhart Poet 2005
Margaret Fuller Quotes Margaret Fuller Critic 1850
Delphine de Girardin Novelist 1855
William Golding Quotes William Golding Novelist 1993
Katharine Hepburn Quotes Katharine Hepburn Actress 2003
Thomas Huxley Quotes Thomas Huxley Scientist 1895
Hans Janmaat Quotes Hans Janmaat Politician 2002
Paul Klee Quotes Paul Klee Artist 1940
Lee Krasner Quotes Lee Krasner Artist 1984
Jacob Lawrence Quotes Jacob Lawrence Artist 2000
Richard Henry Lee Quotes Richard Henry Lee Politician 1794
Henri Lefebvre Sociologist 1991
William Lilly Celebrity 1681
Jayne Mansfield Quotes Jayne Mansfield Actress 1967
Jerome Myers Quotes Jerome Myers Artist 1940
Carry Nation Quotes Carry Nation Activist 1911
Ignacy Jan Paderewski Quotes Ignacy Jan Paderewski Artist 1941
Joel Siegel Critic 2007
Alexis Smith Quotes Alexis Smith Actress 1993
Brandon Thomas Quotes Brandon Thomas Actor 1914
Jan Tinbergen Quotes Jan Tinbergen Economist 1994
Charles Trevelyan Public Servant 1886
Lana Turner Quotes Lana Turner Actress 1995
Irving Wallace Author 1990
Thomas J. Watson Quotes Thomas J. Watson Scientist 1956
Victoria Woodhull Quotes Victoria Woodhull Activist 1927
Ed Wynn Quotes Ed Wynn Entertainer 1966