Died on January, 1st

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January, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Edmond About Quotes Edmond About Novelist 1885
Henry Alford Quotes Henry Alford Clergyman 1872
Carl D. Anderson Quotes Carl D. Anderson Scientist 1991
Edwin Armstrong Quotes Edwin Armstrong Inventor 1954
Daisy Ashford Quotes Daisy Ashford Writer 1972
Brooks Atkinson Critic 1984
George Bancroft Quotes George Bancroft Historian 1891
John Kendrick Bangs Quotes John Kendrick Bangs Author 1922
Les Baxter Musician 1996
James Beard Author 1985
Cecil Beaton Quotes Cecil Beaton Photographer 1980
Lyman Beecher Quotes Lyman Beecher Clergyman 1865
Charlie Bell Businessman 2005
George Berkeley Quotes George Berkeley Philosopher 1753
Buffalo Bill Quotes Buffalo Bill Celebrity 1917
Humphrey Bogart Quotes Humphrey Bogart Actor 1957
Ray Bolger Quotes Ray Bolger Actor 1987
Pappy Boyington Quotes Pappy Boyington Soldier 1988
Fawn M. Brodie Author 1981
Art Buchwald Quotes Art Buchwald Journalist 2007
Edward G. Bulwer-Lytton Politician 1873
Victor Buono Quotes Victor Buono Actor 1982
Arleigh Burke Quotes Arleigh Burke Soldier 1996
George Washington Cable Quotes George Washington Cable Novelist 1925
Sammy Cahn Quotes Sammy Cahn Musician 1993
Lewis Carroll Quotes Lewis Carroll Author 1898
Emanuel Celler Quotes Emanuel Celler Politician 1981
Coco Chanel Quotes Coco Chanel Designer 1971
Maurice Chevalier Quotes Maurice Chevalier Actor 1972
Shirley Chisholm Quotes Shirley Chisholm Politician 2005
Agatha Christie Quotes Agatha Christie Writer 1976
Galeazzo Ciano Quotes Galeazzo Ciano Politician 1944
Schuyler Colfax Quotes Schuyler Colfax Politician 1885
William Congreve Quotes William Congreve Poet 1729
Gregory Corso Quotes Gregory Corso Poet 2001
Victor Cousin Quotes Victor Cousin Philosopher 1867
Mandell Creighton Quotes Mandell Creighton Historian 1901
Josephus Daniels Quotes Josephus Daniels Politician 1948
Alexander Jackson Davis Quotes Alexander Jackson Davis Architect 1892
Marc Davis Artist 2000
Margaret Deland Quotes Margaret Deland Novelist 1945
Leo Delibes Quotes Leo Delibes Composer 1891
Cecil B. DeMille Quotes Cecil B. DeMille Producer 1959
Ted Demme Director 2002
James Dickey Quotes James Dickey Novelist 1997
Gordon R. Dickson Quotes Gordon R. Dickson Author 2001
Ignatius Donnelly Quotes Ignatius Donnelly Politician 1901
William O. Douglas Quotes William O. Douglas Judge 1980
Spencer Dryden Quotes Spencer Dryden Musician 2005
Vernon Duke Quotes Vernon Duke Composer 1969
Wyatt Earp Quotes Wyatt Earp Public Servant 1929
Anthony Eden Quotes Anthony Eden Politician 1977
Edward Everett Quotes Edward Everett Statesman 1865
Benjamin Franklin Fairless Quotes Benjamin Franklin Fairless Businessman 1962
Fannie Farmer Quotes Fannie Farmer Celebrity 1915
Minnesota Fats Celebrity 1996
Pierre de Fermat Quotes Pierre de Fermat Lawyer 1655
Peter Finch Quotes Peter Finch Actor 1977
Bobby Fischer Quotes Bobby Fischer Celebrity 2008
Robert Fitzgerald Author 1985
George Fox Quotes George Fox Clergyman 1691
Karl Wilhelm Friedrich Schlegel Poet 1829
Evan G. Galbraith Diplomat 2008
John Galsworthy Quotes John Galsworthy Author 1933
Erroll Garner Quotes Erroll Garner Musician 1977
Alberto Giacometti Quotes Alberto Giacometti Sculptor 1966
Maurice Gibb Quotes Maurice Gibb Musician 2003
Edward Gibbon Quotes Edward Gibbon Historian 1794
Arthur Goldberg Quotes Arthur Goldberg Judge 1990
Samuel Goldwyn Producer 1974
Spalding Gray Quotes Spalding Gray Actor 2004
Elisha Gray Quotes Elisha Gray Inventor 1901
Jimmy Griffin Musician 2005
Franz Grillparzer Quotes Franz Grillparzer Poet 1872
Arthur Guiterman Quotes Arthur Guiterman Comedian 1943
Uta Hagen Quotes Uta Hagen Actress 2004
Frank Hague Quotes Frank Hague Politician 1956
Henry Hallam Quotes Henry Hallam Historian 1859
Edmond Halley Quotes Edmond Halley Scientist 1742
Dashiell Hammett Quotes Dashiell Hammett Author 1961
Lorraine Hansberry Quotes Lorraine Hansberry Playwright 1965
Thomas Hardy Quotes Thomas Hardy Novelist 1928
Rutherford B. Hayes Quotes Rutherford B. Hayes President 1893
Ammon Hennacy Quotes Ammon Hennacy Activist 1970
Barbara Hepworth Quotes Barbara Hepworth Artist 1975
Charles Hermite Quotes Charles Hermite Mathematician 1901
Alexander Herzen Journalist 1870
William Reddington Hewlett Quotes William Reddington Hewlett Businessman 2001
Edmund Hillary Quotes Edmund Hillary Explorer 2008
Grace Hopper Quotes Grace Hopper Scientist 1992
Harriet Van Horne Journalist 1998
Curly Howard Quotes Curly Howard Actor 1952
King Hu Director 1997
Charles Brenton Huggins Quotes Charles Brenton Huggins Scientist 1997
Hubert H. Humphrey Quotes Hubert H. Humphrey Politician 1978
Elspeth Huxley Writer 1997
Molly Ivins Quotes Molly Ivins Journalist 2007
Elizabeth Janeway Author 2005
Barbara Jordan Quotes Barbara Jordan Politician 1996
James Joyce Quotes James Joyce Novelist 1941
Gil Kane Quotes Gil Kane Artist 2000
Carl Karcher Quotes Carl Karcher Businessman 2008
Willie Keeler Quotes Willie Keeler Athlete 1923
Francis Scott Key Quotes Francis Scott Key Author 1843
Coretta Scott King Quotes Coretta Scott King Activist 2006
Rudyard Kipling Quotes Rudyard Kipling Writer 1936
Lawrence Kohlberg Educator 1987
Alexis Korner Quotes Alexis Korner Musician 1984
Andre Kostelanetz Musician 1980
Ernie Kovacs Quotes Ernie Kovacs Comedian 1962
Ray Kroc Quotes Ray Kroc Businessman 1984
Gustav Krupp Quotes Gustav Krupp Businessman 1950
Hedy Lamarr Quotes Hedy Lamarr Actress 2000
William Laud Quotes William Laud Clergyman 1645
Peggy Lee Quotes Peggy Lee Musician 2002
Eino Leino Quotes Eino Leino Poet 1926
Bob Lemon Quotes Bob Lemon Athlete 2000
Vladimir Lenin Quotes Vladimir Lenin Leader 1924
Sinclair Lewis Quotes Sinclair Lewis Novelist 1951
Karl Liebknecht Quotes Karl Liebknecht Politician 1919
Carolus Linnaeus Quotes Carolus Linnaeus Scientist 1778
Carole Lombard Quotes Carole Lombard Actress 1942
Jack Lord Quotes Jack Lord Actor 1998
Victoria de los Angeles Musician 2005
Juliette Gordon Low Quotes Juliette Gordon Low Leader 1927
Edwin Lutyens Quotes Edwin Lutyens Architect 1944
Rosa Luxemburg Quotes Rosa Luxemburg Activist 1919
Paul Lynde Quotes Paul Lynde Comedian 1982
Jeanette MacDonald Quotes Jeanette MacDonald Actress 1965
John Gresham Machen Quotes John Gresham Machen Theologian 1937
Daniel Mainwaring Novelist 1977
Edward Marsh Editor 1953
James Martineau Quotes James Martineau Philosopher 1900
Bob Matsui Politician 2005
Robert Matsui Politician 2005
Joseph McCabe Quotes Joseph McCabe Writer 1955
Patrick McGoohan Actor 2009
David O. McKay Quotes David O. McKay Clergyman 1970
George Meany Quotes George Meany Activist 1980
Arthur Middleton Quotes Arthur Middleton Politician 1787
A. A. Milne Quotes A. A. Milne Author 1956
Hermann Minkowski Quotes Hermann Minkowski Mathematician 1909
Gabriela Mistral Quotes Gabriela Mistral Poet 1957
Ricardo Montalban Actor 2009
Helen Wills Moody Quotes Helen Wills Moody Athlete 1999
Brian Moore Novelist 1999
George A. Moore Quotes George A. Moore Novelist 1933
John Raleigh Mott Quotes John Raleigh Mott Celebrity 1955
Jerry Nachman Journalist 2004
Harry Nilsson Quotes Harry Nilsson Musician 1994
Anais Nin Quotes Anais Nin Author 1977
Tillie Olsen Quotes Tillie Olsen Novelist 2007
Charles Olson Quotes Charles Olson Poet 1970
Carl Olson Athlete 2002
George Orwell Quotes George Orwell Author 1950
Colonel Tom Parker Quotes Colonel Tom Parker Celebrity 1997
Isabel Paterson Quotes Isabel Paterson Journalist 1961
Claiborne Pell Politician 2009
Carl Perkins Quotes Carl Perkins Musician 1998
Laurence J. Peter Writer 1990
Julia Phillips Quotes Julia Phillips Author 2002
Frederick Pollock Judge 1937
Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Quotes Pierre-Joseph Proudhon Economist 1865
Amrish Puri Quotes Amrish Puri Actor 2005
Barbara Pym Novelist 1980
John Ray Quotes John Ray Environmentalist 1705
Donna Reed Quotes Donna Reed Actress 1986
Brad Renfro Quotes Brad Renfro Actor 2008
Alexandra Ripley Quotes Alexandra Ripley Writer 2004
Eric Rohmer Quotes Eric Rohmer Director 2010
Cesar Romero Quotes Cesar Romero Actor 1994
Barney Ross Quotes Barney Ross Athlete 1967
George Savile Politician 1784
John G. Schmitz Politician 2001
Howard Scott Scientist 1970
C. P. Scott Quotes C. P. Scott Journalist 1932
Erich Segal Quotes Erich Segal Novelist 2010
Lal Bahadur Shastri Quotes Lal Bahadur Shastri Leader 1966
Arthur Sheekman Critic 1978
Douglas Sirk Director 1987
Eddie Slovik Soldier 1945
Betty Smith Quotes Betty Smith Novelist 1972
Red Smith Journalist 1982
Edmund Spenser Quotes Edmund Spenser Poet 1599
Charles Spurgeon Quotes Charles Spurgeon Clergyman 1892
Wolfgang Staudte Director 1984
Edmund Clarence Stedman Poet 1908
William Stephenson Quotes William Stephenson Soldier 1989
Stanley Smith Stevens Psychologist 1973
Lytton Strachey Quotes Lytton Strachey Critic 1932
Harry Stack Sullivan Psychologist 1949
Helen Suzman Quotes Helen Suzman Politician 2009
Aaron Swartz Quotes Aaron Swartz Businessman 2013
Yves Tanguy Quotes Yves Tanguy Artist 1955
Clyde Tombaugh Quotes Clyde Tombaugh Scientist 1997
Arturo Toscanini Quotes Arturo Toscanini Musician 1957
Leopold Trepper Celebrity 1982
Paul Tsongas Quotes Paul Tsongas Politician 1997
John Tyler Quotes John Tyler President 1862
Cyrus Vance Quotes Cyrus Vance Statesman 2002
Ray Walston Quotes Ray Walston Actor 2001
Ruth Warrick Quotes Ruth Warrick Musician 2005
Auberon Waugh Author 2001
Julius Wellhausen Quotes Julius Wellhausen Educator 1918
Edward Weston Quotes Edward Weston Photographer 1958
T. H. White Writer 1964
Eugene Wigner Quotes Eugene Wigner Physicist 1995
Hank Williams Quotes Hank Williams Musician 1953
Shelley Winters Quotes Shelley Winters Actress 2006
Leonard Woodcock Quotes Leonard Woodcock Activist 2001
Walter Wriston Businessman 2005
William Wycherley Dramatist 1716
Andrew Wyeth Quotes Andrew Wyeth Artist 2009
Townes Van Zandt Quotes Townes Van Zandt Musician 1997
Zhao Ziyang Quotes Zhao Ziyang Statesman 2005
Carl Zuckmayer Playwright 1977