Died on February, 5st

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February, 5st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Henry Addington Quotes Henry Addington Statesman 1844
George Arliss Quotes George Arliss Actor 1946
Marvin J. Ashton Clergyman 1994
Leonard Bailey Inventor 1905
Peter Benenson Quotes Peter Benenson Lawyer 2005
Lew Brown Musician 1958
Thomas Carlyle Quotes Thomas Carlyle Philosopher 1881
James Coco Quotes James Coco Actor 1987
Nat King Cole Quotes Nat King Cole Musician 1965
Christiaan Rudolf de Wet Quotes Christiaan Rudolf de Wet Politician 1922
Giulio Douhet Soldier 1930
Ray Evans Musician 2007
Richard P. Feynman Quotes Richard P. Feynman Physicist 1988
Minnie Maddern Fiske Quotes Minnie Maddern Fiske Actress 1932
Stephen Gardiner Quotes Stephen Gardiner Architect 2007
Martha Gellhorn Quotes Martha Gellhorn Journalist 1998
Mikhail Glinka Quotes Mikhail Glinka Composer 1857
Marcus A. Hanna Quotes Marcus A. Hanna Politician 1904
Mark Hanna Quotes Mark Hanna Businessman 1904
Pamela Harriman Quotes Pamela Harriman Celebrity 1997
Anna Harrison Quotes Anna Harrison First Lady 1864
Eliza Haywood Novelist 1756
John Hench Quotes John Hench Artist 2004
Jacques Ibert Quotes Jacques Ibert Composer 1962
Henry W. Kendall Quotes Henry W. Kendall Scientist 1999
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Quotes Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Critic 1781
Joseph L. Mankiewicz Quotes Joseph L. Mankiewicz Writer 1993
Doug McClure Quotes Doug McClure Actor 1995
Ethel Merman Quotes Ethel Merman Musician 1984
Grace Metalious Quotes Grace Metalious Novelist 1964
George Richards Minot Quotes George Richards Minot Scientist 1950
Marianne Moore Quotes Marianne Moore Poet 1972
Thomas Moore Quotes Thomas Moore Poet 1852
Henry M. Morris Celebrity 2006
Norman Parkinson Quotes Norman Parkinson Photographer 1990
John Philips Poet 1709
Emeric Pressburger Quotes Emeric Pressburger Director 1988
Tommy Rettig Quotes Tommy Rettig Actor 1996
Mark Rothko Quotes Mark Rothko Artist 1970
Howard K. Smith Quotes Howard K. Smith Journalist 2002
Alberto Sordi Quotes Alberto Sordi Actor 2003
McLean Stevenson Quotes McLean Stevenson Actor 1996
Simeon Strunsky Writer 1948
Theodor Svedberg Quotes Theodor Svedberg Scientist 1971
John Tenniel Quotes John Tenniel Artist 1914
Bill Vaughan Journalist 1977
Lew Wallace Quotes Lew Wallace Soldier 1905
Tennessee Williams Quotes Tennessee Williams Dramatist 1983
Christopher Wren Quotes Christopher Wren Architect 1723
Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Quotes Maharishi Mahesh Yogi Philosopher 2008