Died on February, 1st

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February, 1st

Image Author Type Birthyear
Jack Henry Abbott Author 2002
Brooks Adams Quotes Brooks Adams Historian 1927
Henry Addington Quotes Henry Addington Statesman 1844
James Lane Allen Quotes James Lane Allen Author 1925
Ethan Allen Quotes Ethan Allen Revolutionary 1789
Frederick Lewis Allen Editor 1954
Michael P. Anderson Quotes Michael P. Anderson Astronaut 2003
George Antheil Quotes George Antheil Composer 1959
Bernard Barton Poet 1849
Henry Walter Bates Quotes Henry Walter Bates Environmentalist 1892
Peter Benchley Quotes Peter Benchley Author 2006
Claude Bernard Quotes Claude Bernard Psychologist 1878
William Blackstone Quotes William Blackstone Judge 1780
Eubie Blake Quotes Eubie Blake Composer 1983
Robert Bolt Playwright 1995
George Phillips Bond Scientist 1865
Ludwig Borne Quotes Ludwig Borne Writer 1837
Georg Brandes Quotes Georg Brandes Critic 1927
David M. Brown Quotes David M. Brown Astronaut 2003
Giordano Bruno Quotes Giordano Bruno Philosopher 1600
John Buchan Quotes John Buchan Politician 1940
Georg Buchner Quotes Georg Buchner Dramatist 1837
J. F. C. Fuller Quotes J. F. C. Fuller Soldier 1966
Herb Caen Quotes Herb Caen Journalist 1997
Charles Stuart Calverley Quotes Charles Stuart Calverley Poet 1884
C. S. Calverley Quotes C. S. Calverley Poet 1884
Harry Caray Quotes Harry Caray Entertainer 1998
Angela Carter Quotes Angela Carter Novelist 1992
Elizabeth Carter Quotes Elizabeth Carter Poet 1806
Alice Cary Quotes Alice Cary Poet 1871
Jack L. Chalker Quotes Jack L. Chalker Author 2005
Rene Char Quotes Rene Char Poet 1988
Kalpana Chawla Quotes Kalpana Chawla Astronaut 2003
Andrew Cherry Dramatist 1812
Laurel Clark Quotes Laurel Clark Astronaut 2003
George Rogers Clark Quotes George Rogers Clark Soldier 1818
DeWitt Clinton Quotes DeWitt Clinton Politician 1828
Lee J. Cobb Quotes Lee J. Cobb Actor 1976
Thomas Cole Quotes Thomas Cole Artist 1848
Nat King Cole Quotes Nat King Cole Musician 1965
James Bryant Conant Quotes James Bryant Conant Scientist 1978
James Cook Quotes James Cook Explorer 1779
John Sherman Cooper Quotes John Sherman Cooper Politician 1991
James J. Corbett Quotes James J. Corbett Athlete 1933
Julio Cortazar Quotes Julio Cortazar Writer 1984
Fanny Crosby Quotes Fanny Crosby Musician 1915
Anthony Crosland Politician 1977
Charlotte Saunders Cushman Quotes Charlotte Saunders Cushman Actress 1876
Hugh Dalton Quotes Hugh Dalton Politician 1962
Clifton Daniel Editor 2000
Charles Davenport Quotes Charles Davenport Scientist 1944
Rene Descartes Quotes Rene Descartes Mathematician 1650
Donald Wills Douglas Aviator 1981
Lloyd C. Douglas Clergyman 1951
Giulio Douhet Soldier 1930
Al Dubin Musician 1945
Alexander Duff Quotes Alexander Duff Clergyman 1878
Dale Earnhardt Quotes Dale Earnhardt Celebrity 2001
Alfred Einstein Quotes Alfred Einstein Writer 1952
Sergei Eisenstein Quotes Sergei Eisenstein Director 1948
Kurt Eisner Quotes Kurt Eisner Politician 1919
Ray Evans Musician 2007
Paul Feyerabend Philosopher 1994
Richard P. Feynman Quotes Richard P. Feynman Physicist 1988
Charles O. Finley Businessman 1996
Minnie Maddern Fiske Quotes Minnie Maddern Fiske Actress 1932
Margot Fonteyn Dancer 1991
Leon Foucault Quotes Leon Foucault Inventor 1868
Eddie Foy Actor 1928
Stephen Gardiner Quotes Stephen Gardiner Architect 2007
John W. Gardner Quotes John W. Gardner Educator 2002
Martha Gellhorn Quotes Martha Gellhorn Journalist 1998
Andre Gide Quotes Andre Gide Novelist 1951
Tom Glazer Musician 2003
Mikhail Glinka Quotes Mikhail Glinka Composer 1857
Lefty Gomez Quotes Lefty Gomez Athlete 1989
Morton Gould Quotes Morton Gould Musician 1996
Jane Grey Quotes Jane Grey Royalty 1554
John Grierson Director 1972
Alex Haley Quotes Alex Haley Novelist 1992
Robert Hall Clergyman 1831
Virginia Hamilton Author 2002
Knut Hamsun Quotes Knut Hamsun Author 1952
Mark Hanna Quotes Mark Hanna Businessman 1904
Marcus A. Hanna Quotes Marcus A. Hanna Politician 1904
Keith Haring Quotes Keith Haring Artist 1990
Rafik Hariri Quotes Rafik Hariri Statesman 2005
Heinrich Heine Quotes Heinrich Heine Poet 1856
Werner Heisenberg Quotes Werner Heisenberg Physicist 1976
Frank Herbert Quotes Frank Herbert Writer 1986
David Hilbert Quotes David Hilbert Mathematician 1943
Rudolf Hilferding Quotes Rudolf Hilferding Economist 1941
Hans Hofmann Quotes Hans Hofmann Artist 1966
Hedda Hopper Quotes Hedda Hopper Actress 1966
Whitney Houston Quotes Whitney Houston Musician 2012
Bart Howard Composer 2004
Johan Huizinga Quotes Johan Huizinga Historian 1945
Friedensreich Hundertwasser Quotes Friedensreich Hundertwasser Architect 2000
Julian Huxley Quotes Julian Huxley Scientist 1975
Guillermo Cabrera Infante Quotes Guillermo Cabrera Infante Novelist 2005
Frank James Quotes Frank James Celebrity 1915
Derek Jarman Quotes Derek Jarman Director 1994
Waylon Jennings Quotes Waylon Jennings Musician 2002
Donald Judd Quotes Donald Judd Artist 1994
Immanuel Kant Quotes Immanuel Kant Philosopher 1804
Andreas Katsulas Quotes Andreas Katsulas Actor 2006
Irving R. Kaufman Quotes Irving R. Kaufman Judge 1992
Buster Keaton Quotes Buster Keaton Actor 1966
Florence Kelley Quotes Florence Kelley Activist 1932
Henry W. Kendall Quotes Henry W. Kendall Scientist 1999
Kublai Khan Quotes Kublai Khan Statesman 1294
Hildegard Knef Quotes Hildegard Knef Actress 2002
Edward Koch Quotes Edward Koch Politician 2013
Sofia Kovalevskaya Quotes Sofia Kovalevskaya Mathematician 1891
Jiddu Krishnamurti Quotes Jiddu Krishnamurti Philosopher 1986
Tom Landry Quotes Tom Landry Coach 2000
Lillie Langtry Quotes Lillie Langtry Actress 1929
Tom Lantos Quotes Tom Lantos Diplomat 2008
Christopher Lasch Quotes Christopher Lasch Historian 1994
Wilfrid Laurier Quotes Wilfrid Laurier Statesman 1919
Thomas Leonard Businessman 2003
Hugh Leonard Quotes Hugh Leonard Dramatist 2009
Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Quotes Gotthold Ephraim Lessing Critic 1781
Kurt Lewin Psychologist 1947
Eric Liddell Quotes Eric Liddell Athlete 1945
Howard Lindsay Producer 1968
Joseph Lister Scientist 1912
Martin Luther Quotes Martin Luther Leader 1546
Ernst Mach Quotes Ernst Mach Physicist 1916
Agnes Macphail Quotes Agnes Macphail Politician 1954
William Masters Scientist 2001
Cotton Mather Quotes Cotton Mather Theologian 1728
Eddie Mathews Quotes Eddie Mathews Athlete 2001
Reginald Maudling Quotes Reginald Maudling Politician 1978
Brownie McGhee Musician 1996
Alexander McQueen Quotes Alexander McQueen Designer 2010
Gian Carlo Menotti Quotes Gian Carlo Menotti Composer 2007
Ethel Merman Quotes Ethel Merman Musician 1984
Bob Merrill Musician 1998
Arthur Miller Quotes Arthur Miller Playwright 2005
Sal Mineo Quotes Sal Mineo Actor 1976
Octave Mirbeau Quotes Octave Mirbeau Writer 1917
Billy Mitchell Quotes Billy Mitchell Soldier 1936
Piet Mondrian Quotes Piet Mondrian Artist 1944
Thelonious Monk Musician 1982
Charles de Montesquieu Quotes Charles de Montesquieu Philosopher 1755
Baron de Montesquieu Quotes Baron de Montesquieu Philosopher 1755
Axel Munthe Quotes Axel Munthe Writer 1949
A. J. Muste Quotes A. J. Muste Activist 1967
Alva Myrdal Diplomat 1986
Alfred Newman Composer 1970
Charlie Norwood Quotes Charlie Norwood Politician 2007
J. Robert Oppenheimer Quotes J. Robert Oppenheimer Physicist 1967
Heather O'Rourke Actress 1988
Bob Paisley Athlete 1996
Norman Parkinson Quotes Norman Parkinson Photographer 1990
Johnny Paycheck Quotes Johnny Paycheck Musician 2003
James Cash Penney Quotes James Cash Penney Businessman 1971
William Pennington Quotes William Pennington Lawyer 1862
Johann Pestalozzi Quotes Johann Pestalozzi Educator 1827
John Philips Poet 1709
Sylvia Plath Quotes Sylvia Plath Poet 1963
Eleanor Powell Quotes Eleanor Powell Actress 1982
Samuel Prout Quotes Samuel Prout Artist 1852
Jean Renoir Quotes Jean Renoir Director 1979
Tommy Rettig Quotes Tommy Rettig Actor 1996
Marjorie Reynolds Quotes Marjorie Reynolds Actress 1977
Henry Peach Robinson Quotes Henry Peach Robinson Photographer 1901
Dave Van Ronk Musician 2002
Billy Rose Quotes Billy Rose Entertainer 1966
Leo Rosten Novelist 1997
Georges Rouault Artist 1958
Muriel Rukeyser Poet 1980
Henry Norris Russell Scientist 1957
William Howard Russell Quotes William Howard Russell Journalist 1907
Henry Rutgers Quotes Henry Rutgers Soldier 1830
Rafael Sabatini Novelist 1950
Roy Scheider Quotes Roy Scheider Actor 2008
Friedrich Schleiermacher Quotes Friedrich Schleiermacher Theologian 1834
Fritz Scholder Artist 2005
Charles M. Schulz Quotes Charles M. Schulz Cartoonist 2000
Gene Scott Clergyman 2005
Bon Scott Quotes Bon Scott Musician 1980
Charles de Secondat Quotes Charles de Secondat Philosopher 1755
Horatio Seymour Quotes Horatio Seymour Politician 1886
Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Quotes Mary Wollstonecraft Shelley Author 1851
William Shenstone Quotes William Shenstone Poet 1763
William Tecumseh Sherman Quotes William Tecumseh Sherman Soldier 1891
Alfred P. Sloan Businessman 1966
Howard K. Smith Quotes Howard K. Smith Journalist 2002
Baruch Spinoza Quotes Baruch Spinoza Philosopher 1677
Sally Stanford Celebrity 1982
Dorothy Stang Quotes Dorothy Stang Clergyman 2005
McLean Stevenson Quotes McLean Stevenson Actor 1996
Lee Strasberg Quotes Lee Strasberg Director 1982
Henrietta Szold Quotes Henrietta Szold Activist 1945
Wislawa Szymborska Quotes Wislawa Szymborska Poet 2012
John Thaw Quotes John Thaw Actor 2002
Roger Vadim Quotes Roger Vadim Journalist 2000
Jim Varney Quotes Jim Varney Actor 2000
Dziga Vertov Quotes Dziga Vertov Director 1954
Richard Wagner Quotes Richard Wagner Composer 1883
Lew Wallace Quotes Lew Wallace Soldier 1905
Edgar Wallace Quotes Edgar Wallace Writer 1932
Bruno Walter Quotes Bruno Walter Composer 1962
Vernon A. Walters Quotes Vernon A. Walters Soldier 2002
Gideon Welles Quotes Gideon Welles Soldier 1878
Laura Ingalls Wilder Quotes Laura Ingalls Wilder Author 1957
Frances E. Willard Quotes Frances E. Willard Activist 1898
William Wirt Statesman 1834
P. G. Wodehouse Quotes P. G. Wodehouse Writer 1975
Charles Wolfe Quotes Charles Wolfe Poet 1823
Donald Wolfit Quotes Donald Wolfit Actor 1968
Grant Wood Quotes Grant Wood Artist 1942
Fernando Wood Quotes Fernando Wood Politician 1881
Malcolm X Quotes Malcolm X Activist 1965
Malcom X Quotes Malcom X Clergyman 1965
Deng Xiaoping Quotes Deng Xiaoping Leader 1997
Ron Ziegler Politician 2003
Balthus Quotes Balthus Artist 2001
Moliere Quotes Moliere Playwright 1673
Multatuli Quotes Multatuli Writer 1887