Died on January, 3st

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January, 3st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Joy Adamson Quotes Joy Adamson Explorer 1980
Judith Anderson Quotes Judith Anderson Actress 1992
Edwin Armstrong Quotes Edwin Armstrong Inventor 1954
Milton Avery Artist 1965
Samuel Barber Quotes Samuel Barber Composer 1981
John Bardeen Quotes John Bardeen Scientist 1991
Richard Berry Musician 1997
Joseph Beuys Quotes Joseph Beuys Artist 1986
Pierre Bonnard Quotes Pierre Bonnard Artist 1947
Pierre Bourdieu Quotes Pierre Bourdieu Sociologist 2002
Charles Bradlaugh Quotes Charles Bradlaugh Activist 1891
George Washington Cable Quotes George Washington Cable Novelist 1925
Johnny Carson Quotes Johnny Carson Comedian 2005
Nell Carter Quotes Nell Carter Actress 2003
Edgar Cayce Quotes Edgar Cayce Celebrity 1945
George Clymer Quotes George Clymer Politician 1813
Schuyler Colfax Quotes Schuyler Colfax Politician 1885
F. M. Cornford Poet 1943
Victor Cousin Quotes Victor Cousin Philosopher 1867
Salvador Dali Quotes Salvador Dali Artist 1989
Margaret Deland Quotes Margaret Deland Novelist 1945
Ted Demme Director 2002
Gordon R. Dickson Quotes Gordon R. Dickson Author 2001
Thomas A. Dorsey Quotes Thomas A. Dorsey Musician 1993
Gerald Durrell Quotes Gerald Durrell Writer 1995
Wyatt Earp Quotes Wyatt Earp Public Servant 1929
Will Eisner Quotes Will Eisner Cartoonist 2005
George Fox Quotes George Fox Clergyman 1691
Northrop Frye Quotes Northrop Frye Critic 1991
John Galsworthy Quotes John Galsworthy Author 1933
Mahatma Gandhi Quotes Mahatma Gandhi Leader 1948
Samuel Goldwyn Producer 1974
Asa Gray Quotes Asa Gray Scientist 1888
Julius Charles Hare Quotes Julius Charles Hare Clergyman 1855
Ken Hill Playwright 1995
Conrad Hilton Quotes Conrad Hilton Businessman 1979
Hubert H. Humphrey Quotes Hubert H. Humphrey Politician 1978
Molly Ivins Quotes Molly Ivins Journalist 2007
William Joyce Quotes William Joyce Author 1946
James Joyce Quotes James Joyce Novelist 1941
Gil Kane Quotes Gil Kane Artist 2000
Terry Kath Quotes Terry Kath Musician 1978
Bob Keeshan Quotes Bob Keeshan Entertainer 2004
Coretta Scott King Quotes Coretta Scott King Activist 2006
Charles Kingsley Quotes Charles Kingsley Clergyman 1875
Andre Kostelanetz Musician 1980
Ernie Kovacs Quotes Ernie Kovacs Comedian 1962
Jack LaLanne Quotes Jack LaLanne Athlete 2011
James Larkin Quotes James Larkin Activist 1947
O. Winston Link Quotes O. Winston Link Photographer 2001
Norman MacCaig Quotes Norman MacCaig Poet 1996
Daniel Mainwaring Novelist 1977
Edward Marsh Editor 1953
Patrick McGoohan Actor 2009
A. A. Milne Quotes A. A. Milne Author 1956
John Raleigh Mott Quotes John Raleigh Mott Celebrity 1955
Edvard Munch Quotes Edvard Munch Artist 1944
Helmut Newton Quotes Helmut Newton Photographer 2004
Max Nordau Critic 1923
Robert Nozick Quotes Robert Nozick Philosopher 2002
Arthur O'Shaughnessy Poet 1881
John Oxenham Quotes John Oxenham Journalist 1941
Anna Pavlova Quotes Anna Pavlova Dancer 1931
Thomas Love Peacock Quotes Thomas Love Peacock Author 1866
Ferdinand Porsche Quotes Ferdinand Porsche Designer 1951
Carroll Quigley Quotes Carroll Quigley Writer 1977
Paul Robeson Quotes Paul Robeson Actor 1976
Betsy Ross Quotes Betsy Ross Celebrity 1836
Frank Scott Poet 1985
Sidney Sheldon Novelist 2007
Eddie Slovik Soldier 1945
Robert Paul Smith Writer 1977
Edmund Spenser Quotes Edmund Spenser Poet 1599
Charles Spurgeon Quotes Charles Spurgeon Clergyman 1892
William Stephenson Quotes William Stephenson Soldier 1989
Dorothy Thompson Quotes Dorothy Thompson Journalist 1961
Giambattista Vico Quotes Giambattista Vico Philosopher 1744
Edward Walker Athlete 1906
Wendy Wasserstein Quotes Wendy Wasserstein Playwright 2006
Charles E. Wilson Businessman 1972
Alexander Woollcott Quotes Alexander Woollcott Critic 1942