Died on February, 2st

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February, 2st

Image Author Type Birthyear
John Quincy Adams Quotes John Quincy Adams President 1848
Joshua Willis Alexander Judge 1936
Ethan Allen Quotes Ethan Allen Revolutionary 1789
Maxwell Anderson Quotes Maxwell Anderson Playwright 1959
George Antheil Quotes George Antheil Composer 1959
Peter Arno Cartoonist 1968
Marvin J. Ashton Clergyman 1994
Francis Atterbury Quotes Francis Atterbury Politician 1732
John Bachman Quotes John Bachman Clergyman 1874
Florence Ballard Quotes Florence Ballard Musician 1976
Natalie Clifford Barney Quotes Natalie Clifford Barney Author 1972
Peter Benenson Quotes Peter Benenson Lawyer 2005
Bruce Bennett Quotes Bruce Bennett Actor 2007
Eubie Blake Quotes Eubie Blake Composer 1983
Robert Bolt Playwright 1995
Daniel J. Boorstin Historian 2004
Hal Borland Author 1978
Ludwig Borne Quotes Ludwig Borne Writer 1837
Thomas Bowdler Quotes Thomas Bowdler Scientist 1825
Elizabeth Bowen Quotes Elizabeth Bowen Novelist 1973
Hjalmar Branting Quotes Hjalmar Branting Statesman 1925
Chris Brasher Athlete 2003
Jean Anthelme Brillat-Savarin Lawyer 1826
William F. Buckley, Jr. Journalist 2008
Alan Bullock Historian 2004
Edward B. Butler Quotes Edward B. Butler Businessman 1928
Octavia Butler Quotes Octavia Butler Writer 2006
Earl Butz Quotes Earl Butz Public Servant 2008
Roger Caras Activist 2001
Joyce Carey Actress 1993
Alice Cary Quotes Alice Cary Poet 1871
Rene Cassin Quotes Rene Cassin Judge 1976
Joshua Chamberlain Quotes Joshua Chamberlain Soldier 1914
Owen Chamberlain Quotes Owen Chamberlain Scientist 2006
Andrew Cherry Dramatist 1812
John Edward Christopher Hill Historian 2003
Paul Claudel Quotes Paul Claudel Dramatist 1955
James Coco Quotes James Coco Actor 1987
John Sherman Cooper Quotes John Sherman Cooper Politician 1991
Anna Julia Cooper Quotes Anna Julia Cooper Educator 1964
Aaron Copland Composer 1990
Julio Cortazar Quotes Julio Cortazar Writer 1984
Norris Cotton Quotes Norris Cotton Politician 1989
Fanny Crosby Quotes Fanny Crosby Musician 1915
Edward Dahlberg Novelist 1977
Clifton Daniel Editor 2000
Sandra Dee Quotes Sandra Dee Actress 2005
Tommy Douglas Quotes Tommy Douglas Clergyman 1986
Frederick Douglass Quotes Frederick Douglass Author 1895
Ernest Dowson Quotes Ernest Dowson Poet 1900
Rene Dubos Quotes Rene Dubos Scientist 1982
Andre Dubus Quotes Andre Dubus Writer 1999
Alexander Duff Quotes Alexander Duff Clergyman 1878
Todd Duncan Quotes Todd Duncan Actor 1998
Hermann Ebbinghaus Quotes Hermann Ebbinghaus Psychologist 1909
Kurt Eisner Quotes Kurt Eisner Politician 1919
Edward Elgar Quotes Edward Elgar Composer 1934
Levi Eshkol Quotes Levi Eshkol Statesman 1969
William M. Evarts Quotes William M. Evarts Lawyer 1901
John Evelyn Quotes John Evelyn Musician 1706
John Fahey Quotes John Fahey Musician 2001
Adam Ferguson Quotes Adam Ferguson Philosopher 1816
Margot Fonteyn Dancer 1991
Malcolm Forbes Quotes Malcolm Forbes Publisher 1990
Eugene Forsey Quotes Eugene Forsey Politician 1991
Sam Walter Foss Quotes Sam Walter Foss Poet 1911
Felix Frankfurter Quotes Felix Frankfurter Judge 1965
Carl Friedrich Gauss Quotes Carl Friedrich Gauss Mathematician 1855
Tom Glazer Musician 2003
George Gobel Quotes George Gobel Comedian 1991
Thomas Goodwin Quotes Thomas Goodwin Clergyman 1680
Morton Gould Quotes Morton Gould Musician 1996
Curt Gowdy Celebrity 2006
Joan Greenwood Actress 1987
John Robert Gregg Quotes John Robert Gregg Inventor 1948
Jane Grey Quotes Jane Grey Royalty 1554
Alexander Haig Quotes Alexander Haig Public Servant 2010
Robert Hall Clergyman 1831
Anna Harrison Quotes Anna Harrison First Lady 1864
Lou Harrison Quotes Lou Harrison Composer 2003
Paul Harvey Quotes Paul Harvey Journalist 2009
S. I. Hayakawa Politician 1992
Eliza Haywood Novelist 1756
Ofra Haza Quotes Ofra Haza Musician 2000
James Herriot Quotes James Herriot Writer 1995
Elias Hicks Quotes Elias Hicks Clergyman 1830
Bill Hicks Quotes Bill Hicks Comedian 1994
Laurence Housman Playwright 1959
Bart Howard Composer 2004
Joseph Hume Quotes Joseph Hume Scientist 1855
William H. Hunt Quotes William H. Hunt Soldier 1884
Fannie Hurst Quotes Fannie Hurst Writer 1968
Stanislaus I Quotes Stanislaus I Royalty 1766
Guillermo Cabrera Infante Quotes Guillermo Cabrera Infante Novelist 2005
William Ralph Inge Quotes William Ralph Inge Clergyman 1954
Dean Inge Quotes Dean Inge Author 1954
Henry James Quotes Henry James Writer 1916
Karl Jaspers Quotes Karl Jaspers Psychologist 1969
Davy Jones Musician 2012
Chuck Jones Quotes Chuck Jones Director 2002
Donald Judd Quotes Donald Judd Artist 1994
Immanuel Kant Quotes Immanuel Kant Philosopher 1804
Boris Karloff Quotes Boris Karloff Actor 1969
John Keats Quotes John Keats Poet 1821
Gene Kelly Quotes Gene Kelly Actor 1996
Fletcher Knebel Author 1993
Don Knotts Quotes Don Knotts Actor 2006
Oskar Kokoschka Quotes Oskar Kokoschka Artist 1980
Chris Kyle Soldier 2013
Robert M. La Follette Quotes Robert M. La Follette Politician 1953
Carmen Laforet Author 2004
Imre Lakatos Quotes Imre Lakatos Philosopher 1974
Alphonse de Lamartine Quotes Alphonse de Lamartine Poet 1869
Tom Landry Quotes Tom Landry Coach 2000
Lillie Langtry Quotes Lillie Langtry Actress 1929
Harry Lauder Quotes Harry Lauder Entertainer 1950
Stan Laurel Quotes Stan Laurel Actor 1965
Jerome Lawrence Playwright 2004
Joshua Lederberg Quotes Joshua Lederberg Scientist 2008
Hugh Leonard Quotes Hugh Leonard Dramatist 2009
Kurt Lewin Psychologist 1947
Georg C. Lichtenberg Quotes Georg C. Lichtenberg Scientist 1799
Eric Liddell Quotes Eric Liddell Athlete 1945
Henry Cabot Lodge, Jr. Politician 1985
Bernard Loiseau Quotes Bernard Loiseau Celebrity 2003
Alice Roosevelt Longworth Quotes Alice Roosevelt Longworth Author 1980
Konrad Lorenz Quotes Konrad Lorenz Scientist 1989
Henry R. Luce Editor 1967
Charles Lyell Quotes Charles Lyell Lawyer 1875
Antonio Machado Quotes Antonio Machado Poet 1939
Alistair Maclean Quotes Alistair Maclean Novelist 1987
Joseph de Maistre Quotes Joseph de Maistre Diplomat 1821
Donella Meadows Environmentalist 2001
Nellie Melba Quotes Nellie Melba Musician 1931
Dmitri Mendeleev Quotes Dmitri Mendeleev Scientist 1907
Grace Metalious Quotes Grace Metalious Novelist 1964
Spike Milligan Quotes Spike Milligan Comedian 2002
Sal Mineo Quotes Sal Mineo Actor 1976
George Richards Minot Quotes George Richards Minot Scientist 1950
Bobby Moore Quotes Bobby Moore Athlete 1993
Thomas Moore Quotes Thomas Moore Poet 1852
Julia Morgan Quotes Julia Morgan Architect 1957
Henry M. Morris Celebrity 2006
Chester W. Nimitz Quotes Chester W. Nimitz Soldier 1966
Edgar Wilson Nye Quotes Edgar Wilson Nye Journalist 1896
Leo Ornstein Quotes Leo Ornstein Composer 2002
Olof Palme Quotes Olof Palme Politician 1986
Ivan Pavlov Quotes Ivan Pavlov Psychologist 1936
James Cash Penney Quotes James Cash Penney Businessman 1971
Fred Perry Quotes Fred Perry Athlete 1995
Wendell Phillips Quotes Wendell Phillips Activist 1884
Ruth Pitter Musician 1992
Jacques Plante Quotes Jacques Plante Athlete 1986
Donald Pleasence Quotes Donald Pleasence Actor 1995
Michael Polanyi Quotes Michael Polanyi Scientist 1976
Rajendra Prasad Quotes Rajendra Prasad Statesman 1963
Adelaide Anne Procter Quotes Adelaide Anne Procter Poet 1864
George Haven Putnam Quotes George Haven Putnam Soldier 1930
John Raitt Quotes John Raitt Actor 2005
Jef Raskin Quotes Jef Raskin Scientist 2005
Johnnie Ray Quotes Johnnie Ray Musician 1990
Jean Renoir Quotes Jean Renoir Director 1979
Joshua Reynolds Quotes Joshua Reynolds Artist 1792
Henry Peach Robinson Quotes Henry Peach Robinson Photographer 1901
Winthrop Rockefeller Politician 1973
Fred Rogers Quotes Fred Rogers Celebrity 2003
Mark Rothko Quotes Mark Rothko Artist 1970
Muriel Rukeyser Poet 1980
Gerd von Rundstedt Quotes Gerd von Rundstedt Soldier 1953
Bertrand Russell Quotes Bertrand Russell Philosopher 1970
Jane Russell Quotes Jane Russell Actress 2011
Herbert Samuel Quotes Herbert Samuel Statesman 1963
Ferdinand de Saussure Quotes Ferdinand de Saussure Educator 1913
Friedrich Schleiermacher Quotes Friedrich Schleiermacher Theologian 1834
Arthur M. Schlesinger, Jr. Historian 2007
Max Schmeling Quotes Max Schmeling Athlete 2005
Theodore William Schultz Quotes Theodore William Schultz Economist 1998
Charles M. Schulz Quotes Charles M. Schulz Cartoonist 2000
Gene Scott Clergyman 2005
Horatio Seymour Quotes Horatio Seymour Politician 1886
Albert Shanker Quotes Albert Shanker Educator 1997
Claude Shannon Quotes Claude Shannon Mathematician 2001
John Sheffield Quotes John Sheffield Poet 1721
Hu Shih Quotes Hu Shih Philosopher 1962
Dinah Shore Quotes Dinah Shore Actress 1994
Edward Rowland Sill Poet 1887
Gene Siskel Quotes Gene Siskel Critic 1999
Sydney Smith Quotes Sydney Smith Clergyman 1845
H. Allen Smith Quotes H. Allen Smith Journalist 1976
Alberto Sordi Quotes Alberto Sordi Actor 2003
Baruch Spinoza Quotes Baruch Spinoza Philosopher 1677
Dorothy Stang Quotes Dorothy Stang Clergyman 2005
William Howard Stein Quotes William Howard Stein Scientist 1980
Leslie Stephen Quotes Leslie Stephen Author 1904
Theodor Svedberg Quotes Theodor Svedberg Scientist 1971
Toru Takemitsu Quotes Toru Takemitsu Composer 1996
Daniel Taradash Writer 2003
John Tenniel Quotes John Tenniel Artist 1914
John Thaw Quotes John Thaw Actor 2002
Hunter S. Thompson Quotes Hunter S. Thompson Journalist 2005
Lawrence Tierney Actor 2002
Bill Vaughan Journalist 1977
Dziga Vertov Quotes Dziga Vertov Director 1954
Sid Vicious Quotes Sid Vicious Musician 1979
J. T. Walsh Quotes J. T. Walsh Actor 1998
Andy Warhol Quotes Andy Warhol Artist 1987
Dennis Weaver Quotes Dennis Weaver Actor 2006
Jessamyn West Author 1984
Tennessee Williams Quotes Tennessee Williams Dramatist 1983
Tony Williams Musician 1997
Walter Winchell Quotes Walter Winchell Journalist 1972
Charles Wolfe Quotes Charles Wolfe Poet 1823
Albert Wolff Musician 1970
Grant Wood Quotes Grant Wood Artist 1942
Leonard Woolley Scientist 1960
Christopher Wren Quotes Christopher Wren Architect 1723
Malcolm X Quotes Malcolm X Activist 1965
Malcom X Quotes Malcom X Clergyman 1965
Dick York Quotes Dick York Actor 1992
Henny Youngman Quotes Henny Youngman Comedian 1998
Stefan Zweig Quotes Stefan Zweig Writer 1942