Died on February, 8st

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February, 8st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Robert Adamson Philosopher 1902
James Lane Allen Quotes James Lane Allen Author 1925
Maxwell Anderson Quotes Maxwell Anderson Playwright 1959
Berthold Auerbach Quotes Berthold Auerbach Author 1882
J. L. Austin Philosopher 1960
Daniel J. Boorstin Historian 2004
Walther Bothe Quotes Walther Bothe Physicist 1957
Chris Brasher Athlete 2003
Roger Caras Activist 2001
Harry Caray Quotes Harry Caray Entertainer 1998
Joyce Carey Actress 1993
Owen Chamberlain Quotes Owen Chamberlain Scientist 2006
Jay Cooke Quotes Jay Cooke Businessman 1905
James J. Corbett Quotes James J. Corbett Athlete 1933
Charles Curtis Quotes Charles Curtis Vice President 1936
Charlotte Saunders Cushman Quotes Charlotte Saunders Cushman Actress 1876
Charles Davenport Quotes Charles Davenport Scientist 1944
Todd Duncan Quotes Todd Duncan Actor 1998
Dale Earnhardt Quotes Dale Earnhardt Celebrity 2001
Friedrich Ebert Quotes Friedrich Ebert Politician 1925
William M. Evarts Quotes William M. Evarts Lawyer 1901
John White Geary Quotes John White Geary Lawyer 1873
Paul Harvey Quotes Paul Harvey Journalist 2009
George Herman Quotes George Herman Journalist 2005
Aaron Hill Quotes Aaron Hill Poet 1750
Henry James Quotes Henry James Writer 1916
Frank James Quotes Frank James Celebrity 1915
Kublai Khan Quotes Kublai Khan Statesman 1294
Peter Kropotkin Quotes Peter Kropotkin Revolutionary 1921
Carmen Laforet Author 2004
Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes Alphonse de Lamartine Poet 1869
Henry R. Luce Editor 1967
Martin Luther Quotes Martin Luther Leader 1546
William Lyons Businessman 1985
Eddie Mathews Quotes Eddie Mathews Athlete 2001
Iris Murdoch Quotes Iris Murdoch Author 1999
John von Neumann Quotes John von Neumann Mathematician 1957
J. Robert Oppenheimer Quotes J. Robert Oppenheimer Physicist 1967
Olof Palme Quotes Olof Palme Politician 1986
Johnny Paycheck Quotes Johnny Paycheck Musician 2003
Enoch Powell Quotes Enoch Powell Politician 1998
Rajendra Prasad Quotes Rajendra Prasad Statesman 1963
Henry Norris Russell Scientist 1957
Jane Russell Quotes Jane Russell Actress 2011
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Historian 2007
Julius Schwartz Quotes Julius Schwartz Editor 2004
Giles Gilbert Scott Quotes Giles Gilbert Scott Architect 1960
Del Shannon Quotes Del Shannon Musician 1990
Julian Lincoln Simon Educator 1998
Anna Nicole Smith Quotes Anna Nicole Smith Model 2007
David Friedrich Strauss Theologian 1874
Fritz Todt Quotes Fritz Todt Soldier 1942
William Wirt Statesman 1834
Fritz Zwicky Quotes Fritz Zwicky Scientist 1974
Balthus Quotes Balthus Artist 2001