Died on June, 6st

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June, 6st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Mel Allen Quotes Mel Allen Celebrity 1996
Anne Bancroft Quotes Anne Bancroft Actress 2005
Jeremy Bentham Quotes Jeremy Bentham Philosopher 1832
Marc Bloch Quotes Marc Bloch Historian 1944
Wernher von Braun Quotes Wernher von Braun Scientist 1977
Arthur Frank Burns Quotes Arthur Frank Burns Economist 1987
Joseph Butler Quotes Joseph Butler Clergyman 1752
Simon Cameron Quotes Simon Cameron Politician 1889
Roy Campanella Quotes Roy Campanella Athlete 1993
James E. Casey Quotes James E. Casey Businessman 1983
Camillo di Cavour Quotes Camillo di Cavour Statesman 1861
Randolph Churchill Journalist 1968
Voltairine de Cleyre Quotes Voltairine de Cleyre Activist 1912
Diana Cooper Quotes Diana Cooper Celebrity 1986
Ralph Cudworth Quotes Ralph Cudworth Theologian 1688
Richard Dawson Quotes Richard Dawson Actor 2012
Alfred Doblin Quotes Alfred Doblin Novelist 1957
Nora Ephron Quotes Nora Ephron Author 2012
Michel Foucault Quotes Michel Foucault Historian 1984
J. Paul Getty Quotes J. Paul Getty Businessman 1976
Stan Getz Quotes Stan Getz Musician 1991
Kenneth Grahame Quotes Kenneth Grahame Novelist 1932
Benjamin Hawkins Quotes Benjamin Hawkins Diplomat 1816
Patrick Henry Quotes Patrick Henry Politician 1799
Marvin Isley Musician 2010
James Weldon Johnson Quotes James Weldon Johnson Poet 1938
Rufus Jones Writer 1948
Carl Jung Quotes Carl Jung Psychologist 1961
Robert Kennedy Quotes Robert Kennedy Politician 1968
Yves Klein Quotes Yves Klein Artist 1962
Karl Landsteiner Quotes Karl Landsteiner Scientist 1943
Malcolm Lowry Quotes Malcolm Lowry Poet 1957
E. V. Lucas Quotes E. V. Lucas Writer 1938
Auguste Lumiere Quotes Auguste Lumiere Director 1948
Maurice Maeterlinck Quotes Maurice Maeterlinck Dramatist 1949
Walter Martin Clergyman 1989
John McDonald Leader 1891
Karl Philipp Moritz Quotes Karl Philipp Moritz Author 1793
Arnold Newman Photographer 2006
Billy Preston Quotes Billy Preston Musician 2006
George Reeves Quotes George Reeves Actor 1959
Kenneth Rexroth Quotes Kenneth Rexroth Poet 1982
David Rittenhouse Quotes David Rittenhouse Scientist 1796
Caesar Rodney Quotes Caesar Rodney Lawyer 1784
Lillian Russell Quotes Lillian Russell Actress 1922
Yuan Shikai Quotes Yuan Shikai Soldier 1916
Daniel Smith Politician 1818
Max Stirner Quotes Max Stirner Philosopher 1856
Charles Sturt Quotes Charles Sturt Explorer 1869
Denis Thatcher Quotes Denis Thatcher Businessman 2003
Strom Thurmond Quotes Strom Thurmond Politician 2003
Georg Henrik von Wright Quotes Georg Henrik von Wright Philosopher 2003
Hans Urs von Balthasar Theologian 1988
Gilbert White Quotes Gilbert White Scientist 1793
Judith Wright Poet 2000
Francis Parker Yockey Writer 1960