Died on January, 2st

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January, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Gianni Agnelli Quotes Gianni Agnelli Businessman 2003
Henry Alford Quotes Henry Alford Clergyman 1872
Ernst Moritz Arndt Quotes Ernst Moritz Arndt Poet 1860
John James Audubon Quotes John James Audubon Scientist 1851
Isaac Babel Quotes Isaac Babel Journalist 1940
Fredrik Bajer Quotes Fredrik Bajer Writer 1922
John Kendrick Bangs Quotes John Kendrick Bangs Author 1922
John Banner Quotes John Banner Actor 1973
Samuel Barber Quotes Samuel Barber Composer 1981
William Barclay Theologian 1978
Jean-Louis Barrault Quotes Jean-Louis Barrault Actor 1994
H. E. Bates Quotes H. E. Bates Writer 1974
James Beard Author 1985
Richard Berry Musician 1997
Joseph Beuys Quotes Joseph Beuys Artist 1986
Georges Bidault Politician 1983
Fanny Blankers-Koen Quotes Fanny Blankers-Koen Athlete 2004
Edmund Blunden Quotes Edmund Blunden Poet 1974
Nellie Bly Quotes Nellie Bly Journalist 1922
Janos Bolyai Quotes Janos Bolyai Mathematician 1860
Pierre Bonnard Quotes Pierre Bonnard Artist 1947
Pierre Bourdieu Quotes Pierre Bourdieu Sociologist 2002
Francis Bowen Philosopher 1890
Marvin Bower Quotes Marvin Bower Businessman 2003
Harold Brodkey Author 1996
Joseph Brodsky Quotes Joseph Brodsky Poet 1996
Preston Brooks Quotes Preston Brooks Politician 1857
Bear Bryant Quotes Bear Bryant Coach 1983
Paul Bryant Coach 1983
John Burns Quotes John Burns Activist 1943
Robert Burton Quotes Robert Burton Writer 1640
Dino Buzzati Quotes Dino Buzzati Novelist 1972
Julia Margaret Cameron Quotes Julia Margaret Cameron Photographer 1879
Jim Capaldi Quotes Jim Capaldi Musician 2005
George Carman Lawyer 2001
Johnny Carson Quotes Johnny Carson Comedian 2005
Nell Carter Quotes Nell Carter Actress 2003
Arthur Cayley Quotes Arthur Cayley Mathematician 1895
Agatha Christie Quotes Agatha Christie Writer 1976
Winston Churchill Quotes Winston Churchill Statesman 1965
Craig Claiborne Editor 2000
George Clymer Quotes George Clymer Politician 1813
Morris Raphael Cohen Philosopher 1947
Richard Courant Quotes Richard Courant Mathematician 1972
George Cukor Quotes George Cukor Producer 1983
Caleb Cushing Quotes Caleb Cushing Diplomat 1879
Salvador Dali Quotes Salvador Dali Artist 1989
Jo Davidson Quotes Jo Davidson Sculptor 1952
Marc Davis Artist 2000
Martin Delany Quotes Martin Delany Soldier 1885
Cecil B. DeMille Quotes Cecil B. DeMille Producer 1959
Willie Dixon Quotes Willie Dixon Musician 1992
Jeane Dixon Quotes Jeane Dixon Celebrity 1997
Thomas A. Dorsey Quotes Thomas A. Dorsey Musician 1993
Francis Drake Quotes Francis Drake Soldier 1596
Allen Dulles Quotes Allen Dulles Public Servant 1969
Jimmy Durante Quotes Jimmy Durante Comedian 1980
Rebecca Latimer Felton Quotes Rebecca Latimer Felton Writer 1930
Pierre de Fermat Quotes Pierre de Fermat Lawyer 1655
Leslie Fiedler Critic 2003
Curt Flood Quotes Curt Flood Athlete 1997
Janet Frame Quotes Janet Frame Novelist 2004
Frank Kelly Freas Quotes Frank Kelly Freas Writer 2005
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel Poet 1829
Robert Frost Quotes Robert Frost Poet 1963
Northrop Frye Quotes Northrop Frye Critic 1991
Klaus Fuchs Quotes Klaus Fuchs Physicist 1988
Billy Fury Quotes Billy Fury Musician 1983
Evan G. Galbraith Diplomat 2008
Ava Gardner Quotes Ava Gardner Actress 1990
Erroll Garner Quotes Erroll Garner Musician 1977
David Garrick Quotes David Garrick Actor 1779
Theodore Gericault Quotes Theodore Gericault Artist 1824
Maurice Gibb Quotes Maurice Gibb Musician 2003
David Gill Quotes David Gill Scientist 1914
John Mason Good Scientist 1827
Frances Goodrich Dramatist 1984
Red Grange Quotes Red Grange Athlete 1991
Harold Grange Quotes Harold Grange Athlete 1991
Elisha Gray Quotes Elisha Gray Inventor 1901
Franz Grillparzer Quotes Franz Grillparzer Poet 1872
Douglas Haig Quotes Douglas Haig Soldier 1928
Henry Hallam Quotes Henry Hallam Historian 1859
Lorraine Hansberry Quotes Lorraine Hansberry Playwright 1965
Augustus Hare Quotes Augustus Hare Writer 1903
Ira Hayes Quotes Ira Hayes Soldier 1955
Audrey Hepburn Quotes Audrey Hepburn Actress 1993
Alexander Herzen Journalist 1870
William Reddington Hewlett Quotes William Reddington Hewlett Businessman 2001
Ken Hill Playwright 1995
Gordon B. Hinckley Quotes Gordon B. Hinckley Clergyman 2008
Al Hirschfeld Quotes Al Hirschfeld Cartoonist 2003
Harry Hopkins Quotes Harry Hopkins Diplomat 1946
L. Ron Hubbard Quotes L. Ron Hubbard Author 1986
Charles Brenton Huggins Quotes Charles Brenton Huggins Scientist 1997
George Humphrey Lawyer 1970
George M. Humphrey Quotes George M. Humphrey Lawyer 1970
Zora Neale Hurston Quotes Zora Neale Hurston Dramatist 1960
George III Quotes George III Royalty 1820
Mahalia Jackson Quotes Mahalia Jackson Musician 1972
Francis Jeffrey Quotes Francis Jeffrey Judge 1850
Edward Jenner Quotes Edward Jenner Scientist 1823
Philip Johnson Quotes Philip Johnson Architect 2005
Lyndon B. Johnson Quotes Lyndon B. Johnson President 1973
Duke Kahanamoku Quotes Duke Kahanamoku Athlete 1968
Terry Kath Quotes Terry Kath Musician 1978
Bob Keeshan Quotes Bob Keeshan Entertainer 2004
Craig Kelly Athlete 2003
Rose Kennedy Quotes Rose Kennedy Author 1995
Charles Kingsley Quotes Charles Kingsley Clergyman 1875
Stephen Cole Kleene Quotes Stephen Cole Kleene Mathematician 1994
Fritz Kreisler Quotes Fritz Kreisler Composer 1962
Alan Ladd Quotes Alan Ladd Actor 1964
Jack LaLanne Quotes Jack LaLanne Athlete 2011
Jonathan Larson Quotes Jonathan Larson Composer 1996
Johann Kaspar Lavater Theologian 1801
Edward Lear Quotes Edward Lear Artist 1888
Heath Ledger Quotes Heath Ledger Actor 2008
Peggy Lee Quotes Peggy Lee Musician 2002
Vladimir Lenin Quotes Vladimir Lenin Leader 1924
B. H. Liddell Hart Quotes B. H. Liddell Hart Historian 1970
Beatrice Lillie Quotes Beatrice Lillie Actress 1989
Astrid Lindgren Quotes Astrid Lindgren Author 2002
James Longstreet Quotes James Longstreet Soldier 1904
Jack Lord Quotes Jack Lord Actor 1998
Norman MacCaig Quotes Norman MacCaig Poet 1996
Stanley Marcus Quotes Stanley Marcus Businessman 2002
Peter Marshall Clergyman 1949
Thurgood Marshall Quotes Thurgood Marshall Judge 1993
Herbert Marshall Quotes Herbert Marshall Actor 1966
Bill Mauldin Quotes Bill Mauldin Cartoonist 2003
Christa McAuliffe Quotes Christa McAuliffe Astronaut 1986
John McCrae Quotes John McCrae Poet 1918
Al McGuire Coach 2001
Norman McLaren Quotes Norman McLaren Artist 1987
H. L. Mencken Quotes H. L. Mencken Writer 1956
Ann Miller Quotes Ann Miller Dancer 2004
Hermann Minkowski Quotes Hermann Minkowski Mathematician 1909
Vincente Minnelli Quotes Vincente Minnelli Director 1986
George A. Moore Quotes George A. Moore Novelist 1933
Edward P. Morgan Journalist 1993
Lewis Morris Quotes Lewis Morris Statesman 1798
Frank Muir Quotes Frank Muir Writer 1998
Gerry Mulligan Quotes Gerry Mulligan Musician 1996
Lewis Mumford Quotes Lewis Mumford Sociologist 1990
Edvard Munch Quotes Edvard Munch Artist 1944
Helmut Newton Quotes Helmut Newton Photographer 2004
Max Nordau Critic 1923
Robert Nozick Quotes Robert Nozick Philosopher 2002
George Orwell Quotes George Orwell Author 1950
John Oxenham Quotes John Oxenham Journalist 1941
Jack Paar Quotes Jack Paar Entertainer 2004
Nam June Paik Quotes Nam June Paik Artist 2006
Lilli Palmer Quotes Lilli Palmer Actress 1986
Colonel Tom Parker Quotes Colonel Tom Parker Celebrity 1997
Anna Pavlova Quotes Anna Pavlova Dancer 1931
Thomas Love Peacock Quotes Thomas Love Peacock Author 1866
Laurence J. Peter Writer 1990
Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Quotes Elizabeth Stuart Phelps Writer 1911
Abbe Pierre Quotes Abbe Pierre Clergyman 2007
Walter B. Pitkin Philosopher 1953
Isaac Pitman Quotes Isaac Pitman Inventor 1897
Dick Powell Quotes Dick Powell Actor 1963
Freddie Prinze Quotes Freddie Prinze Comedian 1977
Amrish Puri Quotes Amrish Puri Actor 2005
Johannes Rau Quotes Johannes Rau Statesman 2006
Dixie Lee Ray Quotes Dixie Lee Ray Politician 1994
Charles Reznikoff Poet 1976
Paul Robeson Quotes Paul Robeson Actor 1976
John Buchanan Robinson Politician 1933
Edward G. Robinson Quotes Edward G. Robinson Actor 1973
Nelson Rockefeller Quotes Nelson Rockefeller Vice President 1979
John Ruskin Quotes John Ruskin Writer 1900
Harold Russell Quotes Harold Russell Soldier 2002
George Saintsbury Quotes George Saintsbury Writer 1933
J. D. Salinger Quotes J. D. Salinger Novelist 2010
Telly Savalas Quotes Telly Savalas Actor 1994
Adam Sedgwick Quotes Adam Sedgwick Scientist 1873
Arthur Sheekman Critic 1978
Alfred Sisley Quotes Alfred Sisley Artist 1899
George Smathers Quotes George Smathers Politician 2007
Robert C. Solomon Educator 2007
Barbara Stanwyck Quotes Barbara Stanwyck Actress 1990
Lytton Strachey Quotes Lytton Strachey Critic 1932
Arthur Symons Quotes Arthur Symons Poet 1945
Sara Teasdale Quotes Sara Teasdale Author 1933
Hugh Trevor-Roper Quotes Hugh Trevor-Roper Historian 2003
Margaret Truman Quotes Margaret Truman Novelist 2008
Edward Burnett Tylor Quotes Edward Burnett Tylor Scientist 1917
John Updike Quotes John Updike Novelist 2009
A. E. van Vogt Quotes A. E. van Vogt Author 2000
Cyrus Vance Quotes Cyrus Vance Statesman 2002
Bill Veeck Businessman 1986
Giuseppe Verdi Quotes Giuseppe Verdi Composer 1901
Giambattista Vico Quotes Giambattista Vico Philosopher 1744
Queen Victoria Quotes Queen Victoria Royalty 1901
Joe Viterelli Actor 2004
Johnny Weissmuller Quotes Johnny Weissmuller Actor 1984
Charlotte Whitton Quotes Charlotte Whitton Politician 1975
Christoph Martin Wieland Quotes Christoph Martin Wieland Poet 1813
Raymond Williams Quotes Raymond Williams Novelist 1988
Nathaniel Parker Willis Quotes Nathaniel Parker Willis Author 1867
William Griffith Wilson Quotes William Griffith Wilson Celebrity 1971
George Woodcock Writer 1995
Rose Mary Woods Quotes Rose Mary Woods Celebrity 2005
Alexander Woollcott Quotes Alexander Woollcott Critic 1942
William Butler Yeats Quotes William Butler Yeats Poet 1939
Emil Zatopek Quotes Emil Zatopek Athlete 2000
Howard Zinn Quotes Howard Zinn Historian 2010
Ouida Quotes Ouida Novelist 1908