Died on January, 8st

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January, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Robert Baden-Powell Quotes Robert Baden-Powell Soldier 1941
John Banner Quotes John Banner Actor 1973
Cecil Beaton Quotes Cecil Beaton Photographer 1980
Giotto di Bondone Quotes Giotto di Bondone Artist 1337
Joseph Brodsky Quotes Joseph Brodsky Poet 1996
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton Politician 1873
Dino Buzzati Quotes Dino Buzzati Novelist 1972
Melvin Calvin Quotes Melvin Calvin Scientist 1997
Jim Capaldi Quotes Jim Capaldi Musician 2005
Morris Raphael Cohen Philosopher 1947
Francis Drake Quotes Francis Drake Soldier 1596
Charles Eastman Quotes Charles Eastman Author 1939
Charles Alexander Eastman Quotes Charles Alexander Eastman Author 1939
Jim Elliot Quotes Jim Elliot Clergyman 1956
Walter Elliot Politician 1958
Zhou Enlai Quotes Zhou Enlai Statesman 1976
Klaus Fuchs Quotes Klaus Fuchs Physicist 1988
Billy Fury Quotes Billy Fury Musician 1983
Galileo Galilei Quotes Galileo Galilei Scientist 1642
Harold Grange Quotes Harold Grange Athlete 1991
Red Grange Quotes Red Grange Athlete 1991
Douglas Haig Quotes Douglas Haig Soldier 1928
Curly Howard Quotes Curly Howard Actor 1952
Zora Neale Hurston Quotes Zora Neale Hurston Dramatist 1960
Rudyard Kipling Quotes Rudyard Kipling Writer 1936
Astrid Lindgren Quotes Astrid Lindgren Author 2002
Christa McAuliffe Quotes Christa McAuliffe Astronaut 1986
Tom McCall Quotes Tom McCall Politician 1983
John McCrae Quotes John McCrae Poet 1918
David O. McKay Quotes David O. McKay Clergyman 1970
Francois Mitterrand Quotes Francois Mitterrand Statesman 1996
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Quotes Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Writer 1911
Frederick Pollock Judge 1937
John Buchanan Robinson Politician 1933
Joseph Franklin Rutherford Quotes Joseph Franklin Rutherford Clergyman 1942
George Saintsbury Quotes George Saintsbury Writer 1933
Joseph A. Schumpeter Quotes Joseph A. Schumpeter Economist 1950
Kurt Schwitters Quotes Kurt Schwitters Artist 1948
Edmund Clarence Stedman Poet 1908
Stanley Smith Stevens Psychologist 1973
Dave Thomas Businessman 2002
Michael Tippett Quotes Michael Tippett Composer 1998
Paul Tsongas Quotes Paul Tsongas Politician 1997
John Tyler Quotes John Tyler President 1862
Paul Verlaine Quotes Paul Verlaine Poet 1896
Eli Whitney Quotes Eli Whitney Inventor 1825
George Woodcock Writer 1995
William Butler Yeats Quotes William Butler Yeats Poet 1939
Carl Zuckmayer Playwright 1977