Died on June, 2st

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June, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Mortimer Adler Quotes Mortimer Adler Philosopher 2001
Mark Akenside Quotes Mark Akenside Poet 1770
Shana Alexander Journalist 2005
Saul Alinsky Quotes Saul Alinsky Activist 1972
GG Allin Quotes GG Allin Musician 1993
Fatty Arbuckle Quotes Fatty Arbuckle Comedian 1933
Michael Arlen Writer 1956
Thomas Arnold Quotes Thomas Arnold Educator 1842
John Aspinall Celebrity 2000
Fred Astaire Quotes Fred Astaire Actor 1987
Joseph Auslander Quotes Joseph Auslander Poet 1965
George Axelrod Writer 2003
Bernard Baruch Quotes Bernard Baruch Businessman 1965
Alexander Berkman Quotes Alexander Berkman Writer 1936
Bill Blass Quotes Bill Blass Designer 2002
Ernest Bramah Writer 1942
Earl Browder Quotes Earl Browder Activist 1973
Elizabeth Barrett Browning Quotes Elizabeth Barrett Browning Poet 1861
Arthur Bryant Historian 1985
Tim Buckley Quotes Tim Buckley Musician 1975
Warren E. Burger Quotes Warren E. Burger Judge 1995
Smedley Butler Quotes Smedley Butler Soldier 1940
Simon Cameron Quotes Simon Cameron Politician 1889
Roy Campanella Quotes Roy Campanella Athlete 1993
Al Campanis Businessman 1998
George Carlin Quotes George Carlin Comedian 2008
Edward Carpenter Quotes Edward Carpenter Activist 1929
Erwin Chargaff Scientist 2002
Jennie Jerome Churchill Quotes Jennie Jerome Churchill Celebrity 1921
Henry Clay Quotes Henry Clay Statesman 1852
Grover Cleveland Quotes Grover Cleveland President 1908
Rosemary Clooney Quotes Rosemary Clooney Musician 2002
Imogene Coca Quotes Imogene Coca Actress 2001
William Collins Poet 1759
Ray Combs Quotes Ray Combs Comedian 1996
Georges Courteline Dramatist 1929
Jacques Yves Cousteau Quotes Jacques Yves Cousteau Explorer 1997
Ralph Cudworth Quotes Ralph Cudworth Theologian 1688
Imogen Cunningham Photographer 1976
George Armstrong Custer Quotes George Armstrong Custer Soldier 1876
Stuart Davis Artist 1964
Marceline Desbordes-Valmore Poet 1859
Bo Diddley Quotes Bo Diddley Musician 2008
Alfred Doblin Quotes Alfred Doblin Novelist 1957
Eric Dolphy Quotes Eric Dolphy Musician 1964
George Dorsey Politician 1911
Thomas Eakins Quotes Thomas Eakins Artist 1916
Albert Ellis Quotes Albert Ellis Psychologist 2007
John Entwistle Quotes John Entwistle Musician 2002
Nora Ephron Quotes Nora Ephron Author 2012
John Erskine Poet 1951
Medgar Evers Quotes Medgar Evers Activist 1963
Clifton Fadiman Quotes Clifton Fadiman Writer 1999
Farrah Fawcett Quotes Farrah Fawcett Actress 2009
Ma Ferguson Quotes Ma Ferguson Politician 1961
Mel Ferrer Quotes Mel Ferrer Actor 2008
Timothy Findley Quotes Timothy Findley Novelist 2002
John Fisher Quotes John Fisher Clergyman 1535
Shelby Foote Quotes Shelby Foote Author 2005
Timothy Thomas Fortune Writer 1928
Michel Foucault Quotes Michel Foucault Historian 1984
Terry Fox Quotes Terry Fox Athlete 1981
Bruno Frank Author 1945
Karl von Frisch Quotes Karl von Frisch Scientist 1982
Helen Gahagan Quotes Helen Gahagan Actress 1980
Giuseppe Garibaldi Quotes Giuseppe Garibaldi Soldier 1882
Judy Garland Quotes Judy Garland Actress 1969
Vittorio Gassman Quotes Vittorio Gassman Actor 2000
Lou Gehrig Quotes Lou Gehrig Athlete 1941
Delphine de Girardin Novelist 1855
Jackie Gleason Quotes Jackie Gleason Actor 1987
Thomas Gold Quotes Thomas Gold Scientist 2004
Andrew Goodman Quotes Andrew Goodman Activist 1964
Benny Green Musician 1998
Gerald Griffin Quotes Gerald Griffin Author 1840
Philippe Halsman Photographer 1979
Johann Georg Hamann Quotes Johann Georg Hamann Philosopher 1788
Tony Hancock Quotes Tony Hancock Comedian 1968
William S. Hart Quotes William S. Hart Actor 1946
Benjamin Haydon Quotes Benjamin Haydon Artist 1846
Matthew Henry Quotes Matthew Henry Clergyman 1714
Katharine Hepburn Quotes Katharine Hepburn Actress 2003
John Lee Hooker Quotes John Lee Hooker Musician 2001
Alan Hovhaness Quotes Alan Hovhaness Composer 2000
Don Hutson Quotes Don Hutson Athlete 1997
Thomas Huxley Quotes Thomas Huxley Scientist 1895
Michael Jackson Quotes Michael Jackson Musician 2009
Maynard Jackson Quotes Maynard Jackson Politician 2003
Tove Jansson Quotes Tove Jansson Novelist 2001
Sarah Orne Jewett Quotes Sarah Orne Jewett Author 1909
James Weldon Johnson Quotes James Weldon Johnson Poet 1938
Joseph Smith, Jr. Clergyman 1844
M. F. K. Fisher Writer 1992
George S. Kaufman Quotes George S. Kaufman Dramatist 1961
Jack Kilby Quotes Jack Kilby Scientist 2005
Frank King Cartoonist 1969
Paul Klee Quotes Paul Klee Artist 1940
Felix Klein Quotes Felix Klein Mathematician 1925
Karl Kraus Writer 1936
Ann Landers Quotes Ann Landers Journalist 2002
Karl Landsteiner Quotes Karl Landsteiner Scientist 1943
Henri Lefebvre Sociologist 1991
Jack Lemmon Quotes Jack Lemmon Actor 2001
Jack Lemon Quotes Jack Lemon Actor 2001
Flora Lewis Quotes Flora Lewis Journalist 2002
Willy Ley Quotes Willy Ley Writer 1969
Gyorgy Ligeti Quotes Gyorgy Ligeti Composer 2006
Malcolm Lowry Quotes Malcolm Lowry Poet 1957
E. V. Lucas Quotes E. V. Lucas Writer 1938
Niccolo Machiavelli Quotes Niccolo Machiavelli Writer 1527
Lester Maddox Quotes Lester Maddox Politician 2003
James Madison Quotes James Madison President 1836
Jayne Mansfield Quotes Jayne Mansfield Actress 1967
Guglielmo Marconi Quotes Guglielmo Marconi Scientist 1937
Burke Marshall Lawyer 2003
John Marston Poet 1634
Walter Martin Clergyman 1989
Harriet Martineau Quotes Harriet Martineau Writer 1876
Philip Massinger Quotes Philip Massinger Poet 1908
Neal A. Maxwell Clergyman 2004
Ed McMahon Quotes Ed McMahon Entertainer 2009
Johnny Mercer Quotes Johnny Mercer Musician 1976
Darius Milhaud Quotes Darius Milhaud Composer 1974
James Mill Historian 1836
Maria Mitchell Scientist 1889
Kiichi Miyazawa Quotes Kiichi Miyazawa Politician 2007
Karl Philipp Moritz Quotes Karl Philipp Moritz Author 1793
Marston Morse Quotes Marston Morse Mathematician 1977
LeRoy Neiman Quotes LeRoy Neiman Artist 2012
Pat Nixon Quotes Pat Nixon First Lady 1993
Alden Nowlan Poet 1983
Alfred Noyes Quotes Alfred Noyes Poet 1958
Carroll O'Connor Actor 2001
Margaret Oliphant Novelist 1897
John Boyd Orr Quotes John Boyd Orr Politician 1971
Elinor Ostrom Quotes Elinor Ostrom Economist 2012
Robert Dale Owen Politician 1877
Ignacy Jan Paderewski Quotes Ignacy Jan Paderewski Artist 1941
Gregory Peck Quotes Gregory Peck Actor 2003
Westbrook Pegler Quotes Westbrook Pegler Journalist 1969
Antoinette Perry Actress 1946
Harry Pollitt Quotes Harry Pollitt Politician 1960
J. F. Powers Quotes J. F. Powers Novelist 1999
Gerald Priestland Journalist 1991
Carl Rakosi Poet 2004
Walther Rathenau Quotes Walther Rathenau Businessman 1922
Jerome Richardson Musician 2000
David Rittenhouse Quotes David Rittenhouse Scientist 1796
Caesar Rodney Quotes Caesar Rodney Lawyer 1784
Vita Sackville-West Quotes Vita Sackville-West Novelist 1962
Jonas Salk Quotes Jonas Salk Scientist 1995
Andrew Sarris Critic 2012
Moritz Schlick Quotes Moritz Schlick Philosopher 1936
Menachem Mendel Schneerson Quotes Menachem Mendel Schneerson Leader 1994
David O. Selznick Quotes David O. Selznick Producer 1965
Rod Serling Quotes Rod Serling Writer 1975
Betty Shabazz Quotes Betty Shabazz Activist 1997
Norma Shearer Quotes Norma Shearer Actress 1983
Joel Siegel Critic 2007
Nicole Brown Simpson Celebrity 1994
Thorne Smith Writer 1934
James Smithson Quotes James Smithson Scientist 1829
Aaron Spelling Producer 2006
Leland Stanford Quotes Leland Stanford Businessman 1893
Mattie Stepanek Poet 2004
Clyfford Still Quotes Clyfford Still Artist 1980
Max Stirner Quotes Max Stirner Philosopher 1856
Bertha von Suttner Quotes Bertha von Suttner Novelist 1914
Herbert Bayard Swope Editor 1958
Major Taylor Quotes Major Taylor Athlete 1932
Denis Thatcher Quotes Denis Thatcher Businessman 2003
Strom Thurmond Quotes Strom Thurmond Politician 2003
Herbert Beerbohm Tree Quotes Herbert Beerbohm Tree Actor 1917
Lyman Trumbull Politician 1896
Benjamin Tucker Quotes Benjamin Tucker Activist 1939
Lana Turner Quotes Lana Turner Actress 1995
Leon Uris Quotes Leon Uris Writer 2003
Peter Utley Journalist 1988
Giorgio Vasari Quotes Giorgio Vasari Artist 1574
Boris Vian Quotes Boris Vian Writer 1959
Hans Urs von Balthasar Theologian 1988
Edward Wadsworth Quotes Edward Wadsworth Artist 1949
George Herbert Walker Businessman 1953
Irving Wallace Author 1990
John T. Walton Quotes John T. Walton Businessman 2005
Gilbert White Quotes Gilbert White Scientist 1793
Minor White Quotes Minor White Photographer 1976
Timothy White Critic 2002
Edmund Wilson Quotes Edmund Wilson Critic 1972
Paul Winchell Quotes Paul Winchell Entertainer 2005
Judith Wright Poet 2000
Clara Zetkin Quotes Clara Zetkin Politician 1933