Died on July, 3st

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July, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Herbert Baxter Adams Quotes Herbert Baxter Adams Educator 1901
Poul Anderson Quotes Poul Anderson Writer 2001
Ethel Percy Andrus Quotes Ethel Percy Andrus Activist 1967
Jim Backus Quotes Jim Backus Actor 1989
Danielle Berry Quotes Danielle Berry Celebrity 1998
James Blish Quotes James Blish Author 1975
Red Buttons Quotes Red Buttons Comedian 2006
John Griffin Carlisle Quotes John Griffin Carlisle Politician 1910
Joseph Chamberlain Quotes Joseph Chamberlain Politician 1914
Rufus Choate Quotes Rufus Choate Lawyer 1859
Montgomery Clift Quotes Montgomery Clift Actor 1966
Joseph Cook Quotes Joseph Cook Politician 1947
Bao Dai Quotes Bao Dai Statesman 1997
James Daly Actor 1978
Denis Diderot Quotes Denis Diderot Editor 1784
Howard Dietz Musician 1983
Don Drysdale Quotes Don Drysdale Athlete 1993
Alberto Santos Dumont Quotes Alberto Santos Dumont Aviator 1932
Charles Edison Quotes Charles Edison Businessman 1969
Werner Finck Comedian 1978
Ernst Fischer Writer 1972
Lynn Fontanne Quotes Lynn Fontanne Actress 1983
John Charles Fremont Quotes John Charles Fremont Soldier 1890
Bronislaw Geremek Quotes Bronislaw Geremek Historian 2008
Pancho Gonzales Quotes Pancho Gonzales Athlete 1995
Betty Grable Quotes Betty Grable Actress 1973
Ulysses S. Grant Quotes Ulysses S. Grant President 1885
Andy Griffith Quotes Andy Griffith Actor 2012
D. W. Griffith Quotes D. W. Griffith Director 1948
Bert Hardy Photographer 1995
Michael Harrington Quotes Michael Harrington Writer 1989
Joel Chandler Harris Quotes Joel Chandler Harris Journalist 1908
Van Heflin Quotes Van Heflin Actor 1971
Theodor Herzl Quotes Theodor Herzl Journalist 1904
Jimmy Hoffa Quotes Jimmy Hoffa Activist 1975
Kurt Huber Quotes Kurt Huber Celebrity 1943
Cordell Hull Quotes Cordell Hull Public Servant 1955
Richard Morris Hunt Quotes Richard Morris Hunt Architect 1895
Saint Ignatius Quotes Saint Ignatius Saint 1556
King Hassan II Quotes King Hassan II Royalty 1999
Andrew Johnson Quotes Andrew Johnson President 1875
Frida Kahlo Quotes Frida Kahlo Artist 1954
Yousuf Karsh Quotes Yousuf Karsh Photographer 2002
Joyce Kilmer Quotes Joyce Kilmer Poet 1918
Joseph E. Levine Producer 1987
Franz Liszt Quotes Franz Liszt Composer 1886
George Lloyd Quotes George Lloyd Composer 1998
Ignatius Loyola Quotes Ignatius Loyola Clergyman 1556
Jean-Paul Marat Quotes Jean-Paul Marat Scientist 1793
Alfred Marshall Quotes Alfred Marshall Economist 1924
Leo McKern Quotes Leo McKern Actor 2002
Jim Morrison Quotes Jim Morrison Musician 1971
Vic Morrow Actor 1982
Alla Nazimova Quotes Alla Nazimova Actress 1945
Gaylord Nelson Quotes Gaylord Nelson Politician 2005
James Northcote Quotes James Northcote Artist 1831
Walter Pater Quotes Walter Pater Critic 1894
William Penn Quotes William Penn Leader 1718
William Pierce Celebrity 2002
Chaim Potok Quotes Chaim Potok Author 2002
William Ramsay Quotes William Ramsay Scientist 1916
Grantland Rice Quotes Grantland Rice Journalist 1954
Sally Ride Quotes Sally Ride Astronaut 2012
Gabrielle Roy Quotes Gabrielle Roy Author 1983
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Quotes Antoine de Saint-Exupery Novelist 1944
Edgar Saltus Quotes Edgar Saltus Writer 1921
Arnold Schoenberg Quotes Arnold Schoenberg Composer 1951
Compay Segundo Quotes Compay Segundo Musician 2003
Roger Sherman Quotes Roger Sherman Politician 1793
Joe Shuster Quotes Joe Shuster Artist 1992
George Steinbrenner Quotes George Steinbrenner Businessman 2010
Alfred Stieglitz Quotes Alfred Stieglitz Photographer 1946
Henry Benedict Stuart Statesman 1807
Robert Taft Quotes Robert Taft Politician 1953
Junichiro Tanizaki Quotes Junichiro Tanizaki Author 1965
Gore Vidal Quotes Gore Vidal Novelist 2012
John Walters Musician 2001
Eudora Welty Quotes Eudora Welty Author 2001
Teddy Wilson Quotes Teddy Wilson Musician 1986
Amy Winehouse Quotes Amy Winehouse Musician 2011
Richard D. Zanuck Quotes Richard D. Zanuck Producer 2012