Died on June, 3st

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June, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Mark Akenside Quotes Mark Akenside Poet 1770
Shana Alexander Journalist 2005
Margery Allingham Quotes Margery Allingham Writer 1966
Michelangelo Antonioni Quotes Michelangelo Antonioni Director 2007
Michael Arlen Writer 1956
James Arness Quotes James Arness Actor 2011
Leon Askin Quotes Leon Askin Actor 2005
Chet Atkins Quotes Chet Atkins Musician 2001
Mikhail Bakunin Quotes Mikhail Bakunin Revolutionary 1876
Charles A. Beckwith Quotes Charles A. Beckwith Soldier 1994
Ingmar Bergman Quotes Ingmar Bergman Director 2007
Maeve Binchy Quotes Maeve Binchy Novelist 2012
Otto von Bismarck Quotes Otto von Bismarck Leader 1898
Georges Bizet Quotes Georges Bizet Composer 1875
John Britton Mathematician 1994
Martin Buber Quotes Martin Buber Philosopher 1965
Vannevar Bush Quotes Vannevar Bush Scientist 1974
Tom C. Clark Quotes Tom C. Clark Politician 1977
Claudette Colbert Quotes Claudette Colbert Actress 1996
Marceline Desbordes-Valmore Poet 1859
Stephen Douglas Quotes Stephen Douglas Politician 1861
Lee De Forest Quotes Lee De Forest Inventor 1961
Christopher Fry Playwright 2005
Benny Goodman Quotes Benny Goodman Musician 1986
Gale Gordon Quotes Gale Gordon Actor 1995
Thomas Gray Quotes Thomas Gray Poet 1771
Buddy Hackett Quotes Buddy Hackett Comedian 2003
William S. Hart Quotes William S. Hart Actor 1946
William Harvey Quotes William Harvey Scientist 1657
Charles Haughey Politician 2006
Lillian Hellman Quotes Lillian Hellman Dramatist 1984
Nazim Hikmet Quotes Nazim Hikmet Poet 1963
Maynard Jackson Quotes Maynard Jackson Politician 2003
Franz Kafka Quotes Franz Kafka Novelist 1924
Raj Kapoor Quotes Raj Kapoor Actor 1988
Ayatollah Khomeini Quotes Ayatollah Khomeini Statesman 1989
Rue McClanahan Quotes Rue McClanahan Actress 2010
Robert McCloskey Author 2003
Ed McMahon Quotes Ed McMahon Entertainer 2009
James Mill Historian 1836
Merton Miller Quotes Merton Miller Economist 2000
Nancy Mitford Quotes Nancy Mitford Author 1973
Robert Morley Quotes Robert Morley Actor 1992
Anna Neagle Quotes Anna Neagle Actress 1986
Roscoe Pound Quotes Roscoe Pound Lawyer 1964
Anthony Quinn Quotes Anthony Quinn Actor 2001
Arthur Ransome Quotes Arthur Ransome Author 1967
Jerome Richardson Musician 2000
Roberto Rossellini Quotes Roberto Rossellini Director 1977
Tim Russert Quotes Tim Russert Journalist 2008
Jonas Salk Quotes Jonas Salk Scientist 1995
Eisaku Sato Quotes Eisaku Sato Politician 1975
Hjalmar Schacht Quotes Hjalmar Schacht Economist 1970
Andres Segovia Quotes Andres Segovia Musician 1987
Betty Shabazz Quotes Betty Shabazz Activist 1997
William E. Simon Quotes William E. Simon Public Servant 2000
Howard Simons Editor 1989
Aaron Spelling Producer 2006
Clyfford Still Quotes Clyfford Still Artist 1980
Gregor Strasser Quotes Gregor Strasser Soldier 1934
Boris Vian Quotes Boris Vian Writer 1959
Lew Wasserman Quotes Lew Wasserman Producer 2002
Frank Waters Writer 1995
Felix de Weldon Sculptor 2003
Pope John XXIII Quotes Pope John XXIII Clergyman 1963