Died on July, 2st

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July, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Richard Aldington Writer 1962
Ivan Allen Politician 2003
Charles Anthon Quotes Charles Anthon Writer 1867
Diane Arbus Quotes Diane Arbus Photographer 1971
Margot Asquith Quotes Margot Asquith Author 1945
Jane Austen Quotes Jane Austen Writer 1817
Johann Sebastian Bach Quotes Johann Sebastian Bach Composer 1750
Ray Stannard Baker Quotes Ray Stannard Baker Journalist 1946
Tammy Faye Bakker Quotes Tammy Faye Bakker Celebrity 2007
John Barbirolli Musician 1970
William Bartram Quotes William Bartram Environmentalist 1823
Constance Bennett Quotes Constance Bennett Actress 1965
Cyrano de Bergerac Quotes Cyrano de Bergerac Playwright 1655
Louis Bonaparte Quotes Louis Bonaparte Royalty 1846
William J. Brennan Quotes William J. Brennan Judge 1997
William J. Brennan, Jr. Judge 1997
Earle Brown Composer 2002
Ray Brown Musician 2002
Paul Brunton Quotes Paul Brunton Philosopher 1981
William Jennings Bryan Quotes William Jennings Bryan Lawyer 1925
Luis Bunuel Quotes Luis Bunuel Director 1983
Martin Van Buren Quotes Martin Van Buren President 1862
Robert Burns Quotes Robert Burns Poet 1796
Benny Carter Quotes Benny Carter Musician 2003
John Chancellor Quotes John Chancellor Journalist 1996
Mary Ellen Chase Educator 1973
Montgomery Clift Quotes Montgomery Clift Actor 1966
Samuel Taylor Coleridge Quotes Samuel Taylor Coleridge Poet 1834
Emile Coue Quotes Emile Coue Psychologist 1926
Abraham Cowley Poet 1667
Edward Gordon Craig Quotes Edward Gordon Craig Actor 1966
Francis Crick Quotes Francis Crick Scientist 2004
John Dalton Quotes John Dalton Scientist 1844
John Cotton Dana Quotes John Cotton Dana Author 1929
Paul Delvaux Quotes Paul Delvaux Artist 1994
Ruth St. Denis Quotes Ruth St. Denis Dancer 1968
Charles Dibdin Musician 1814
Otto Dix Quotes Otto Dix Artist 1969
Marie Dressler Quotes Marie Dressler Actress 1934
Alberto Santos Dumont Quotes Alberto Santos Dumont Aviator 1932
Joey Dunlop Quotes Joey Dunlop Celebrity 2000
Amelia Earhart Quotes Amelia Earhart Aviator 1937
Cass Elliot Quotes Cass Elliot Musician 1974
Desiderius Erasmus Quotes Desiderius Erasmus Philosopher 1536
Chad Everett Quotes Chad Everett Actor 2012
Ronald Fisher Quotes Ronald Fisher Mathematician 1962
Cotton Fitzsimmons Coach 2004
Gene Fowler Journalist 1960
Lucian Freud Quotes Lucian Freud Artist 2011
George Gallup Quotes George Gallup Businessman 1984
Estelle Getty Quotes Estelle Getty Actress 2008
L. Wolfe Gilbert Musician 1970
Vincent Van Gogh Quotes Vincent Van Gogh Artist 1890
Jerry Goldsmith Quotes Jerry Goldsmith Composer 2004
Witold Gombrowicz Quotes Witold Gombrowicz Novelist 1969
Ulysses S. Grant Quotes Ulysses S. Grant President 1885
David Grayson Journalist 1946
D. W. Griffith Quotes D. W. Griffith Director 1948
Andrei A. Gromyko Quotes Andrei A. Gromyko Politician 1989
Sacha Guitry Quotes Sacha Guitry Director 1957
Otto Hahn Quotes Otto Hahn Scientist 1968
Samuel Hahnemann Quotes Samuel Hahnemann Scientist 1843
Alexander Hamilton Quotes Alexander Hamilton Politician 1804
W. Averell Harriman Quotes W. Averell Harriman Politician 1986
Francis Bond Head Quotes Francis Bond Head Statesman 1875
Van Heflin Quotes Van Heflin Actor 1971
Margaux Hemingway Quotes Margaux Hemingway Actress 1996
Ernest Hemingway Quotes Ernest Hemingway Novelist 1961
Sherman Hemsley Quotes Sherman Hemsley Actor 2012
Robert Henri Quotes Robert Henri Artist 1929
Ben Hogan Quotes Ben Hogan Athlete 1997
Sidney Hook Quotes Sidney Hook Philosopher 1989
Bob Hope Quotes Bob Hope Comedian 2003
Sam Houston Quotes Sam Houston Politician 1863
James Wong Howe Quotes James Wong Howe Director 1976
Cordell Hull Quotes Cordell Hull Public Servant 1955
Uday Hussein Quotes Uday Hussein Celebrity 2003
Douglas Hyde Quotes Douglas Hyde Politician 1949
King Hassan II Quotes King Hassan II Royalty 1999
Jean Ingelow Quotes Jean Ingelow Poet 1897
Robert Green Ingersoll Quotes Robert Green Ingersoll Lawyer 1899
Brian Jones Quotes Brian Jones Musician 1969
Nafisa Joseph Quotes Nafisa Joseph Model 2004
Erich Kastner Quotes Erich Kastner Author 1974
Richard Kerry Diplomat 2000
Mackenzie King Quotes Mackenzie King Statesman 1950
Charles Lamb Quotes Charles Lamb Critic 1834
Osbert Lancaster Cartoonist 1986
Andrew Lang Quotes Andrew Lang Poet 1912
Harold Larwood Quotes Harold Larwood Athlete 1995
Bruce Lee Quotes Bruce Lee Actor 1973
Ernest Lehman Writer 2005
Tony Lema Athlete 1966
George Leonard Lawyer 1819
Mikhail Lermontov Quotes Mikhail Lermontov Poet 1841
Reggie Lewis Athlete 1993
Frank Loesser Quotes Frank Loesser Musician 1969
Joshua Logan Quotes Joshua Logan Director 1988
Henry Longhurst Journalist 1978
Isaac Low Businessman 1791
William Lyon Mackenzie King Quotes William Lyon Mackenzie King Politician 1950
Dolley Madison Quotes Dolley Madison First Lady 1849
Errico Malatesta Quotes Errico Malatesta Activist 1932
Ernest Mandel Quotes Ernest Mandel Author 1995
Herbert Marcuse Quotes Herbert Marcuse Philosopher 1979
Chris Marker Director 2012
Tony Martin Musician 2012
Henry Mayhew Journalist 1887
William J. Mayo Quotes William J. Mayo Scientist 1939
William McFee Writer 1966
Leo McKern Quotes Leo McKern Actor 2002
Jessica Mitford Journalist 1996
William Henry Moody Quotes William Henry Moody Politician 1917
Paul Morand Quotes Paul Morand Diplomat 1976
Kenneth More Quotes Kenneth More Actor 1982
Vic Morrow Actor 1982
Robert Moses Quotes Robert Moses Public Servant 1981
Marion Motley Quotes Marion Motley Athlete 1999
William Mulholland Quotes William Mulholland Scientist 1935
Vladimir Nabokov Quotes Vladimir Nabokov Novelist 1977
Matt Nagle Scientist 2007
David Niven Quotes David Niven Actor 1983
David Ogilvy Businessman 1999
Frank O'Hara Poet 1966
Lupe Ontiveros Quotes Lupe Ontiveros Actress 2012
Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Quotes Mohammed Reza Pahlavi Royalty 1980
Robert Peel Quotes Robert Peel Leader 1850
William Pepper Quotes William Pepper Scientist 1898
Evita Peron Quotes Evita Peron Statesman 1952
Roger Tory Peterson Quotes Roger Tory Peterson Environmentalist 1996
William Pierce Celebrity 2002
Archer John Porter Martin Quotes Archer John Porter Martin Scientist 2002
Chaim Potok Quotes Chaim Potok Author 2002
Manuel Puig Quotes Manuel Puig Author 1990
Mario Puzo Quotes Mario Puzo Novelist 1999
William Ramsay Quotes William Ramsay Scientist 1916
Basil Rathbone Quotes Basil Rathbone Actor 1967
Walter Rauschenbusch Quotes Walter Rauschenbusch Writer 1918
Lee Remick Quotes Lee Remick Actress 1991
Frank Reynolds Quotes Frank Reynolds Journalist 1983
Charlie Rich Musician 1995
Eddie Rickenbacker Quotes Eddie Rickenbacker Aviator 1973
Sally Ride Quotes Sally Ride Astronaut 2012
Matthew B. Ridgway Quotes Matthew B. Ridgway Soldier 1993
James Whitcomb Riley Quotes James Whitcomb Riley Poet 1916
Jerome Robbins Quotes Jerome Robbins Dancer 1998
Maximilien Robespierre Quotes Maximilien Robespierre Leader 1794
Nathan Meyer Rothschild Quotes Nathan Meyer Rothschild Businessman 1836
Jean-Jacques Rousseau Quotes Jean-Jacques Rousseau Philosopher 1778
Tiny Rowland Quotes Tiny Rowland Businessman 1998
Carl Sandburg Quotes Carl Sandburg Poet 1967
John Schlesinger Director 2003
Robert Schumann Quotes Robert Schumann Composer 1856
George Seaton Quotes George Seaton Playwright 1979
George Seldes Quotes George Seldes Journalist 1995
Stanley Shapiro Writer 1990
Anna Howard Shaw Quotes Anna Howard Shaw Activist 1919
Alan Shepard Quotes Alan Shepard Astronaut 1998
Roger Sherman Quotes Roger Sherman Politician 1793
Beverly Sills Quotes Beverly Sills Musician 2007
Isaac Bashevis Singer Quotes Isaac Bashevis Singer Novelist 1991
Horace Smith Quotes Horace Smith Poet 1849
Robert Smithson Quotes Robert Smithson Artist 1973
Tony Snow Quotes Tony Snow Journalist 2008
Tom Snyder Quotes Tom Snyder Celebrity 2007
Claus von Stauffenberg Quotes Claus von Stauffenberg Soldier 1944
Gertrude Stein Quotes Gertrude Stein Author 1946
James Stewart Quotes James Stewart Actor 1997
Jane Swisshelm Journalist 1884
George Szell Quotes George Szell Composer 1970
Mary Church Terrell Quotes Mary Church Terrell Activist 1954
Ellen Terry Quotes Ellen Terry Actress 1928
Kay Thompson Quotes Kay Thompson Author 1998
G. M. Trevelyan Quotes G. M. Trevelyan Historian 1962
John Tukey Quotes John Tukey Scientist 2000
Kenneth Tynan Critic 1980
Paul Valery Quotes Paul Valery Poet 1945
Pancho Villa Quotes Pancho Villa Activist 1923
Eudora Welty Quotes Eudora Welty Author 2001
Brooke Foss Westcott Quotes Brooke Foss Westcott Theologian 1901
Benjamin Whorf Quotes Benjamin Whorf Scientist 1941
William Wilberforce Quotes William Wilberforce Politician 1833
John Wilmot Writer 1680
Amy Winehouse Quotes Amy Winehouse Musician 2011
Owen Wister Quotes Owen Wister Writer 1938
Elsie de Wolfe Actress 1950
Smokey Joe Wood Quotes Smokey Joe Wood Athlete 1985
William Wyler Quotes William Wyler Director 1981
Florenz Ziegfeld Quotes Florenz Ziegfeld Producer 1932
Mako Actor 2006