Died on July, 7st

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July, 7st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Maude Adams Quotes Maude Adams Actress 1953
Richard Aldington Writer 1962
Syd Barrett Musician 2006
Gottfried Benn Quotes Gottfried Benn Novelist 1956
William J. Brennan Quotes William J. Brennan Judge 1997
Paul Brunton Quotes Paul Brunton Philosopher 1981
Ty Cobb Quotes Ty Cobb Athlete 1961
Tench Coxe Economist 1824
Walter Cronkite Quotes Walter Cronkite Journalist 2009
Bill Cullen Quotes Bill Cullen Entertainer 1990
John Dalton Quotes John Dalton Scientist 1844
Thayer David Actor 1978
Dizzy Dean Quotes Dizzy Dean Athlete 1974
Arthur Conan Doyle Quotes Arthur Conan Doyle Writer 1930
Juan Manuel Fangio Quotes Juan Manuel Fangio Celebrity 1995
Virginia Gildersleeve Celebrity 1965
Katharine Graham Quotes Katharine Graham Businesswoman 2001
Katherine Graham Quotes Katherine Graham Publisher 2001
Edward Heath Quotes Edward Heath Leader 2005
Gustav Heinemann Quotes Gustav Heinemann Politician 1976
Billie Holiday Quotes Billie Holiday Musician 1959
Thomas Hooker Quotes Thomas Hooker Celebrity 1647
Bob Hope Quotes Bob Hope Comedian 2003
Athenagoras I Quotes Athenagoras I Clergyman 1972
Nicholas II Quotes Nicholas II Royalty 1918
Herman Kahn Quotes Herman Kahn Scientist 1983
Veronica Lake Quotes Veronica Lake Actress 1973
Charles Lamb Quotes Charles Lamb Critic 1834
Osbert Lancaster Cartoonist 1986
Susanne Langer Philosopher 1985
Mikhail Lermontov Quotes Mikhail Lermontov Poet 1841
Reggie Lewis Athlete 1993
Tony Martin Musician 2012
John Money Psychologist 2006
George Morgan Musician 1975
Marion Motley Quotes Marion Motley Athlete 1999
Ernest Newman Critic 1959
George Oppen Quotes George Oppen Poet 1984
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Quotes Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Royalty 1980
Peace Pilgrim Quotes Peace Pilgrim Activist 1981
Henri Poincare Quotes Henri Poincare Mathematician 1912
Eddie Rickenbacker Quotes Eddie Rickenbacker Aviator 1973
George William Russell Quotes George William Russell Writer 1935
Dore Schary Producer 1980
Moshe Sharett Quotes Moshe Sharett Statesman 1965
Richard Sheridan Quotes Richard Sheridan Playwright 1816
Richard Brinsley Sheridan Quotes Richard Brinsley Sheridan Playwright 1816
Adam Smith Quotes Adam Smith Economist 1790
Jeff Smith Entertainer 2004
Mickey Spillane Quotes Mickey Spillane Author 2006
I. F. Stone Quotes I. F. Stone Journalist 1989
Brooke Foss Westcott Quotes Brooke Foss Westcott Theologian 1901
James Whistler Artist 1903
Smokey Joe Wood Quotes Smokey Joe Wood Athlete 1985
William Wyler Quotes William Wyler Director 1981