Died on July, 1st

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July, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Maude Adams Quotes Maude Adams Actress 1953
Horatio Alger Quotes Horatio Alger Author 1899
Poul Anderson Quotes Poul Anderson Writer 2001
Ethel Percy Andrus Quotes Ethel Percy Andrus Activist 1967
Sholem Asch Novelist 1957
Irving Babbitt Critic 1933
Ray Stannard Baker Quotes Ray Stannard Baker Journalist 1946
Peter Barnes Playwright 2004
Hilaire Belloc Quotes Hilaire Belloc Poet 1953
Eric Berne Quotes Eric Berne Psychologist 1970
Mel Blanc Quotes Mel Blanc Actor 1989
Roberto Bolano Quotes Roberto Bolano Novelist 2003
Marlon Brando Quotes Marlon Brando Actor 2004
George E. Brown, Jr. Politician 1999
Robert Burns Quotes Robert Burns Poet 1796
Red Buttons Quotes Red Buttons Comedian 2006
John W. Campbell Writer 1971
John Griffin Carlisle Quotes John Griffin Carlisle Politician 1910
Benny Carter Quotes Benny Carter Musician 2003
Louis-Ferdinand Celine Quotes Louis-Ferdinand Celine Writer 1961
John Chancellor Quotes John Chancellor Journalist 1996
Harry Chapin Quotes Harry Chapin Musician 1981
Anton Chekhov Quotes Anton Chekhov Dramatist 1904
Victor Cherbuliez Novelist 1899
Rufus Choate Quotes Rufus Choate Lawyer 1859
John Henrik Clarke Author 1998
Ty Cobb Quotes Ty Cobb Athlete 1961
Stephen Covey Quotes Stephen Covey Businessman 2012
Tench Coxe Economist 1824
Walter Cronkite Quotes Walter Cronkite Journalist 2009
Celia Cruz Quotes Celia Cruz Musician 2003
John Cotton Dana Quotes John Cotton Dana Author 1929
Thayer David Actor 1978
Joe Davis Quotes Joe Davis Celebrity 1978
Pierre Jean de Beranger Quotes Pierre Jean de Beranger Musician 1857
Dizzy Dean Quotes Dizzy Dean Athlete 1974
Ruth St. Denis Quotes Ruth St. Denis Dancer 1968
Nigel Dennis Writer 1989
Denis Diderot Quotes Denis Diderot Editor 1784
Kenelm Digby Quotes Kenelm Digby Celebrity 1665
Edward Dmytryk Quotes Edward Dmytryk Director 1999
Carl Van Doren Author 1950
Charles Edison Quotes Charles Edison Businessman 1969
Desiderius Erasmus Quotes Desiderius Erasmus Philosopher 1536
Juan Manuel Fangio Quotes Juan Manuel Fangio Celebrity 1995
Werner Finck Comedian 1978
Ernst Fischer Writer 1972
Edward Fitzgerald Poet 1883
Henry Fox Statesman 1774
John Charles Fremont Quotes John Charles Fremont Soldier 1890
R. Buckminster Fuller Quotes R. Buckminster Fuller Inventor 1983
Paul Gallico Quotes Paul Gallico Writer 1976
Bronislaw Geremek Quotes Bronislaw Geremek Historian 2008
Anne Louise Germaine de Stael Author 1817
George Gershwin Quotes George Gershwin Composer 1937
L. Wolfe Gilbert Musician 1970
Joe Gold Businessman 2004
Jerry Goldsmith Quotes Jerry Goldsmith Composer 2004
Edmond de Goncourt Quotes Edmond de Goncourt Writer 1896
Sarah Good Celebrity 1692
Charles Goodyear Quotes Charles Goodyear Inventor 1860
Winston Graham Novelist 2003
Katharine Graham Quotes Katharine Graham Businesswoman 2001
Katherine Graham Quotes Katherine Graham Publisher 2001
David Grayson Journalist 1946
William Thomas Green Morton Quotes William Thomas Green Morton Inventor 1868
Weedon Grossmith Quotes Weedon Grossmith Writer 1919
Alexander Hamilton Quotes Alexander Hamilton Politician 1804
Lawrence Hargrave Quotes Lawrence Hargrave Scientist 1915
Michael Harrington Quotes Michael Harrington Writer 1989
Albert Bushnell Hart Quotes Albert Bushnell Hart Historian 1943
John Hay Quotes John Hay Writer 1905
Edward Heath Quotes Edward Heath Leader 2005
William Ernest Henley Quotes William Ernest Henley Poet 1903
Robert Henri Quotes Robert Henri Artist 1929
Dana Hill Actress 1996
John Hines Clergyman 1997
Hugo von Hofmannsthal Quotes Hugo von Hofmannsthal Novelist 1929
Billie Holiday Quotes Billie Holiday Musician 1959
Sidney Hook Quotes Sidney Hook Philosopher 1989
James Wong Howe Quotes James Wong Howe Director 1976
Kurt Huber Quotes Kurt Huber Celebrity 1943
Richard Morris Hunt Quotes Richard Morris Hunt Architect 1895
Douglas Hyde Quotes Douglas Hyde Politician 1949
Saint Ignatius Quotes Saint Ignatius Saint 1556
Nicholas II Quotes Nicholas II Royalty 1918
Aga Khan III Quotes Aga Khan III Statesman 1957
Robert Green Ingersoll Quotes Robert Green Ingersoll Lawyer 1899
Wolfman Jack Quotes Wolfman Jack Entertainer 1995
Roman Jakobson Scientist 1982
Andrew Johnson Quotes Andrew Johnson President 1875
Lady Bird Johnson Quotes Lady Bird Johnson First Lady 2007
Claudia Johnson First Lady 2007
John Paul Jones Quotes John Paul Jones Soldier 1792
Benito Juarez Quotes Benito Juarez Statesman 1872
Frida Kahlo Quotes Frida Kahlo Artist 1954
Yousuf Karsh Quotes Yousuf Karsh Photographer 2002
Gottfried Keller Quotes Gottfried Keller Writer 1890
Michael Landon Quotes Michael Landon Actor 1991
Susanne Langer Philosopher 1985
Joseph E. Levine Producer 1987
Mary Todd Lincoln Quotes Mary Todd Lincoln First Lady 1882
Franz Liszt Quotes Franz Liszt Composer 1886
Joshua Logan Quotes Joshua Logan Director 1988
Alan Lomax Quotes Alan Lomax Writer 2002
Henry Longhurst Journalist 1978
Jon Lord Quotes Jon Lord Musician 2012
Richard Lovelace Quotes Richard Lovelace Poet 1908
Ignatius Loyola Quotes Ignatius Loyola Clergyman 1556
Dolley Madison Quotes Dolley Madison First Lady 1849
Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Quotes Louis Jacques Mande Daguerre Artist 1851
Jean-Paul Marat Quotes Jean-Paul Marat Scientist 1793
John Phillips Marquand Novelist 1960
Alfred Marshall Quotes Alfred Marshall Economist 1924
Walter Matthau Quotes Walter Matthau Actor 2000
John McKinley Quotes John McKinley Politician 1852
Thomas Francis Meagher Quotes Thomas Francis Meagher Soldier 1867
Karl A. Menninger Quotes Karl A. Menninger Psychologist 1990
Robert Mitchum Quotes Robert Mitchum Actor 1997
Clement Clarke Moore Quotes Clement Clarke Moore Writer 1863
Kenneth More Quotes Kenneth More Actor 1982
Jelly Roll Morton Quotes Jelly Roll Morton Musician 1941
Robert Motherwell Quotes Robert Motherwell Artist 1991
Frank Murphy Quotes Frank Murphy Politician 1949
Alla Nazimova Quotes Alla Nazimova Actress 1945
Simon Newcomb Quotes Simon Newcomb Mathematician 1909
Joshua Nkomo Quotes Joshua Nkomo Politician 1999
James Northcote Quotes James Northcote Artist 1831
Queen Marie of Romania Quotes Queen Marie of Romania Royalty 1938
David Ogilvy Businessman 1999
Mark Oliphant Quotes Mark Oliphant Scientist 2000
Laurence Olivier Quotes Laurence Olivier Actor 1989
John Pearson Theologian 1686
Allan Pinkerton Quotes Allan Pinkerton Businessman 1884
Henri Poincare Quotes Henri Poincare Mathematician 1912
Alan G. Poindexter Quotes Alan G. Poindexter Astronaut 2012
Basil Rathbone Quotes Basil Rathbone Actor 1967
Grantland Rice Quotes Grantland Rice Journalist 1954
Frank Rizzo Quotes Frank Rizzo Politician 1991
Ernst Rohm Quotes Ernst Rohm Soldier 1934
Harold Rosenberg Writer 1978
Gabrielle Roy Quotes Gabrielle Roy Author 1983
Robert Runcie Quotes Robert Runcie Clergyman 2000
George William Russell Quotes George William Russell Writer 1935
John Rutledge Quotes John Rutledge Politician 1800
Robert Ryan Quotes Robert Ryan Actor 1973
Antoine de Saint-Exupery Quotes Antoine de Saint-Exupery Novelist 1944
Edgar Saltus Quotes Edgar Saltus Writer 1921
Erik Satie Quotes Erik Satie Composer 1925
Arnold Schoenberg Quotes Arnold Schoenberg Composer 1951
Delmore Schwartz Quotes Delmore Schwartz Poet 1966
Compay Segundo Quotes Compay Segundo Musician 2003
Stanley Shapiro Writer 1990
Robert Gould Shaw Quotes Robert Gould Shaw Soldier 1863
Hartley William Shawcross Quotes Hartley William Shawcross Lawyer 2003
Alan Shepard Quotes Alan Shepard Astronaut 1998
Carol Shields Author 2003
Sylvia Sidney Quotes Sylvia Sidney Actress 1999
Swami Sivananda Quotes Swami Sivananda Philosopher 1963
Horace Smith Quotes Horace Smith Poet 1849
Adam Smith Quotes Adam Smith Economist 1790
Tony Snow Quotes Tony Snow Journalist 2008
William Somerville Poet 1742
Stephen Spender Quotes Stephen Spender Poet 1995
Mickey Spillane Quotes Mickey Spillane Author 2006
Madame de Stael Writer 1817
Jo Stafford Quotes Jo Stafford Musician 2008
George Steinbrenner Quotes George Steinbrenner Businessman 2010
Adlai E. Stevenson Politician 1965
Adlai Stevenson Politician 1965
Alfred Stieglitz Quotes Alfred Stieglitz Photographer 1946
I. F. Stone Quotes I. F. Stone Journalist 1989
Harriet Beecher Stowe Quotes Harriet Beecher Stowe Author 1896
Henry Benedict Stuart Statesman 1807
Kurt Student Quotes Kurt Student Soldier 1978
George Sutherland Quotes George Sutherland Judge 1942
Robert Taft Quotes Robert Taft Politician 1953
Ellen Terry Quotes Ellen Terry Actress 1928
G. M. Trevelyan Quotes G. M. Trevelyan Historian 1962
Julia Gardiner Tyler Quotes Julia Gardiner Tyler First Lady 1889
Carl Clinton Van Doren Critic 1950
Luther Vandross Quotes Luther Vandross Musician 2005
Gerald Vann Theologian 1963
Gianni Versace Quotes Gianni Versace Designer 1997
Gore Vidal Quotes Gore Vidal Novelist 2012
Walter Wager Quotes Walter Wager Novelist 2004
Kitty Wells Quotes Kitty Wells Musician 2012
William Westmoreland Quotes William Westmoreland Soldier 2005
James Whistler Artist 1903
Ellen G. White Quotes Ellen G. White Writer 1915
William Whitelaw Quotes William Whitelaw Politician 1999
Teddy Wilson Quotes Teddy Wilson Musician 1986
Owen Wister Quotes Owen Wister Writer 1938
Elsie de Wolfe Actress 1950
Owen D. Young Businessman 1962
Richard D. Zanuck Quotes Richard D. Zanuck Producer 2012
Mako Actor 2006
Petrarch Quotes Petrarch Poet 1374
Sivananda Quotes Sivananda Scientist 1963